Music: Flash Delirium

, 31 March 2010

You should know by now that MGMT have a new album ready, you should also know that it has been leaked and that MGMT themselves have decided to post it on their own website themselves for you to listen. And last but not least you should KNOW that they’ve just released a video from the first single of Congratulations.

(Although they initially said they wouldn’t be releasing any singles…). In any case, this less oracular Espectacular & more rocky-poppy album from the Brookly duo leaves a less impressive but yet very 70-80s film sweet taste after its first listen. The video is available in their youtube page, blocked for non-US residents because it’s a Vevo exclusive, that’s why we brought you here an alternative option, and just in case, here’s the Chinese hosted version 😉

Directed by Andreas Nilsson he “drew inspiration from psychedelic goo masters, David Cronenberg and Stuart Gordon, in particular HP Lovecraft’s From Beyond. This was shot in one long, cold, freaky day at the Clue Mansion in Yonkers, NY”.. according to the production company Streetgang Films.