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Beyond the limits of statements + conversation: A short guide to Art Basel, Liste, Dream Fair

14 June 2017

Art Basel, a contemporary art fair that also takes place in Miami Beach and Hong Kong during other parts of the year, brings together over 290 international galleries, showing work by over 4,000 artists. The huge project, opening June 15 to 18, is teeming with exhibitions and events, as well as fringe fairs LISTE and Dream Fair (see below) running alongside.

The main fair is split into sections; booth exhibitions in Galleries, solo presentations in Feature, artists up for the Baloise Art Prize in Statements, rare publications in Edition, large scale projects and performances in Unlimited, site specific works in Parcours, experimental screenings in Film, as well as a range of artists talks and panel discussions in Conversations.

Here are our recommendations:

Art Basel


Do Artists Need to Leave Africa to be Successful? Artist talk with Candice Breitz, Zanele Muholi, and Valerie Kabov, Jun 15
– Oh the Humanity! Artist talk with Cécile B. Evans and Susanne Pfeffer, Jun 17
– Archives and the Digital Dark Age. Curator talk with Glenn R. Phillips, Sabih Ahmed, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jun 17


– ‘The Stuart Hall Project‘ (2013) by John Akomfrah, Jun 15


Concerned by the ghost without being bothered (2017) by Flaka Haliti
– City Lights (Dead Horse Bay)‘ (2016) by Lena Henke


Antenna Space presents work by Guan Xiao


– Peres Projects presents Donna Huanca‘s performance ‘Bliss (Reality Check)


Running since 1996, Liste introduces young and emerging galleries and artists, as well as a number of performance events and talks. As a special guest of this year’s programme, HeK presents a selection of artists “who utilise 3D modelling and 3D printing to explore the convoluted dialogue between the real and the virtual world,” including Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke, Lou Cantor and Tabita Rezaire, among others.

Some of the participating galleries include:

Arcadia Missa (London) featuring Maja Cule, Hannah Perry, Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, Hannah Black and Amalia Ulman.
Carlos/Ishikawa (London) featuring Vanessa Carlos
Emalin (London) featuring Nicholas Cheveldave
Aoyama/Meguro (Tokyo) featuring Tatsumi Orimoto + Koki Tanaka
VI, VII (Oslo) featuring Eloise Hawser
Jenny’s (Los Angeles) featuring Julien Ceccaldi, Mathieu Malouf, Eirik Sæther
LambdaLambdaLambda (Prishtina) featuring Tatjana Danneberg, Hanne Lippard, Dardan Zhegrova
MadeIn (Shanghai) featuring Shen Xin, Miao Ying + WANG NEWONE
mother’s tankstation limited (Dublin) featuring Cui Jie
Project Native Informant (London) featuring Juliana Huxtable and Morag Keil
Sandy Brown (Berlin) featuring Grace Anderson, Kamilla Bischof, Quintessa Matranga + Aude Pariset

Curated by Eva Birkenstock, Liste’s 2017 Performance Project Rehearsing Intra-Activity presents a mix of artists and dancers to explore “an expanded understanding of the concept of choreography” including work by:

– New Noveta Abject Majetek, Jun 12
Dana Michel Mercurial George, Jun 14
– Sophie Jung Death Warmed Up, Jun 16
– Isabel Lewis Strange Action, Jun 15
– Jérôme Bel Cédric Andrieux, Jun 13

Dream Basel

The online art fair Dream, which opens June 13 to 18, runs concurrently with international established fairs, where the ‘booths’ hold digital files of work by artists, featuring up to 12 galleries with this one, including Berlin’s Exile featuring Pakui Hardware, Mexico City’s Lodos gallery featuring Elsa-Louise Manceaux
Lewis Teague Wright, and London’s Supplement featuring Sophie Jung
Ben Cain and Marianne Spurr, among other galleries and artists.**

Sophie Jung, ‘The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful’ (2016) HD Video screenshot. Courtesy the artist + Supplement Gallery, London.

Header image: Lewis Teague Wright, ‘Oa4s, ‘Bunnypot’,(2017) Inkjet print on transparent film. Courtesy the artist, Lodos Gallery + Dream Basel.

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Art Basel Miami Beach recommendations, Dec 1 – 4

30 November 2016

The 2016 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach will take over various locations across the Florida city, running December 1 to 4.

The event brings together 269 galleries, as well as a film program, set of talks, performance and large-scale work.

Kicking off the weekend will be a number of free to attend events, including the Life and Death Party at Little River Studios organised by labels PL0T + III Points Present featuring Ame, Job Jobse, HVOB live, Prins Thomas, and Young Marco + more.

The Untitled. Miami Beach art fair is happening alongside, that includes a roster of ‘Special Projects’ including Do We Dream Under the Same Sky by artists Tomas Vu and Rirkrit Tiravanija, while Kult of Konsciousness at Fringe Projects Miami 2016 

The ongoing online project Dream Fair will be live on November 29, and host galleries Exile, Future Gallery, Hollybush Gardens and Limoncello among others. SP15 is presenting Kult of Konsciouscness as part of Fringe Projects Miami 2016, and the An Image group exhibition is running at ArtCenter South Florida.

The nonprofit organisation New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) will also run alongside, featuring: Alex Ito @ Springsteen, Cristine Brache + Jimmy Wright @ Fierman GalleryAmy Garofano @ GoodweatherMax Ruf @ Union PacificAnn Hirsch, Brian Kokoska and Vanessa Gully Santiago @ American Medium and Vikky Alexander and Sara Cwynar @ Cooper Cole Gallery.

See some of our gallery recommendations below:

Kaspar Müller Société 

Group exhibition @ Pilar Corrias

Maggie Lee @ Real Fine Arts 

Kelly Akashi and Patrick Jackson @ Ghebaly Gallery

Amy Yao and Lena Daly @ Various Small Fires

Kult of Konsciousness at Fringe Projects Miami 2016, Dec 3

See the Miami Basel website for the full programme and more details.**

Life and Death Party (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy of Little River Studios, Miami.
Life and Death Party (2016). Promotional image. Courtesy of Little River Studios, Miami.
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Frieze 2016 recommendations, Oct 6 – 9

3 October 2016

London’s Frieze Art Fair 2016 is opening October 6 and running to October 9. The event will be host to a range of curated exhibitions, talks, performances and events, with a keynote presentation by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

See below for our recommendations of the main event, and here for offsite and fringe events:


A daily series of lunchtime discussions will focus this years’ attention on ‘Borderlands’, inviting artists such as Hannah Black, Fatima Al Qadiri, Alexandra BachzetsisJosh Kline, Jill Magid and Lauren Cornell among others to discuss “the geographic, social and psychological borders that we construct and fight to break down.”


Bringing together editors, writers and special guests, the reading room will host Stephanie Bailey in conversation with Sophia Al-Maria and Lawrence Lek, as well as conversations with Keren Cytter, Jon Rafman and Donna Huanca.


A programme of performances will take place every day from October 5 to 9, including ‘Jõusaal (Gym)’ by Augustas Serapinas —who is currently showing Housewarming with Emalin in London —as well as Lloyd Corporation, and Mahmoud Khaled who will explore themes of censorship and surveillance.


This years Frieze projects, curated by Raphael Gygaxlooks at ‘transformation’ through sound, theatre, dance and literature, with work by Coco Fusco, Martin Soto Climent, and Frieze Artist Award-winner Yuri Pattison and more.


We recommend checking out the all-woman booth at Dubai’s The Third Line, as well Liz Magic Laser at Various Small Fires (VSF), Los Angeles.

See a more booth picks below:

303 Gallery, New York
47 Canal, New York
Antenna Space, Shanghai
The Approach, London
Arcadia Missa, London
The Breeder, Athens
Gavin Brown’s enterprise, Birmingham
Callicoon Fine Arts, New York
Chewday’s, London
C L E A R I N G, New York
Pilar Corrias Gallery, London,
dépendance, Brussels
Exile, Berlin
Greene Naftali Gallery, New York
Herald St, London
High Art, Paris
Ibid Gallery, London + Los Angeles
Jan Kaps, Cologne
König Galerie, London
Koppe Astner, Glasgow
Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna
Limoncello, London
Martos Gallery, New York
Galerie Neu, Berlin
Night Gallery, Los Angeles
P.P.O.W, New York
Peres Projects, Berlin
Galeria Plan B, Berlin
Seventeen, London
Silberkuppe, Berlin
Sprüth Magers, London
Société, Berlin
The Sunday Painter, London
Supportico Lopez, Berlin
Truth and Consequences, Geneva
David Zwirner, London.**

Header Image: Liz Magic Laser, ‘Primal Speech’ (2016). Single-channel video installation. Courtesy the artist + VSF


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Art Basel 2016, June 16 – 19

13 June 2016

The European art fair giant, Art Basel is running in its home town, running June 16 to 19.

Each year Basel, and Switzerland in general, welcomes not only its galleries, artists and loyal fair goers but also an array of other activity and slightly smaller performance festivals and art fairs.  LISTE is on in Basel, Manifesta 11 is taking place in Zurich, which opened its doors on June 11, while online mini art fair, Dream Basel will run across the same dates as (official) Basel, inviting the likes of London’s Seventeen Gallery and Mexico City’s Lodos to curate booths —or clouds.

Running concurrently will also be a group show called NOTITLES_02, a gathering of artists and their works as a part of a project curated throughout 2016 by Sophie Yerly.

Our Art Basel recommendations include artist Timur Si-Qin whose solo booth in the ‘Statements’ sector will be presented by SociétéBasel Abbas + Ruanne Abou-Rahme with Carroll/Fletcher, a re-staging of Jannis Kounellis’ Da inventare sul posto (To Invent on the Spot) (1972) at Luxembourg & Dayan, and Piotr Łakomy who will show with Warsaw’s Galeria Stereo.

There’s an Art Basel l Parcours night on June 18, as well at The Lair group exhibition running concurrently at Oslo10 to July 14.

Frances Stark will show with Gavin Brown’s Enterprise amongst a few others, and LA’s Regen Projects brings together a large group including Ryan TrecartinDoug Aitken and Wolfang Tillmans.

See the Art Basel website for more information.**

Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou Rahme, 'The Zone', from the series 'Desire and Disaster' (2011). Courtesy the artist
Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou Rahme, ‘The Zone’, from the series ‘Desire and Disaster’ (2011). Courtesy the artists.


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Frieze New York 2016 recommendations, May 5 – 8

2 May 2016

Frieze New York is running May 5 to 8, with a number of projects, talks and exhibitors converging around the main exhibition, along with fringe and off-site events, including NADA and the Off Vendome gallery share, as well as Dream Fair running online concurrently from May 3.

Below are some recommendations inside and outside the official Frieze programme in New York over the coming three days and beyond:



dépendance, Seventeen, Société, The Third Line, The Breeder, Truth and Consequences, Clifton Benevento, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, High Art, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Mathew Gallery, Martos Gallery, Night Gallery, Overduin & Co., Peres Projects, Pilar Corrias, Antenna Space


Anthea Hamilton, David Horvitz and Heather Phillipson.



American Medium, bitforms gallery, Bodega, Cooper Cole, Hester, ICA, Glasgow International, Invisible-Exports, Ltd. Los Angeles, Minerva, Space in Between, Spinello, Tomorrow Gallery


SPF15, Daata Editions, Et Al., Evelyn Yard, Kimberley-Klark, Public Exhibitions, Shoot the Lobster, Transfer Gallery



Chewday’s, Bridget Donahue, Jenny’s, Galerie Max Mayer, Real Fine Arts



Galerie Allen, Arcadia Missa, Galerie Emanuel Layr, Exile, Grey Noise, LambdaLambdaLambda, Limoncello, Rob Tufnell, Sabot, Galeria Stereo, SVIT


Monica Devertebrae @ La Caverna, May 5

Ghe20g0th1k x Play With My Pussy @ AVIV, May 6

Mykki Blanco & Friends @ Good Room, May 6


American Medium, bitforms, Silvershed + Postmasters @ Bowery Storefront, May 3

Return Policy @ Howard Street, May 5

Borna Sammak, Town Crier @ American Medium, May 7 


Cally Spooner On False Tears and Outsourcing @ New Museum

Priscilla Jeong + Rob Chavasse @ Interstate Projects**

Header image: Cooper Jacoby, Stagnants (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Mathew Gallery, Berlin.

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