Whim: Crystal led lights

, 21 May 2010

QiS design have some beautiful LED lighting which are “energy-saving and environmentally friendly” like this Crystal lamp with a color-changing feature…

It’s composed of various “crystals”–shimmering with silver, sparkling like diamonds, glittering with illuminating reflection. Consumers can assemble these “crystals”, each of which is connected by a magnet, into any form they desire. The interactive feature is made possible by LED’s low-temperature characteristics.

The concept of the Crystal Light is derived from natural growing crystal that diffuses amazing shimmers of light. It is a high tech fixture composed of a series of lighting units, each of which sports a crystal-like look and connected by magnet with adjacent units.

When the Crystal Light is switched off, the metal look emits a mysterious image, as if it were just unearthed. When switched on, light from LED bulb hidden inside of each unit, beams though the diffuser.

They have a few other award-winning lamps you should look at (plus a video) on their webpage (no price or webstore info this time, sorry, but tell us if you find it!).