Simon Lässig

Beloved in the Landscape @ New Bretagne Belle Air, Nov 25 – Dec 10

23 November 2016

The Beloved in the Landscape group exhibition at Essen’s New Bretagne Belle Air is opening November 25 and running to December 10.

Curated by New Bretagne and Ana Iwataki & Marion Vasseur Ralu, the show features work by Lauren Coullard, Lila De Magalhaes, Henrik Olai Kaarstein and Simon Lässig

The press release reads as a love letter, but to whom is unclear:

“There is a form of lucidity within you that I didn’t have before you came. My world was a series of mirrors, reflecting only my own obsessions. I was like a child. You were in this strange world of objectivity, full of things and plants…”

Coinciding with the group exhibition, there will also be a solo show by Jonas Lipps curated by New Bretagne at Bel Ètage

See the New Bretagne website for details.**

Henrik Olai Kaarstein, 'Here Comes Iris' (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.
Henrik Olai Kaarstein, ‘Here Comes Iris’ (2016). Mixed media on wedding gown, artificial flowers. Courtesy the artist.


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on fleek #2 launch + screening @ Spreez e.V., Oct 21

21 October 2015

Munich’s Spreez is launching the second issue of on fleek magazine with a screening in the artist run space on October 21.

Featuring contributions from 15 artists, including Jasmin Werner & Jan Domicz, Rasmus Myrup, Cédric Fargues –who exhibited ARTOAST at London’s Life Gallery last year –and Niklas Taleb, the launch of the magazine will be accompanied by a screening of work by the likes of Hannah Heilmann, Anna FehrOla Vasiljeva and more.

See the Facebook event page for details. **

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