Gare du Nord

, 14 May 2010

The “Gare du Nord” in Paris is one of the neuralgic transport hubs in the French capital…. so many films, riots, bomb threats… so many TGVs & underground trains per minute…. for us, today, it shall be Carte Blanche’s latest song.

Carte Blanche is the duo formed by Parisian DJ Medhi and Englishman Riton, an explosive combination behind this “Gare du Nord”. The clilp (by Marco dos Santos and Julien Demond) is an adapted version of a retro dancefloor video (quite famous btw).

Their EP “Black Billionaires” shall be available on May 31st on the hip Parisian label Ed Banger (you know… the ones behind Justice, DJ Mehdi, Mr Oizo and all that “cool” group of cr** friends we honestly can’t live without. It was about time they released something new & decent!!