Project your own obsessions inThe fiction of the fix at Tenderpixel, Jun 10

6 June 2017

The fiction of the fix event at London’s Tenderpixel is taking place on June 10 running from 3 pm to 7.

Curated by Brenda Guesnet, the one day event features work by Lynne Kouassi, Shana Moulton, Diana Policarpo, Theo Turpin and Holly White. At 6 pm there will be a performance by Diana Policarpo with Marina Elderton.

we are craving a certain unattainable density in emotions
subtle gestures that suggest something complex and vague
I will kiss you everywhere and recklessly

The event will dive into the rituals of the everyday, mixing language, myth and their power to attract. Devoted to what we can’t quite grasp, the works as us to ‘project our own obsessions’ and give into “superstition, exaggeration, and the cliché.”

Visit the Tenderpixel website for details.**

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Rehana Zaman, Tell me the story Of all these things (2016) exhibition photos

5 January 2017

Rehana Zaman‘s solo exhibition Tell me the story Of all these things at London’s Tenderpixel opened November 30 and is running until January 28, 2017.

Curated by Borbála Soós and Stella Sideli, the London-based artists’ first show at the gallery presents a new video work across three channels of video and over two floors.

Rehana Zaman, ‘Tell me the story Of all these things’, (2015). Film still. Courtesy the artist + Tenderpixel, London.

Using both monitors and projections, the installation is an accumulation of “several narrative threads drawing together intimate conversations between the artist and her two sisters, ominous animated visions of a metamorphosing body, e-learning training on Prevent, and staged, performed gestures.”

Rehana Zaman’s Tell me the story Of all these things is on at London’s Tenderpixel, running November 30 to January, 28, 2017.

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Richard Healy @ Tenderpixel, Oct 4 – Nov 5

3 October 2016

Richard Healy is presenting solo exhibition Lubricants and Literature at London’s Tenderpixel, opening on October 4 and running to November 5.

The show explores “a moment of true magic in the tension between stasis and transformation” through an installation of video and sculpture, as well as a limited-edition publication. Healy refers to the publications collected from Cecil Court, and will tell a fragmented tale revolving around a fictional narrator who is both an architect and a shaman. The London-based artist often intertwines video and sculpture, each embodied within one another.

Previous exhibitions include zodiac beach (2016) at Berlin’s LRRH and Victor Hugo lost in Cherry Grove (2015) at Istanbul’s Art International.

see the Tenderpixel website for details.**

Richard Healy, 'My mouth as a vase' (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Koppe Aster.
Richard Healy, ‘My mouth as a vase’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Koppe Aster.
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Feeling In The Eyes (2016) @ Tenderpixel exhibition photos

31 August 2016
Seth Price, 'Feeling In The Eyes' (2002). Install view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy the artist, Petzel Gallery, NY, Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin + Tenderpixel, London.
Seth Price, ‘Feeling In The Eyes’ (2002). Install view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy the artist, Petzel Gallery, NY, Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin + Tenderpixel, London.

The Feeling in The Eyes group exhibition at London’s Tenderpixel ran from February 5 until March 19, 2016, exploring the ever evolving notion of materiality in the context of our accelerated present, specifically through the post-internet condition.

The multi-media show spanning video, sound and sculpture, featured works by Nina Beier, David Ferrando Giraut, Will Kendrick, Seth Price and Rustan Söderling.

Departing from the idea of the Internet environment as a material which is fluid, plastic —a distributed, dislocated entity within multiple temporalities, the works in the exhibition explore the notion of materiality as something that is ever changing, endlessly reconfigured in this free flowing zone of re-negotiation. The impact of objects in these terms is not only sociological, but economical, political, existential, psychological, epistemological: it is total —beyond a label which is meant to mark a certain, already passed, historical-cultural moment.**

The Feeling in The Eyes group exhibition was on at London’s Tenderpixel, running February 5 to March 19, 2016.

Header image: Rustan Söderling, ‘Fire Gazing’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy of the artist and Tenderpixel, London.

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Things That Tumble Twice (2015) exhibition photos

24 June 2015

Everything can tumble twice, if it’s confused enough. This world is a confusing place! The Things That Tumble Twice group show, which took over both gallery spaces in London’s Tenderpixel gallery this spring, took the notion of confusion to heart—or rather: paradox. To examine the spheres of duality and multiplicity, the exhibition brought together three international artists: Paris-born Olivier Castel​, UK’s Ian Law, and Germany’s Florian Roithmayr​.

Using the tension of juxtaposition combined with complementarity and material interrelation (see: bushels of yellow flowers observing a dusty blue sofa), the artists try to express what Gilles Deleuze called “nomadic distribution and crowned anarchy” (presented in the exhibition’s accompanying notes). In this sense, Things That Tumble Twice is not about materiality or immateriality, it is about complexity. “Representation fails to capture the affirmed world of difference,” Deleuze wrote in the same text (Différence et répétition, 1968), and it is our inability or unwillingness to understand the world purely logistically that the exhibition addresses.

Florian Roithmayr, 'Loose Tension' (2015) Install view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy Tenderpixel and MOT International.
Florian Roithmayr, ‘Loose Tension’ (2015). Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy Tenderpixel and MOT International.

In another accompanying note, Italian novelist Italo Calvino is quoted: “Suppose we received from another planet a message made up of pure facts, facts of such clarity as to be merely obvious: we wouldn’t pay attention, we would hardly even notice; only a message containing something unexpressed, something doubtful and partially indecipherable, would break through the threshold of our consciousness and demand to be received and interpreted.”

It is the dynamic irreducibility of the whole that Things That Tumble Twice grapples with: the space between matter and its absence, between light and darkness, between what is animate and inanimate. “The works in the exhibition change, mutate, perish,” the exhibition says of itself, “they look for each other over space and time, subtly, inhabiting and influencing the perception of the gallery ambients.” Becoming, in the words of Augustine, “something that shows itself to the senses and something other than itself to the mind”.

Exhibition photos, top right.

Things That Tumble Twice ran at London’s Tenderpixel gallery from March 28 to May 6.

Header image: Olivier Castel, ‘Mimesis’ + Florian Roithmayr, ‘Endstart no.5’. Installation view. Photo by Original&theCopy. Courtesy of the artists, Tenderpixel and MOTINTERNATIONAL.

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M/Other Tongue @ Tenderpixel, Jan 22 – Feb 28

20 January 2015

Tenderpixel is hosting a group show titled M/Other Tongue at their London space, running from January 22 to February 28.

Curated by Spanish writer and curator Sabel Gavaldon, the show brings together five international artists exploring the loss of the mother tongue as a consequence of modern-day colonialism, or, as we would call it, general globalisation.

Exploring the perspectives of a handful of artists, including UK’s Anna Barham, France’s Olivier Castel, Spain’s Iñaki Garmendia, Colombia’s Mónica Restrepo, and Holland’s Katarina Zdjelar, the exhibition “wants to be a place from which to conjure up those voices that sound the most alien to us, not because they belong to another language, but because they are foreigners in their own language and so they make ours foreign to us”.

Accompanying the exhibition are a series of events, including a performative lecture by Garmendia in collaboration with Itziar Bilbao Urrutia titled ‘Gauaz parke batean (In the Park at Night…)’ on January 24, a reading by Castel followed by Skype conversation with Restrepo on January 31, a guided tour by Gavaldon on February 14, and a production reading group by Barham on February 28.

See the Tenderpixel exhibition page for details. **


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Acting Truthfully… @ Tenderpixel, Nov 13 – Dec 20

10 November 2014

Tenderpixel Gallery is hosting a new group exhibition, titled Acting Truthfully Under the Circumstances* and running at their London space from November 13 to December 20.

The exhibition – which features seven international artists and artist pairs, including Feiko Beckers, Anja Kirschner and David Panos, Jacopo Miliani, Timothy Ivison and Julia Tcharfas, and Rehana Zaman – commences with a private view on November 13 accompanied by a performance by Beckers.

The exhibition itself takes its name from a video installation by Kirschner and Panos exploring acting exercises developed by actor (and acting teacher) Sanford Meisner, hinting to the performative “post-Brechtian and postdramatic theatre” aspect of the show. Where Beckers’s performance stages personal stories of problematic human relationships in The Exact Opposite of the Exact Opposite, Miliani’s series Folding Characters combines found footage of scene photographs from plays with a collection of folded fabrics, and Ivison and Tcharfas, in turn, created a reading room and event space after Cecil Court’s antique bookshops.

See the Tenderpixel exhibition page for details. **


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before breakfast… @ Tenderpixel, Jun 26 – Jul 26

24 June 2014

The latest exhibition to hit London’s Tenderpixel gallery is before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared, running at the space from June 26 to July 26.

The group show examines objects as they relate to time, space and materiality, and features a handful of artists working through a variety of mediums to create an open conversation between art, history and alchemy in the form of the exhibition.

Included in before breakfast… are the time maps of Cathy HaynesFay Nicolson‘s marginalia, the works of Kentaro Yamada and Andrea Zucchini, as well The School of the Event Horizon’s exploration of the black hole.

See the Tenderpixel event site for details. **

Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.
Marginal Notes (Bad Signs) by Fay Nicolson.Image courtesy artist.

Header image: Cathy Haynes, ‘Life Map (Tristram Shandy) I & II’ (2014).

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Helen Benigson @ TENDERPIXEL, May 8 – Jun 7

7 May 2014

Artist Helen Benigson (aka rapper PRINCESS BELSIZE $$$) is presenting her Late Night Supermarket Shopping Live solo exhibition at London’s TENDERPIXEL, opening May 8 and running to June 7.

Working across performance, video and “printed image”, the show promises an immersive experience, ultilising online gaming, animation and communication to explore the blurring boundaries between actor, producer and spectator.

There’s a clear link to Benigson’s ongoing interests around performance and the screen, while the exhibition takes its title from last year’s ‘Sweet and Sticky‘ music video where the artist continues to profess her love for the late-night shop and its returns: Anything sweet, anything dairy and any old meat, goes down a treat”.

See the TENDERPIXEL website for details. **

Header image: Helen Benigson, ‘Pink Sushi Desert’ (2014). Image courtesy the artist.

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Ilona Sagar @ TENDERPIXEL, Jan 30 – Feb 22

30 January 2014

Ilona Sagar will be presenting her solo exhibition, Human Factors, at London’s TENDERPIXEL, running January 30 to February 22.

Working across short film, digital imagery, performance, text and audio, Sagar explores the “messy physiological residue” of progress, specifically caused by information technology. Across films like ‘Human Factors’ and ‘Soft Addiction’, the collapse of “virtual” and “absolute” space causes internal and external languages to collide, as the body -and by extension our brains -respond to the small shifts in navigating the tools of daily life.

See the TENDERPIXEL website for details. **

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Shiny Black Thoroughbred @ TENDERPIXEL ends Jan 11

6 January 2014

Bristol-based artists Anna Clawson and Nicole Ward‘s Shiny Black Thoroughbred is running at London’s TENDERPIXEL, running until January 11.

Running since December 6, the exhibition explores “the volatility of hierarchy and Machiavellian strategies of ambition” embedded within fictional settings and TV sitcoms. Drawing on the Doberman as symbol of power and status -from the juxtapositioning of the shiny-coated canine and its shiny-shoed owner in August Sander’s photograph ‘The Notary’ (1924) to the disturbing Greek satire of Dogtooth -the installation explores “horizontal movements within closed networks” while drawing parallels between social control and behaviour training as quoted in the film: “Every dog is waiting for us to show it how it should behave.”

See the TENDERPIXEL website for details. **

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