New Bretagne Belle Air

Beloved in the Landscape @ New Bretagne Belle Air, Nov 25 – Dec 10

23 November 2016

The Beloved in the Landscape group exhibition at Essen’s New Bretagne Belle Air is opening November 25 and running to December 10.

Curated by New Bretagne and Ana Iwataki & Marion Vasseur Ralu, the show features work by Lauren Coullard, Lila De Magalhaes, Henrik Olai Kaarstein and Simon Lässig

The press release reads as a love letter, but to whom is unclear:

“There is a form of lucidity within you that I didn’t have before you came. My world was a series of mirrors, reflecting only my own obsessions. I was like a child. You were in this strange world of objectivity, full of things and plants…”

Coinciding with the group exhibition, there will also be a solo show by Jonas Lipps curated by New Bretagne at Bel Ètage

See the New Bretagne website for details.**

Henrik Olai Kaarstein, 'Here Comes Iris' (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.
Henrik Olai Kaarstein, ‘Here Comes Iris’ (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.


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Peach @ W139, Nov 18

16 November 2016

Rotterdam’s Peach is presenting the opening of their a temporary space at Amsterdam’s W139 on the evening of November 18.

To celebrate the month-long relocation, the night will mark the beginning of a series of events, exhibitions and performances. Playing host at the temporary and intimate home space, the artist-run project will bring together the ethos and community it has been gathering in an “explosion of the domestic”.

The apartment will feature five exhibitions over the course of the month: The Apartment as well as Home Movies opening November 19 and running to December 18, featuring work by Ghislain Amar and Chantal Akerman among others. The Fates running November 19 to 22 will feature a line-up with Nina Beier among them. Brachland — organised by DINGUM and running November 26 to December 15 — includes Mathis Altmann, Olga Balema, Amy Yao, more. And finally, The Life Intense, opening December 16 and will include New Bretagne, OKAY CONFIANCE, Jenifer Nails, Anni PuolakaViktor Timofeev and more.

See the W139 website for details.**


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Peach @ New Bretagne/ Belle Air, Jun 22 – 24

21 June 2016

Artist-run space Peach are hosting a workshop at Essen’s New Bretagne/ Belle Air, running June 22 to 24.

Titled Life in 400BC (Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind part 1) the workshop is conceived by Peach director, Ghislain Amar after the artist translated a play written in 1985 by Yves Mercol that condensed and echoed the Greek play by Euripides composed around 408 BC, and which was only written once in hard copy for Mercol’s students to act out.

During the week, participants are invited to reinvent the play, having read the rare Mercol copy, using only the technology and materials that would have been available in Euripides’ time. Interestingly, Peach have made this PDF downloadable via a temporary, dissolving and time-based WeTransfer link.

The workshop seems to be an ongoing exchange between the two spaces. New Bretagne/ Belle Air, also an artist-run space, presented an exhibition at Peach earlier this year that was prefaced by a two-day framing workshop given by the artists involved.

See the FB event for more details.**

Ghislain Amar (PEACH), 'Playlists' (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Swimming Pool, Sofia
Ghislain Amar, ‘Playlists’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Swimming Pool, Sofia.
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New Bretagne / Belle Air @ Peach, May 7

6 May 2016

Essen-based art collective and space New Bretagne / Belle Air are presenting the Essener Leiste exhibition at Rotterdam’s Peach on May 7.

The event, which begins with a two-day framing workshop run by the German group —May 5 to 6 —includes direction from Friederico Balla, Lisanna Hogigliani, Allesandro Schiafo, Nicola Talebene, and Puntino Phanculo (listed as not present) and will end with an exhibition at the Dutch space, along with a carpet floor piece by Daniel Fogarty.

New Bretagne is an art collective formed by Frieder Haller, Anna-Lisa Högler, Phung-Tien Phan,
Alexander Schöpfel and Niklas Taleb, who run the Belle Air artist-run space. Peach is run by artist Ghislain Amar.

See the Peach website for details.**

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No Drinks Outside @ Belle Air, May 16 – Jun 1

15 May 2015

New Bretagne collective will be hosting a new exhibition titled No Drinks Outside, running at Essen’s Belle Air from May 16 to June 1.

The art collective—composed of Frieder Haller, Susanne Hefti, Anna-Lisa Högler, Phung-Tien Phan, Fabian Preuschoff, Alexander Schöpfel and Niklas Taleb —brings Lennart Constant, Haller and Taleb together to participate in the exhibition, introduced with only an abstract text that begins:

being robbers,
living in that robbery scene,
getting paranoid,
trusting the wrong people

See the FB exhibition page for details. **

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Never Can Say Goodbye @ Belle Air, Feb 21 – Mar 3

18 February 2015

Four-artist group show Never Can Say Goodbye is opening at Essen’s New Bretagne Belle Air, running from February 21 to March 3.

The exhibition brings together Düsseldorf artist duo Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr again, who have worked together on over a dozen exhibitions and projects, including contributions in the recent “Keine Kontrolle / No Control” exhibition catalogue for Bonner Kunstverein and a film screening at LA’s M/L Art Space for Das Gesamtsexwerk.

Showing their latest work, ‘TERROR. A Film About The Statues Of Liberty’, the artists will be joined by Berlin artist duo and New Theater founders Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff, who will be exhibiting new “luminous” bench installations whose use is left up to the viewer.

See the exhibition FB page for details. **


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