Video: Electric Hotel

, 18 May 2010

The Electric Hotel is a lonely, bizarre and beautiful outdoor spectacle; a uniquely designed, fly-by-night hotel brought to vivid life through dance and sound by the team of director David Rosenberg and co-director/choreographer Frauke Requardt with designer Börkur Jónsson…

Sitting on the outside looking in, the audience snatch glimpses of the do-not-disturb lives unfolding behind the floor to ceiling windows. Wearing headphones to eavesdrop on the internal spaces of the building they watch the residents in their private rooms: the natural habits, the unnatural fantasies and housekeeping of wildly varied quality.

100% Hotel voyeurism which this week is part of Bristol’s Mayfest. After Bristol, this particular hotel shall be visiting…

– London, Sadler’s Wells offsite. Goods Way, King’s Cross from 2 – 19 June, 9.45pm, £15. and

– the Stockton International Riverside Festival, Gloucester House Car Park from 28 – 31 July, 10pm.

The Electric hotel is built from six 40 foot high cube (taller than standard) shipping containers which were all hacked apart to fit the floor to ceiling windows, stairwells and larger rooms. Although there is well documented experience of shipping containers being turned into a variety of different buildings, there are few examples where the finished building then gets broken down into its component parts, driven across country to get put together again in less than three days – this is a leap into the void and at the time of writing we are still not sure whether we will achieve it: whether the interiors will hold together in transit; whether we can crane the penthouse back up onto the roof; whether three days is simply not enough time.

We’ll be visiting this particular hotel this next Thursday… and will tell ya all about it, mmmmmm aren’t we sneaky voyeurs…