Richard Healy

Richard Healy @ Tenderpixel, Oct 4 – Nov 5

3 October 2016

Richard Healy is presenting solo exhibition Lubricants and Literature at London’s Tenderpixel, opening on October 4 and running to November 5.

The show explores “a moment of true magic in the tension between stasis and transformation” through an installation of video and sculpture, as well as a limited-edition publication. Healy refers to the publications collected from Cecil Court, and will tell a fragmented tale revolving around a fictional narrator who is both an architect and a shaman. The London-based artist often intertwines video and sculpture, each embodied within one another.

Previous exhibitions include zodiac beach (2016) at Berlin’s LRRH and Victor Hugo lost in Cherry Grove (2015) at Istanbul’s Art International.

see the Tenderpixel website for details.**

Richard Healy, 'My mouth as a vase' (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Koppe Aster.
Richard Healy, ‘My mouth as a vase’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Koppe Aster.
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Four new digital commissions @ Opening Times

18 December 2014

Opening Times has released new contributions from a selection of artists and writers to mark their six-month anniversary, including writer Orit Gat, artists Richard Healy and Julie Born Schwartz, and editor Victoria Camblin, now live on their website.

For her recent research commission for the site, ‘How We Write When We Write Online?‘, Rhizome-contributing editor and writer Gat posed a series of questions to fellow writers – which include Emily LaBarge, Tyler Coburn, and Frieze co-editor Dan Fox – exploring “how we write on the internet”, culminating in an essay and online research platform also produced by Gat.

Richard Healy’s artwork commission, ‘Where’s Peter?‘, on the other hand, is in the form of a video, incorporating found documents and recorded footage to piece together the relationship between English tenor Peter Pears and composer Benjamin Britten. Julie Born Schwartz’s residency, titled 再吻一次, One More Kiss, also comes in the form of a video, and Victoria Camblin will present her latest editorial selection.

See the Opening Times website for details. **​



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I love you Me Either @ Project Native Informant, Feb 12 – Mar 29

12 February 2014

London’s Project Native Informant presents group exhibition I love you Me Either, opening February 12 and running to March 29.

As supplement to contributor Ulrike Ottinger‘s, Ticket of No Return, screening at the ICA London on  February 19, the exhibition features its own ‘unusual characters’ working across the artist and film-maker’s stylised portrait of the city she calls home from her so-called ‘Berlin Trilogy’.

Ottinger’s own work features, as well as that of  Dafna Maimon, Edward Kay, Georgia Sagri, Joe Frazer, Julien Nguyen, Matthew Lutz-Kinnoy, Richard Healy, Taocheng Wang and Than Hussein Clark.

See the Project Native Informant website for details. **

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