Site: Resist Network

, 18 April 2010

The power of storytelling can sometimes change the world, in this case, Resist aims at changing social conditions through volunteering donation & co-creation platforms.

Resist identifies issues and proposes actions through the mechanism of storytelling – sourcing stories primarily from ground-level beneficiary communities, listening to their needs and connecting up to the larger network. From these stories feature length documentaries will be made. Then, scenes from the films will be streamed on the website, connected directly to a toolkit used to spur direct action.

A very ambitious project with already a first film to emerge featuring Gael Garcia Bernal: The Others. The film talks about the systemic poverty issues along the US/Mexico border & follows the discovery of one body its identification and the return home.

Resist won’t stop here, they truly want to raise public awareness about those local issues, injustices & social problems many human beings are suffering. That’s why they (and we) highly encourage you to engage & participate. You can simply become their facebook fan, donate, or share your stories, ideas & artwork to help build the community. Some of those stories will then become a film.

Here are a few