Image: Do Not Touch The Artwork

, 16 March 2010

Poor Mickey, if Disney only knew what Jiri Geller wants to do with their beloved famous character…. (and others like Donald…). This Finnish visual artist is quite an important figure in contemporary art in his home country …

..and his shiny plastic works are begining to be quite sought-after in the rest of Europe (and obviously  in between Japs who love this type of art the most).

Dunkelheit VII

Jiri Geller (whose name “Geller” is an artificial name with reference to the legendary illusion artist Uri Geller) works are meant to be “comments on a general product fetishism in our present” and he regards his works as “political”.

Dunkelheit IX

He is a member of the finnish artist collaboration ROR – Revolution on Request. Geller has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai.

A Hole in the Sky