We Are Not Things @ Invisible-Exports, Jan 8 – Feb 14

5 January 2016

New York’s Invisible-Exports presents We Are Not Things, a group show curated by Hannah Whitaker, opening January 8 and running to February 14.

We Are Not Things borrows strategies from what the press release relays as the early-twentieth-century fervour and anthropomorphising of machines. The idea of “bachelor machines” arose after a work made by Duchamp was used to describe writers and artists at that time who were mostly “self-enclosed, useless, frictionless, and almost always male”.

The text continues that “feminist” action film Mad Max: Fury Road, and “The Future Is Female” T-shirt craze present a wholly different cultural landscape for understanding today’s bachelor machines”.

This exhibition, which includes artists such as: Andy Coolquitt, Jen Liu, New York-based jeweller and artist, Hanna Sandin, and Mika Tajima will look at today’s mechanisation used by artists to deal with the representation of the self, without relying on gender binaries.

See Invisible-Exports website for more**

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Vaginal Davis @ Invisible Exports, Nov 20 – Dec 20

20 November 2015

Invisible Exports is launching a new solo exhibition by Berlin-based gender-queer performance artist Vaginal Davis titled Come on Daughter Save Me and running at the NYC space from November 20 to December 20.

Self-identifying as a “doyenne of intersexed outsider art”, Davis is an artist-of-all-trades: her bio calls her a performer, a painter, a curator, a writer, a composer, a film scholar, a “cultural antagonist”, and an erotic provocateur.

The new show at Invisible Exports is composed of 16 clay-and-nail-polish frieze sculptures complete with “feminine” products like hairspray and perfume, all created in a blood-red colour and depicting a “series of ghostly, ghastly, beautiful, emotive faces and masks, Goddesses, historic and mythical women”.

See the exhibition page for details. **

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Breyer P-Orridge + Pierre Molinier @ INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, Sep 5 – Oct 12

4 September 2014

A transcendental collaboration from living avant-garde artist and transgressive pioneer Breyer P-Orridge and their posthumous childhood inspiration “transvestite Baudelaire” Pierre Molinier is happening at New York’s INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, opening September 5 and running to October 12.

In being introduced to the “forgotten surrealist” during their English public school days, when the future COUM Transmissions co-founder and Throbbing Gristle vocalist still answered to the name ‘Neil’, P-Orridge found an affinity with the French artist’s radical collages and now famous photomontage portraits in an early 20th-century rejection of gender.

As does pandrogyne P-Orridge whose experiments in rethinking the human body insists that it’s nothing more than “a cheap suitcase to give mobility to consciousness. Furthermore, a cheap suitcase that breaks down faster the more you ‘travel’.”

 See the INVISIBLE-EXPORTS website for details. **


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NADA New York, May 9–11

8 May 2014

Happening in parallel to Frieze week, the third edition of NADA New York is running in the city, May 9 to 11.

Showcasing emerging international art and artists across various locations annually, including Cologne, Miami and Hudson, the NYC program features a presentation of interactive art projects from San Juan’s Beta-Local and Detroit’s MOCAD, as well as a site-specific installation in a Ford Galaxie 500 by Shoot the Lobster, including work by Lena Henke and Marie Karlberg of M/L Artspace and Bradley Kronz.

There’ll be gallerist tours of the exhibition and a “marathon reading” of contemporary poetry on May 10, including Sophia Le Fraga, Ben Fama and Deanna Havas.

Galleries exhibiting include Temnikova & Kasela, Interstate Exports, Tomorrow Gallery, Regina Rex, M+B, ltd los angeles, Invisible-Exports, Et al. and London’s The Sunday Painter showing work by Hannah Perry.

See the NADA New York website for details. **

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