Video: Euphorie – MiauMiaou

, 14 April 2010

This is the last performance of 1024 Architecture… a collective that focuses on the interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and of course….architecture.

Behind 1024 Architecture we’ll find Pier Schneider & Francois Wunschel (also co-founders of the EXYZT collective). In Euphorie the interaction between video, sound, movements & “life accidents” gives birth to a unique 40min experience where low-tech tools, low-budget objects & openframework scripts are combined for such a result:

François Wunschel, Fernando Favier & Pier Schneider will still be performing at this next Saturday’s Festival Nemo or the 7th May at the Mapping Festival, so if you want to experience the best electro-video set so far….