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Art Basel Miami Beach, UNTITLED, Dream, Satellite + NADA: a guide to Miami Art Week, Dec 5 -10

5 December 2017

It’s Miami Art Week and galleries from all over the world will descend upon the city, featuring exhibitions, edition works, large-scale installations, films, performances and outdoor events taking place across the city opening December 6 and running to December 10.

Below is a list of the main events taking place:

– Art Basel Miami Beach brings together an international line-up of galleries and artists, exhibiting at Miami Beach Convention Center running December 7 to 10, including Pilar Corrias showing Rachel Rose and Tschabalala Self, Freedman Fitzpatrick showing Jill Mulleady and Real Fine Arts showing Nicolas Ceccaldi.

– The sixth edition of UNTITLED Miami Beach opens at South Beach from December 6 to 10, with special projects from Esvin Alarcón Lam, Thiago Martins de Melo and Lucy + Jorge Orta among others. There are over 68 galleries, including SIGNAL, showing Meriem Bennani and Rachel Rossin; Steve Turner, showing Ann Hirsch and Yung Jake; and the artist-run immaterial art project Galerie will present a series of performances daily. Also check out Untitled, Radio which will host is a program of talks, interviews and roundtable discussions as well as sound art, performances, readings and curated playlists. 

– Started in 2015, Satellite was set up for young contributors, artist-run spaces and non-profits and is taking place in an abandoned hotel called Ocean Terrace, running December 7 to 10, with some contributors including Secret Project RobotThe Haunt Collective and Tempus Projects, among many others, as well as a program of performances and line up of live DJs and music.

John Edmonds and Esmaa Mohamoud (2017) Courtesy ltd Los Angeles

– The non-profit arts organisation NADA (The New Art Dealers Alliance) at Ice Palace Studios is running December 7 to 10. Among the huge line-up of galleries, some notable mentions include Downs & Ross, showing Nora Berman and Erin Jane Nelson; Ghebaly Gallery, showing Sayre Gomez and Kelly AkashiLoyal Gallery, showing Cheyenne Julien, and James Fuentes showing Amalia Ulman. There will also be Invisible-Exports, showing Vaginal DavisMartos Gallery, showing Alex Chaves and Jennie Jieun Lee, and ltd los angeles showing John Edmonds and Esmaa Mohamoud.

– Dream Miami is an online art fair that runs December 5 to 10, with some of this year’s contributors including The Composing Rooms, showing Michael Pybus; Barnies, showing Hannah Lees, and Temnikova & Kasela, showing Merike Estna.

Visit Art Basel Miami Beach, Untitled, Miami Beach, NADASatellite and Dream for more details.**

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If you can be asked to leave your bedroom: a guide to events + exhibitions around London during the holiday season

1 December 2017

Hopefully the holidays will provide some ‘time off’ for everyone, and you can visit some shows IRL. We’ve compiled our recommendations of events happening around London in December, as well as exhibitions that run through the month. 

Beatrice Dillon’s ‘Taut Line’ at Somerset House Studios, London

If you can’t be asked to leave your bedroom, some online shows we recommend include Erica Scourti‘s new work Note the Ways hosted on Cosmos Carl, as well as the Wrong Biennale running to January 31, 2018 which brings together over 1,600 artists. Rhizome and New Museum are also co-presenting First Look: New Black Portraitures curated by Arian Dean and featuring Rindon Johnson, Hamishi Farah, Sondra Perry, Redeem Pettaway, Pastiche Lumumba, N-Prolentamanuel arturo abreu and Juliana Huxtable.



Terre Thaemlitz panel discussion On Nuisance  at Auto Italia South East on Dec 2

Residency Event with Maryam Monalisa Gharavi, Imran Perretta and Morgan Quaintance at Wysing Arts Centre on Dec 2

Eat Your Own Ears presents DJ HAAi performance in dedication to Hassan Hajjaj’s current on-site exhibition La Caravane at Somerset House on Dec 6

Beatrice Dillon’s Taut Line at Somerset House Studios on Dec 7

Uniti present clubnight Converge I at DIY Space London on Dec 7

David Blandy’s The End of The World at Seventeen Gallery, London

Oscillate Wildly presents Arca & Harlecore at Corsica Studios on Dec 8

Unsound Dislocation music performances with NIVHEK + MFO, The Caretaker and Felicita at Barbican on Dec 8


LowKi event with Nkisi, Afrodeutsche and Tribe of Colin at Café OTO on 22

Harm van den Dorpel’s Asking for a friend at Narrative Projects, London

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

The Secular Icons in an Age of Moral Uncertainty group show Nathan Coley, Mimosa Echard, Simon Fujiwara, Sara Naim, Indrė Šerpytytė at Parafin running Nov 30 – Feb 3

Harm van den Dorpel’s Asking for a friend at Narrative Projects running Nov 23 – Jan 23 

Pauline Batista and Madeleine Stack present two person exhibition Fatal Softness at London’s Koppel Project running Nov 16 – Jan 6

Sophie Jung’s Come Fresh Hell or Fresh High Water at Blain Southern running Nov 29 – Jan 13

Beatriz Olabarrieta The Only Way Out is In at The Sunday Painter running Nov 24 – Jan 7 

Evgeny Antufiev’s With a Copper Mask in One Hand… at Emalin running Nov 22 to Dec 21

Keef Winter’s Can’t Help It at Black Tower Projects running Nov 11 – Dec 23

Jemma Egan’s Turning To Dust at Assembly Point running Nov 10 – Dec 9

Julia Crabtree & William Evans’ Gullet at Cell Project Space running Nov 17 – Jan 21 

Max Colson’s The Green and Pleasant Land at Aerbyte running Nov 23 – Dec 21**




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