356 S. Mission Rd

Wu Tsang, Boychild + Patrick Belaga @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Aug 14

12 August 2016

Wu Tsang and Boychild are performing ‘You Sad Legend’ with cellist Patrick Belaga at Los Angeles’ 356 S. Mission Rd on August 14.

As part of an ongoing series, the collaborative trio presented ‘Moved by the Motion: You Sad Legend‘ at Athen’s The Breeder in April this year, which explored “different modes of storytelling through an improvisational structure of voice, movement, and musical score”. The series began as a poetic interpretation of the Tsang’s 2014 film, ‘A day in the life of bliss’, which also features Boychild and was exhibited as part of ICA London’s July 2015 group exhibition Looks

Evolving into its own form, the science fiction world of ‘A day in the life of bliss’ might surely bear down on Wu Tsang’s forthcoming solo exhibition called The Luscious Land of God is Sinking opening at the same space opening in mid-September.

See the 356 Mission Gallery website for details.**

You Sad Legend @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Aug 14

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Marisa Takal @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Jul 24

22 July 2016

Marisa Takal is offering home-cooked meals for ‘Cafe 356: A Neighbor Cooking’ at Los Angeles’ 356 Mission on July 24.

There is little information about the project on the gallery’s website but one could assume that it is a community-oriented event and somewhat of a relational work by the LA-based artist, often working with poetry and painting, as well as essays and video. There is a $12 suggested donation and the event runs from 11AM-2PM, or until food runs out. Reservations are recommended.

Takal more recently taking part in group exhibitions Wrath Pin Face Binned at San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project and another food-themed event PLEASE HAVE ENOUGH ACID IN THE DISH! featuring  a number of paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos by 37 artists. The artist also co-directed a recent video for band Odwalla88 with Cali Thornhill Dewitt.

See the FB event page for more details.**

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Just Speak Nearby @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Apr 21 – 22

21 April 2016

The Just Speak Nearby: The Politics & Practices of Art Writing two-day programme is on at LA’s 356 S. Mission Rd, running April 21 to 22.

Organised by Litia Perta, the series of dialogues, lectures, performances and screenings takes a quote from film maker, writer and theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha‘s 40-minute experimental documentary Reassemblage (1984) as a starting point: “I do not intend to speak about, just speak nearby.”

The event will open with a screening of Trinh’s film and a lecture to follow on April 21, which refuses the conventions of narration and mean-making in its montage of scenes shot in Senegal.

Following that, the Saturday programme will feature artists, curators, writers, scholars and performers in an effort to “unsettle and unfold” the ethics of art writing and knowledge production in dialogue with the likes of Simon Leung, Cog•nate Collective, Dynasty Handbag, Shoghig Halajian, Amanda McGough, Jennifer Moon, Maggie Nelson, and more.

See the 356 S. Mission Rd website for details.**

Header image: Courtesy Dylan Mira.

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Seth Price @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Jan 30 – April 3

29 January 2016

Seth Price will be showing Wrok Fmaily Freidns in a solo exhibition at LA’s 356 S. Mission Rd opening January 30 and running April 3.

For the opening evening of Wrok Fmaily Freidns, LA-based artist-producer Eddie Ruscha’s Secret Circuit will play a DJ set.

Little else is given with the show and event announcement, apart from a photograph of a book bent back around its outer spine and melting into the surface it is sitting on. Sparkles are rising up from the melt into where the title of the show is printed in capital letters, and with this image like much of Price’s work it feels a bit like: what more is there to say?

See the 356 S. Mission Rd website for (limited) details. **

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Susan Cianciolo @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Jan 8 – Mar 13

7 January 2016

Susan Cianciolo‘s new exhibition Though I have all faith so as to remove mountains, but have not Love, I am nothing ‘Corinthians’ is opening at LA’s 356 S. Mission Rd, opening January 8 and running to March 13.

Cianciolo is a New York-based artist and fashion designer who has collaborated with her grandmother and Chloë Sevigny and mixes together the aesthetics of ‘bespoke’, ‘ready to wear’ with DIY.

Last November the gallery space hosted a conversation screening of Cianciolo’s early films.

As a part of the upcoming show, the artist will be teaming up with Kiva Motnyk on January 9 to put on a quilting workshop taking from the former’s successful noughties cool-girl brand: “Run”. The title of the event is called RUN and they will be making small quilts.

See the 356 S. Mission Rd website for (limited) details.**

Susan Cianciolo, Fall, 2010. Courtesy the artist.
Susan Cianciolo, ‘Fall’ (2010). Courtesy the artist.
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Maggie Lee’s Mommy @ 356 S. Mission Rd, Nov 5

5 November 2015

Beta Pictures is presenting Maggie Lee‘s new film Mommy with a premiere at Los Angeles’ 356 S. Mission Rd on November 5.

The New York-based, Taiwanese-American artist has been engaged in an expanded form of diaristic documentation since her teenage years – bringing together photography, zines and films making.

Her artistic practice concerns documentation of both the self and ideologies of alternative culture and their overlaps, with Mommy being based on the director’s story of her mother, before and after her unexpected death, and the secret artefacts she discovers in its wake.

See the Facebook event page and Beta Picture’s news page for details.**


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Maxx screening @ Ooga Booga 2, Aug 27

26 August 2014

L.A.’s Ooga Booga #2 will host Tehran vs. Tehrangeles: A Special Screening of Maxx featuring Saman Moghadam’s 2005 film on August 27, 8pm.

The retail store has opened up a second location at the edge of downtown LA, pairing up with Boyle Heights contemporary art space 356 S. Mission Rd to host a series of exhibitions and events, of which Tehran vs. Tehrangeles is the latest.

Exploring the cultural tensions between native Tehranis and the 700,000 or so diasporic Iranians, or Tehrangeles, displaced to LA following the 1979 Revolution, Moghadam’s Maxx takes a look at the notion of cultural identity through the cross-cultural philosophies of former president Khatami.

Following the screening will be a discussion led by the editors of Bidoun, accompanied by Armenian arak and ice cream.

See the 356 S. Mission Rd website for details. **

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