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DKUK Gallery: ‘An interview with Daniel Kelly’ (2016) video

3 November 2016

As part of the recent Art Licks Weekend 2016 programme, arts digital production company Video in Common commissioned a special interview with Daniel Kelly, founder of unisex salon and gallery DKUK.  

The London-based artist and hairdresser opened the Peckham-area space in 2014 as another means to not only getting a haircut but also interacting with art. In an effort to make art accessible to all, DKUK presents an opportunity for viewing new works in the familiar space of a salon by a Toni & Guy-trained stylist and artist. 

“It’s my art practice, it’s my business, it’s my  life”, says Kelly, who here talks about the beginning of DKUK, alternative business models for independent spaces and encouraging non-arts audiences to engage with artists and their work.

Watch the video below and see the DKUK website for details.** 

Header image: DKUK Gallery: ‘An interview with Daniel Kelly’ (2016). Video Still. Courtesy Video in Common, London.

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Liquid Rye @ DKUK Salon, Jun 23 – Jul 2

23 June 2016

Art Assassins are presenting Liquid Rye at London’s DKUK Salon, opening June 23 and running July 2.

The group who make up and host the young people’s forum based in South London Gallery weekly, have made a shampoo and conditioner inspired by the smells of Peckham named ‘Liquid Rye’ which will be used and sold in DKUK art space and hair dressers.

Art Assassins will also transform the salon into a promotional space for their product.

The group of 18 to 21 year-olds often run projects through an investigation of how it feels to be a young person living in south London have made collaborative works such as cassette tape, ‘WE ARE US AND YOU ARE YOU’ and the time when they gathered in a forest to broadcast throughout the night.

DKUK’s recent shows have included work by late artist Ian Breakwell, Holly Slingsby, a single hair dancing in disco lights installed by Jack Strange and an Xmas Bleach Party. Run by artist Daniel Kelly, the Peckham salon also participated in this year’s Manifesta in Zurich.

See the DKUK salon website for more details.**

Art Assassins, They Promised Dreams but Delivered Nightmares (2015). Courtesy the artists
Art Assassins, ‘They Promised Dreams but Delivered Nightmares’ (2015). Courtesy the artists.
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Ian Breakwell @ DKUK, Feb 17 – April 9

15 February 2016

London’s DKUK Salon are putting on “Work” and other works by Ian Breakwell opening February 17 and running April 19.

Artist Daniel Kelly, who runs the Peckham hair dressing art space, has selected and curated a small selection of Breakwell’s work, such as ‘Continuous Diary’ (1984) and ‘Dialogues’ (1981), which will play softly to people through a directional speaker during the shampooing part of the appointment – after the initial hair consultation.

Much of Breakwell’s work was developed from diaries. Combined with the specific context of DKUK Salon the show looks to be a warm and intimate one, faithful to the work of the late artist.

For more details see the DKUK exhibition page**

Jack Strange, 'I want it' install shot (2015). Courtesy the artist and DKUK
Jack Strange, ‘I want it’, install shot (2015). Courtesy the artist and DKUK Salon


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Bleach Party @ DKUK Salon, Dec 17

15 December 2015

DKUK Salon is celebrating Christmas with its first ever DKUK Bleach Party at their Rye Lane location in London on December 17.

In what might be the most 90s nostalgic holidays known to man, the art space-cum-hair salon is hosting a hair bleaching party to celebrate Christmas.

The spirit is alive with the at-cost pricing and late night shopping at Holdrons Arcade.

See the FB event page for details. **

DKUK Salon
DKUK Salon
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Holly Slingsby @ DKUK Salon, Nov 18 – 21

18 November 2015

Holly Slingsby takes over London’s DKUK Salon with a performance on November 18 to kick off a new live work that will run from November 19 to 21.

Slingsby’s new work begins with hair, tracing through a “look book” of pop icons and mythical figures for whom hair is integral to their narrative.

Showing a protagonist waiting at the hair salon while flipping between these figures as though she is selecting a guise for herself, the work explores the notion of image projection and the salon as a place where “identity is formed and performed”.

See the FB event page for details. **

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Patrick Coyle’s ‘Trim Your Tongue’ @ DKUK Salon, Sep 2

1 September 2015

DKUK Salon is hosting a new performance and video installation by UK-based artist and writer Patrick Coyle, titled ‘Trim Your Tongue’ and running at the London space on September 2.

Drawing on “various theories of gossip and its connection to physical grooming”, Coyle developed a script that will be performed from an undisclosed location via a live-stream to DKUK Salon.

The initial performance will be recorded and this recording will continue to play opposite the clients of DKUK for another three days.

See the event page for details. **

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Stephen Hall + ART LICKS @ DKUK Salon, Feb 27

26 February 2015

Art gallery and hair salon DKUK Salon is hosting the latest film from artist Stephen Hall as well the launch of ART LICKS Issue 16 on February 27.

Hall’s new film, ‘Bare Life & Biopolitics in Kennington Park’, documents the lives of underclass refugees and illegal migrants shot over five years. It shows their precarious and clandestine existence in an urban park, which Hall frequented and got to know over the half a decade, filming interviews and constructing stories. They’re interspersed with sound bytes from mainstream media coverage of issues like immigration, multiculturalism, and the stop-and-search bill.

The film premiere is accompanied by the launch of the latest issues of ART LICKS, which, together with being an organization and hosting an ART LICKS weekend of art, has been steadily putting out publications since its inception in 2010. The latest issue features work and writing from over 30 artists, including Margherita Huntley, Patrick Coyle and Gabriel Birch.

See the DKUK Salon FB event page for details. **


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Events + Exhibitions, Feb 23 – Mar 1

24 February 2015

The Ryan Trecartin and Lauren Cornell-curated 2015 Triennial, called Sound Audience starts at the New Museum in New York this week, with the majority of events and exhibitions elsewhere opening within a few days of each other.

Two double exhibitions are opening across London, including one from KERNEL, Sasha Litvintseva and Lewis Teague Wright at Union Pacific, as well as Olivia Erlanger solo at Seventeen Gallery alongside a group show curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini and including Emanuel Röhss, Debora Delmar Corp, AIRBNB Pavilion, plus more.

Also in the UK capital, artist-run space Rye Lane Studios is closing with an RSVP event, while LEAP in Berlin is doing that same. Elsewhere in Europe, Amalia Ulman will be delivering a lecture in Helsinki, Neïl Beloufa is opening an exhibition at Zero in Milan and Clémence de la Tour du Pin‘s Hotel Palenque commission is happening in Frankfurt.

Desktop Residency and Opening Times are hosting new works online, while Sonic Acts 2015 in Amsterdam features performances by M.E.S.H., Vessel and TCF. Slavs and Tatars, Monira Al Qadiri and GCC have exhibitions opening across two galleries in the UAE.

There’s more so see below:


Milo Brennan @ Desktop Residency, Feb 23 – Mar 14

Speculative Writing @ Tenderbooks, Feb 24

2015 Triennial @ New Museum, Feb 25 – May 24

Joey Holder + Steven Ounanian @ Enclave, Feb 25

Luke Nunn @ split/fountain, Feb 25

Amalia Ulman lecture @ Exhibition Laboratory, Feb 25

Beau Rice @ Printed Matter, Feb 26

Sonic Acts Festival opening @ Stedelijk, Feb 26

Extreme Animals, Haribo &c @ Secret Project Robot Art Experiment, Feb 26

Sonic Acts Festival @ OT301, Feb 26

POLYVALENZ @ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Feb 27


Jason Bailer Losh @ Anat Ebgi, Feb 27 – Apr 4

Bare Life & Bio-politics in Kennington Park @ DKUK Salon, Feb 27


Future Brown @ Creamcake, Feb 28

Who is a ‘People?’ @ Goldsmiths, Feb 28

Rye Lane Studios closing party, Feb 28

LEAP closing party, Feb 28

Accented @ Maraya Art Centre, Mar 1 – May 16


Kate Morrell + LTV @ Kendal Museum, Feb – Jun

Katharina Fengler @, Feb 23

Hassan Hajjaj @ Newark Museum, Feb 25 – Aug 9

Anne de Boer @ Lunch Bytes, Feb 25

Neïl Beloufa @ Zero, Feb 26

Life Gallery @ Space, Feb 26 – Mar 15

Sean Raspet @ Société, Feb 26

Tiril Hasselknippe @ DREI, Feb 26 – Mar 28

Kimmo Modig @ Sorbus-galleria, Feb 26 – Mar 8

Labour in a Single Shot @ HKW, Feb 26 – Apr 6

Massimo Grimaldi @ 63rd – 77th STEPS, Feb 27 – Mar 25

Olivia Erlanger + Morphing Overnight @ Seventeen Gallery, Feb 27 – Apr 18

@ SIC Gallery, Feb 27 – Mar 15

Josh Bailer Losh @ Anat Ebgi, Feb 27 – Apr 4

Taslima Ahmed @ Real Fine Arts, Feb 28 – Mar 29

Slavs and Tatars @ NYUAD, Feb 28 – Mar 31

KERNEL + What We Name, We Can Contain @ Union Pacific, Feb 28 – Mar 28

Sex Shop @ Transition Gallery, Feb 28 – Mar 29

Antoine Donzeaud @ Mon Chéri, Feb 28 – Apr 11

Clémence de la Tour du Pin @ Frankfurt Am Main, Mar 1 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Katharina Fengler, ‘Cosmic Feces of Mercy’ (2015) @

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Events + exhibitions, Feb 16 – 22

16 February 2015

Exhibitions and events of interest are more globally dispersed the week starting February 16. Highlights include a remotely assembled exhibition by Kareem Lotfy and political satirist Andeel at Cairo’s Nile Sunset Annex and A Form is a Social Gatherer group exhibition, featuring the likes of Adam Cruces, Tiril Hasselknippe, Philipp Timischl in Zürich.

Around London, Future Brown is playing the ICA, Slade students – including Sarah Boulton, Cristine Brache and Olga Koroleva – are presenting at Fictional Symposium at The Showroom and Patrick Staff is presenting at Chisenhale Gallery. In other UK cities Benedict Drew “& Friends” are performing Salon Dyslexic in Nottingham and Mat Jenner has an exhibition in Birmingham.

As for Berlin, Mirak Jamal and Santiago Taccetti are hosting a second Stoneroses exhibition, including the likes of Martin Kohout and Katharina Fengler, while elsewhere Angelo Plessas has a new solo exhibition in Athens and Leslie Kulesh is showing online with CosmoCarl.

There’s more so see below:


Fictional Symposium @ The Showroom, Feb 17

Erika Biddle @ SLG, Feb 18

Future Brown @ ICA, Feb 19

Ruth Proctor @ John Jones, Feb 19

G I R L S @ The Star of Kings, Feb 20

X+1 @ MACM, Feb 20

PUWABA 9: Mount Mediocre @ Bola 8, Feb 20

Open Studios @ 3236 RLS, Feb 20

Future Contemporaries Fundraising Party @ Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Feb 21

Salon Dyslexic @ Reactor, Feb 21

Longing Disco @ Transition Gallery, Feb 21

Beauty School Dropout @ DKUK Salon, Feb 21

Keston Sutherland @ Cell Project Space, Feb 21

Anal House Meltdown @ The Glory, Feb 21

@ Holborn Library, Feb 22

Grab my hand and don’t ever drop it @ Vilma Gold, Feb 22


Angelo Plessas @ The Breeder, Feb 19 – Mar 28

Dominic Hawgood @ TJ Boulting, Feb 19 – Mar 7

Patrick Staff @ Chisenhale Gallery, Feb 19 – Apr 12

Rare Earth @ Thyssen-Bornemisza, Feb 19 – May 31

Leslie Kulesh @ CosmoCarl, Feb 20

Harm van den Dorpel @ American Medium, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Andrea Büttner + Brit Meyer @ Piper Keys, Feb 20 – Mar 22

Shana Moulton @ Galerie Gregor Staiger, Feb 20 – Apr 11

Mat Jenner @ Grand Union, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Jaakko Pallasvuo @ SVILOVA, Feb 20 – Apr 3

Heather Phillipson @ Opening Times, Feb 21

Andrea Crespo @ Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Feb 21 – Apr 11

Never Can Say Goodbye @ Belle Air, Feb 21 – Mar 8

A Form is a Social Gatherer @ Plymouth Rock, Feb 21 – Mar 29

STUDIO @ TAP, Feb 21 – Mar 22

Kareem Lotfy + Andeel @ Nile Sunset Annex, Feb 21

Stoneroses 2 @ Sandgrube im Jagen 86, Feb 22 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Kareem Lotfy + Andeel @ Nile Sunset Annex.

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End of Year events + exhibition openings (November)

27 November 2014

With the end of year wind-up comes the last surge of final shows to finish off November and December, so in an effort to give space to upcoming events that spill out of the schedule, we’ve rounded up show openings and events in the week ending November and leading to the New Year.

Beginning November 23 is Aimee Heinemann‘s second residential exhibition, Instableat Grove House, as well as the Holly Childs-curated Quake II two-person show at Arcadia Missa, as well as Arca + Jesse Kanda performing an audiovisual collaboration at the ICA, as well as a group exhibition at EOA. Projects that includes a new light box installation by Monira Al Qadiri.

There’s also Spiros Hadjidjanos‘ solo exhibition, Pre-digital Space at Future Gallery in Berlin, AirBNB Pavilion, including work by Maja Cule and Rosa Aiello in Italy’s Bari, the Panda Sex group show, with Andreas Angelidakis and others, plus more.

Here’s a list below and we’ve definitely missed loads but #nofomo.


Arca + Jesse Kanda @ ICA, November 27

Harry Burke + Eloise Bonnevïot @, November 27

Objective Considerations @ MOT Projects, November 27

#quoax Twitter event by HOAX Publication (online), November 27

The Free Sea screening and discussion @ GV art, November 28

Networked Voices @ Dana Centre, November 29

WORDS END YEAR @ SLOPES Projects, November 29

CASTILLO/CORRALES 3rd Annual Benefit Raffle, November 29


Got Tortilla with Butter on Phone. Think it’s the End? @ Rod Barton, November 28 to January 17

Quake II @ Arcadia Missa, November 28 to December 12

Candice Jacobs @ DKUK Salon, November  28 to December 24

Panda Sex @ State Of Concept, November 28 to January 17

Never Never Land @ EOA. Projects, November 28 to January 31

Spiros Hadjidjanos @ Future Gallery, November 29 to January 10

Aimee Heinemann @ Grove House, November 30


Future Polities @ Auto Italia, November 24 to January 5

Emily Jones @ Jupiter Woods, November 23 to 30

Alternative Equinox @ French Riviera, November 25 to 30

AirBNB Pavilion @  63rd-77th STEPS, November 27 to December 15

He He He He He … @ MilMa, November 27 to December 21

biotic / abiotic @ The Gallery Apart, November 26 to January 24

Pipolitti Rist @ Hauser & Wirth November 26 to January 10 **

Header image: Marian Tubbstypical quasi-coy, digital print on silk (2014). Image courtesy Arcadia Missa.

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‘Grand Magasin’ @ French Riviera reviewed

6 December 2013

An exhibition and shop, in an art gallery and shopfront, French Riviera draws its title from its own Gallic origins to convey the ‘department store’ concept of Grand Magasin. It playfully examines, not just the links between art and commerce but the shaky tenets on which these apparent distinctions exist. Exploring and ultimately deconstructing these divisions, or ‘departments’, across “artists” and “non-artists”, artworks and objects, curator Nat Breitenstein presents work by 50-plus contributors in the tiny Bethnal Green space. It’s one you could hardly fit in to at its opening, being packed with people and objects; a mass of ‘things’ bundled on tables, shelves and walls. Artists and gallery owners Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski’s light blue ‘One Minute Disco’ caps are occasionally knocked off their hooks, while Harry Burden’s glazed ceramic pun of ‘Potential Accidents’ (Banana Skins 2013) are scattered around the floor and as precarious as the notion of permanence at an event described by its own press release as a “fluid process that develops, changes and grows as it goes along”.

Commodified and re-contextualised, with no information beyond a price tag, you might then miss concepts drawing from Virilio’s “integral accident” in Burden’s practice, or Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto in Leslie Kulesh‘s framed print,As long as you love me’. Red-nailed fingers suspend a tablet featuring a hyper-realised Dakota Rose and remediating the “multiplicities of being defined” originally illustrated in the 2012 video ‘As Long As You Love Me: A love letter from Dakota to Donna’: “if you want to see me. Leslie. Just go online”.

Perspective and its reproduction is explored in Yuri Pattison’s reformatting of a reformatted format (about formats), in ‘Ways of Seeing PDF’. Here he reproduces his online PDF ‘ways of seeing WAYS OF SEEING’ in physical book form. Online, photocopies and scans, zoom in and re-present the original 1972 publication across windows and scroll bars, while sections of pages are outlined and underlined, drawing attention to passages like, “men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at”. It’s a self-perpetuating loop of focus on established cultural norms that the John Berger-presented BBC series the book is based on, purports to challenge (“a large part of seeing is based on habit and convention”). But, in drawing attention to the ways in which technologies mediate these established habits, they only propagate them further. As technologies evolve, whether through photography or .pdf, these old formats and ideas persist, not only as the digital or a broadcast medium reapplied to the book form but in the question of what it is you’re paying for when you buy it: is it the information or the card it’s printed on?

Framing, perspective and the lexical shifts that come with it emerge on the silk surface of Fabienne Hess’s Unknown Face Fragments prints series. Here, artworks and familiar popular cultural portraits are fractured almost but not quite beyond recognition. Because archetypes persist and that’s mirrored by the protruding eyes of Levack and Lewandowski’s totemic Jesmonite and plaster ‘Pilgrim Shells’. The mystical connotations of their titles echo the primal impulse that Kulesh identifies as being behind the “cyborg stand in” of a social media avatar in the ‘As Long As You Love Me’ print, hung among them. Will Cruickshank’s ‘Logs for Sale’ wood-cut print not only identifies the advertisement as the actual point of value in goods exchange, but mirrors the model of ‘artificial scarcity’ by making it available as one of only 14 editions –a sales model shared by art galleries and the Disney Vault alike.

'Grand Magasin' @ French Riviera. Image courtesy of the gallery.
‘Grand Magasin’ @ French Riviera. Image courtesy of the gallery.

The consumables at Grand Magasin aren’t limited to products though. There are edibles from Kitty TraversCandied Citrus Fruit’ and services from Daniel Kelly’s DKUK pop up salon, coming on Saturday December 7. Another Kelly work, ‘Tunisia riots see 3, set to fly home’ reflects the distance, degradation and disconnection with the realities of a country from the voyeur’s perspective, virtual or otherwise. It’s an account of tourists being evacuated during civil unrest in the country through a browser view of a Daily Mirror headline partly obscured by a Google image of a burning resort, courtesy of Getty Images.

While the Grand Magasin press release speaks not of the “difference but rather of divergence” of its unquantifiable conceptual and material elements, what’s more interesting is where they converge. Didactic panels give way to sales tags, the information limited to the name of its creator and a price arbitrarily applied by any number of nebulous considerations. Here, the distinction between artist and artwork, person and product collapses; context vanishes, and all that’s left is some things you can pay for. **

Grand Magasin is running at French Riviera from November 30 to December 15, 2013.

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