Video: Remember Now

, 19 May 2010

You know Karl Lagerfeld right? The one who lost 42kg in 13 months because he wanted to  wear clothes designed by Hedi Slimane? The colossal German fashion designer continues with its cinematic pretensions this time directing the spot for his latest collection: Chanel Cruise 2011 Saint-Tropez.

No surprises, the short film (which in the end is just a looong fashion spot) is a continuous show of beauties squeezed in Karl’s creations…. a long-lasting night-party at Saint-Tropez with an omnipresent Coco-nostalgia, poses, the typical French rich fauna and tasteless music.

Sorry Karl, the “cool” & “chic” French style might be in your clothes but definitely not in your clips or the crap house you choose as soundtrack… we don’t even know why we’re posting this :S