Whim: Luxirare healthy bars

, 8 April 2010

Crayola is (with the permission of Faber Castell or Staedtler’s pencils) one of the most famous brands from our childhood artistic deliriums, and they keep inspirin… this time in the form of edible crayons (like cereal energy bars).

They are made out of processed nuts, sesame seeds, yellow fruity pebbles, bee pollen… moistened with melted marshmellow and then press all the ingredients into the crayon mold. The guys at Luxirare (who post very nice rare recipes from time to time) decided to make drawing more fun… and safe… you kids can now safely (and healthy) suck those crayons!

Pressing the ingredients into the crayon mold.

you should see the rest of the process and ingredients of these natural crayons in their webpage.