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Some picks for the London-wide CONDO collaborative exhibition, Jan 14 – Feb 11

13 January 2017

The second CONDO “collaborative exhibition” is on across venues in London, opening with previews the weekend of January 14 and 15, and running to February 11. 

Featuring 36 galleries (to last year’s already impressive 32), the annual initiative — starting in 2016 and led by Carlos/Ishikawa’s director Vanessa Carlos — aims to highlight the need for mutual support in order to survive and succeed in the contemporary art ecosystem. In doing so, several London spaces will host solo presentations by international galleries.

The list runs with a number of emerging, independent and institutional names, so here’s list of artist and exhibition recommendations from us in the meantime:

– Jan Kiefer at Union Pacific 

Galerie Gregor Steiger with Shana Moulton, hosted by Emalin 

– Bridget Donahue with Martine Syms, hosted by Sadie Coles

Neue Alte Brücke with Eric Schmid, hosted by Vilma Gold  

Than Hussein Clark with VI, VII, hosted by Arcadia Missa

Seventeen NYC + Stereo, hosted by The Sunday Painter

Kris Lemsalu with Koppe Astner, hosted by Southard Reid

Yuri Pattison with Mother’s Tankstation + Lulou Margarine with Queer Thoughts, hosted by Project Native Informant

See the CONDO website for details.**

Shana Moulton, ‘SPF 2012’ (2013). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
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Glasgow International 2016, Apr 7 – 25

6 April 2016

Glasgow International, the biennial festival of contemporary art spread across Scotland’s largest city, is in its 11th year and this time will host artists from all over the world between April 7 to 28.

Directed by Sarah McCrory, the event holds shows small and large: invited and commissioned at large galleries like Tramway, or self-organised in flats and other public or non public addresses.

Here is a list of aqnb recommendations spanning the two weeks:

See the Glasgow International programme page for more details.**

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Here I too exist @ Koppe Astner, Sep 24

24 September 2015

Koppe Astner opens a new group exhibition, titled Here too I exist and opening at the Glasgow art space on September 24.

The group exhibition features works from British artist Aaron Angell, Peles Empire (the collaborative work by Katharina Stoever and Barbara Wolff), NYC artist Avery Singer, Belgian artist Caragh Thuring and UK-born and Lisbon-based artist Emily Wardill.

See the FB exhibition page for (minimal) details. **

Emily Wardill, 'When you fall into a trance' (2013).
Emily Wardill, ‘When you fall into a trance’ (2013).
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