Site: Newspaper Club

, 14 April 2010

We’ve all written our own articles & played at editing newspapers in our language courses haven’t we? (in some sort of way). This time you can go much further by editing & printing your own newspaper from 5 to 5000+ copies…

Really Interesting Group (Russell Davies + Ben Terrett + Tom Taylor) is the east London agency behind this idea & they’re gaining a reputation for its “post-digital” media projects precisely now that big newspapers are studying profitable ways to move to new digital iPads & e-readers.

Newspaper Club is as simple as this: you can make a 12 page newspaper using any editing tool & submitting it in PDF format (although they also give you the choice to use their own tool “Arthur”), then depending on the amount of copies & colour / black&white version you require the prices might go from £35 for 5 copies in b&w to £1500 for 5000 copies in colour. And where do they get the presses from? They borrow them, from the unused presses & time local newspapers have.

They’ve already worked for notorious British companies like the BBC or Penguin and even though the idea it’s still in “Beta” phase (you need an invitation to ask for their services), we’re very positive about their future… they even got funding from 4ip … UK Channel 4’s funding service.

"8" for the BBC

Newspaper Club plans to open to all later this year, and in March there was a trial run in the US, so if you’re one of those who still prefers physical to digital on-demand newspapers… this is your service.