Ghislain Amar

Ghislain Amar, Amar Amar (2016) exhibition photos

10 October 2016

Ghislain Amar‘s solo exhibition Amar Amar was on at Frankfurt’s Basis Projektraum which ran from March 24 until the 28, 2016.

The show is a culmination of the Rotterdam-based artists’ 3 month residency at Air Frankfurt, an installation of photography, video, and sculpture as well as a range of materials from aluminum to beer bottles, UV printing to paint.

The ground floor installation is a centre piece in connecting the work;  the representation of a men’s public bathroom from a club or a bar. The artworks installed in the show are inspired by the imagery of the multicultural public spaces in the city observed by the artist during the residency. Music is also an important component where Amar explores questions of appropriation, bastardization and hybridizations of cultures.

Exhibition Photos Top Right.

Ghislain Amar’s Amar Amar was on at Basis Projektraum, running March 24 to 28, 2016.


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Peach @ New Bretagne/ Belle Air, Jun 22 – 24

21 June 2016

Artist-run space Peach are hosting a workshop at Essen’s New Bretagne/ Belle Air, running June 22 to 24.

Titled Life in 400BC (Iphigenia or A Girl for the Wind part 1) the workshop is conceived by Peach director, Ghislain Amar after the artist translated a play written in 1985 by Yves Mercol that condensed and echoed the Greek play by Euripides composed around 408 BC, and which was only written once in hard copy for Mercol’s students to act out.

During the week, participants are invited to reinvent the play, having read the rare Mercol copy, using only the technology and materials that would have been available in Euripides’ time. Interestingly, Peach have made this PDF downloadable via a temporary, dissolving and time-based WeTransfer link.

The workshop seems to be an ongoing exchange between the two spaces. New Bretagne/ Belle Air, also an artist-run space, presented an exhibition at Peach earlier this year that was prefaced by a two-day framing workshop given by the artists involved.

See the FB event for more details.**

Ghislain Amar (PEACH), 'Playlists' (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Swimming Pool, Sofia
Ghislain Amar, ‘Playlists’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist and Swimming Pool, Sofia.
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Micha Zweifel, Obituary (2015) exhibition photos

24 May 2016

Rotterdam’s Peach, an apartment exhibition space run by Ghislain Amar and Anna Łuczak, presented Obituary, a solo exhibition of new sculptural work by Micha Zweifel which ran from November 15 to December 6, 2015.

The majority of the works are made from plaster, hardening a handmade process into a fragile but permanent fixture. A candle is held by a realistic rendition of hands in ‘untitled (hot coffee)’ (2015) which are attached to an anthropomorphised facial shape with a cartoon smile. Three 40x30cm plaster and pigment paintings are hung around the room, resembling an abstract memory of a landscape. Among the tactile works are also assembled objects that could easily have already been a part of the space. ‘Metropole Metropole’ (2015) is a wooden shelf holding a functional coffee set for whomever may be passing by and viewing the work.

Micha Zweifel, 'untitled (four emoticons)' (2015). Install view. Photo by Peach. Courtesy Peach, Rotterdam.
Micha Zweifel, ‘untitled (four emoticons)’ (2015). Install view. Photo by Peach. Courtesy Peach, Rotterdam.

There is no text or press release accompanying the show except for a poem on a piece of paper held down by an ashtray that reads as follows:

“…this is the public display of clandestine affection with coffee and emoticons. Let our luggage pass duty free through the margins of heaven. We will bring you the jaguar that attacked you in the Zuiderpark. We will bring you a landscape of bricks and the red moon, the Bathers and the Turtle in the snowy mountains. That you may spend your sacred leisure in the light and Truths of signs. As you once did, facing the Two Monkeys.”**

Exhibition photos, top right.

Micha Zweifel’s Obituary was on at Rotterdam’s Peach, running November 15 to December 6, 2015.

Header image: Micha Zweifel, Obituary (2015) Exhibition view. Photo by Peach. Courtesy Peach, Rotterdam.

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Ghislain Amar @ Projektraum Basis, Mar 24 – 28

23 March 2016

Rotterdam-based artist Ghislain Amar will conclude his residency with air_Frankfurt at the project space, Projektraum Basis with a solo presentation, Amar Amar, opening on March 24 and running by appointment until March 28.

Amar has been working with Air_Frankfurt under the broader banner project: ‘state of the city’, which as a title is being investigated by five other artists in residence across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands before culminating in a larger collaborative exhibition later this year.

Expect, then, in Amar Amar to see responses to themes of trade and inter-connectivity between city life and socio-cultural contexts.

Amar runs Peach in Rotterdam which as a space has shown at Swimming Pool. He has exhibited with Pracownia Portretu and is included in an upcoming group show at Poland’s BWA Tarnów titled Working All The Time.

See the exhibition page for more details**

Ghislain Amar. Courtesy the artist and Peach.
Ghislain Amar. Series. Image Courtesy the artist and Peach.
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Samet Yilmaz @ Peach, Dec 18 – Jan 31

16 December 2015

Rotterdam’s Peach exhibition space has invited Samet Yilmaz for a new project titled I have to change myself to stay to same that will be available for viewing from December 18 to January 31, 2016.

The Netherlands art space, which is based in an apartment in Rotterdam and run by Ghislain Amar and Anna Łuczak, has invited Yilmaz to consult about “the balance in life”, after which they will rearrange Peach’s interior based on the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui.

The project will be available for viewing via a virtual tour at Peach‘s as well as Yilmaz respective websites.

See the Peach website for (limited) details. **

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