Seth Price

Seth Price @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Jan 30 – April 3

29 January 2016

Seth Price will be showing Wrok Fmaily Freidns in a solo exhibition at LA’s 356 S. Mission Rd opening January 30 and running April 3.

For the opening evening of Wrok Fmaily Freidns, LA-based artist-producer Eddie Ruscha’s Secret Circuit will play a DJ set.

Little else is given with the show and event announcement, apart from a photograph of a book bent back around its outer spine and melting into the surface it is sitting on. Sparkles are rising up from the melt into where the title of the show is printed in capital letters, and with this image like much of Price’s work it feels a bit like: what more is there to say?

See the 356 S. Mission Rd website for (limited) details. **

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Grazed Images (2015) @ CAC Vilnius exhibition photos

23 September 2015

Is it hyperbole to, in the words of Boris Groys, call the digital image a visible copy of an invisible God? The people behind Grazed Images, a group exhibition running June 18 to August 9 and curated by Inesa Brašiškė at Vilnius’ Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), argues that it is not. “In this digitally driven world,” the press release states, “we are surrounded by images. An illusion prevails that we can get rid of them as soon as we switch off our computers and smartphones. However, images live long after we go offline: they transgress the realm of television and computer screens and enter our everyday world, albeit slightly grazed.”

'Grazed Images' (2015) Exhibition view. Contemporary Art Centre.
Grazed Images (2015), exhibition view. Contemporary Art Centre.

The group exhibition invites seven international artists to examine the power of the image in the contemporary world, but “the real task for them is to filter the images, to recognise the systems that images operate within, to follow their paths of circulation in the contemporary (art) world, to predict their abilities and the sociopolitical, aesthetic and ethical dimensions images acquire as they traverse different realms of reality”. Participating in this lofty endeavour were artists Hito Steyerl, Harun Farocki, Pierre Huyghe, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Factum Arte, Gintaras Didžiapetris, and Seth Price. **

Exhibition photos, top right.

Grazed Images was on at Contemporary Art Centre from June 18 to August 9, 2015.

Header image: Grazed Images (2015), exhibition view. Contemporary Art Centre.

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