B.I.D.A. @ Salvador Díaz Gallery

, 4 October 2009

B.I.D.A. is the Spanish acronym for International Brigades for Art Destruction, a pseudonym used by Kepa Garraza a young Basque artist who will exhibit his individual works for the third time @ the Salvador Díaz Gallery in Madrid.

Kepa Garraza - Death to damien christ
Kepa Garraza – Death to damien christ

The pieces of this project will show the chronological works of this imaginary Terrorist group whose main objective is to destroy the most emblematic art works all over the world. For now they’ve already managed to “bomb  Michelangelo’s David, slash Picasso’s Guernica or hijack Damien Hirst”.

Garraza thinks about the survival of art as we conceive it today, about the necessity to destroy its structure & to implement a new set of values for promoting a new and better art. All said, it sounds like a cliché but Garraza has always played intelligently and ironically with art trying to express everyday ideas in current events. His sarcasm always generates contradictory feelings and doubts amongst visitors.

Kepa Garraza - Acción de asalto al arte nº10 Newsweek
Kepa Garraza – Acción de asalto al arte nº10 Newsweek

B.I.D.A. started last Tuesday and will be shown until mid-December in Galería Salvador Díaz, Sánchez Bustillo, 7, 28012 Madrid.