New Bretagne / Belle Air @ Peach, May 7

, 6 May 2016

Essen-based art collective and space New Bretagne / Belle Air are presenting the Essener Leiste exhibition at Rotterdam’s Peach on May 7.

The event, which begins with a two-day framing workshop run by the German group —May 5 to 6 —includes direction from Friederico Balla, Lisanna Hogigliani, Allesandro Schiafo, Nicola Talebene, and Puntino Phanculo (listed as not present) and will end with an exhibition at the Dutch space, along with a carpet floor piece by Daniel Fogarty.

New Bretagne is an art collective formed by Frieder Haller, Anna-Lisa Högler, Phung-Tien Phan,
Alexander Schöpfel and Niklas Taleb, who run the Belle Air artist-run space. Peach is run by artist Ghislain Amar.

See the Peach website for details.**