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Plural Melts @ Yvonne Lambert, Feb 20 – Mar 5

22 February 2016

The Plural Melts – Dunmore Caves group exhibition is on at Berlin’s Yvonne Lambert, opening February 20 and running March 5.

Organised to run at the gallery throughout 2016, Plural Melts is an intermittent programme of events and performances arranged by artists Zuzanna Ratajczyk and Eoghan Ryan. Dunmore Caves features works by Stephan Backes, Jassem Hindi, Clemence de La Tour du Pin, Andrzej Ratajczyk, Antoine Renard, Daniel Shanken, Andrew Munks & Richard Sides and Viktor Timofeev. 

There is limited information given with Dunmore Caves, apart from a poster that the gallery have posted in the Facebook event, which outlines a conversation between Darth Vader and a canteen worker -as imagined in Eddie Izzard’s mind.

On February 20 at the opening event, Backes and Timofeev performed in the space and this coming Saturday 27, Hindi and Shanken will perform. It will be interesting to see how these artists, not all of whom necessarily have performance-based practices, will be brought together in live pairings and moments across the event.

See the Yvonne Lambert event page for (limited) details**

Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Pureness, performance still (2015). Courtesy Import Projects and the artist
Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Pureness, performance still (2015). Courtesy Import Projects and the artist.
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Richard Sides + Theo Burt @ The Nines, Jul 8

6 July 2015

As part of their ongoing collaboration, Richard Sides and Theo Burt take over Peckham’s The Nines with a back-to-back audio-visual set on July 8, at 7pm.

The unique event combines elements from the artists’ respective practices, forming one continuous live performance that combines Sides’s work as a multi-disciplinary artist and music producer with Burt’s computer sound, video and light.

The show, presented by Dissolve Specific Objects and The Performance Studio production and rehearsal space, takes place at The Nines on the Copeland Estate in Peckham, where The Performance Studio has recently taken up a new residence, creating a curated programme of performances, screenings, and talks on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer.

See the FB event page for details.**

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The Mechanical Garden… @ The Woodmill, Sep 21 – Nov 18

19 September 2014

Londons’ The Woodmill is hosting The Mechanical Garden and Other Long Encores production at Dilston Grove, opening September 21 and running to October 26.

Conceived by Naomi Pearce and inspired by the speculative diagram, ‘Mechanical Garden’, of late pyrotechnic sculptor Stephen Cripps, the project explores cycles of growth and destruction alongside the “motif and metaphor” of the garden – in this case one constructed from the scrap metal remnants of industry and urbanisation.

Re-imagined and materialised by artists Richard Sides, Ben Burgis and Stuart Middleton in Southwark Park’s Dilston Grove, the collaborative work will be activated by an audio guide, described by the press blurb as “part soundtrack, part oral history” featuring contributions by writers and musicians including Simon Werner, Alice Hattrick and Steven Warwick (aka Heatsick), as well as a series of performances by the likes of Anne Bean, Ashkelon and Alina Astrova (aka Inga Copeland).

With privatisation and gentrification becoming an increasingly urgent issue for the independent art space (see the current Lima Zulu eviction trial as just one example of many), Cripps’ history with 70s abandoned warehouse and ‘artist colony’ Butler’s Wharf, since converted into luxury flats, is expressed through an accompanying essay on The Woodmill event page:

“You recuperated it all into an alternative cycle, one that didn’t have to make any economic sense, and one that would end with a garden party.”

If only.

See The Woodmill website for details. **

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Richard Sides @ Kunsthalle Winterthur, Aug 23 – Oct 12

22 August 2014

Kunsthalle Winterthur is hosting the latest exhibition from London-based artist Richard Sides, titled don’t blow it in the vector, running from August 23 to October 12.

For his first Swiss show, Sides takes on the documentary genre with his work of filmic research centered around four contemporary electronic musicians – namely, York’s Theo Burt, Barcelona’s Roc Jiménez de Cisneros of EVOL, Rotherham’s Mark Fell and Milan’s Lorenzo Senni.

As Sides’s film installation unfurls both spatially and acoustically over all three of the gallery’s exhibition spaces, the four musicians are probed about not only their techniques and inspirations, but about the cultural idiosyncrasies that determine who adopts what music and why.

don’t blow it in the vector‘s opening reception on August 23 will feature a performance by Gregory Hari, which will be followed by a screening of Sides’s film in a two-day programme as part of ICA‘s Journal on September 6 to 7.

See the Kunsthalle Winterthur exhibition page for details. **

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Present Fictions @ DRAF, Mar 28-29

26 March 2014

A two-day programme of events, Present Fictions, is on at London’s David Roberts Art Foundation, running March 28 to 29.

Including screenings, performance lectures and discussions, the focus is on exploring the relationship of technology and information with visual culture, poetry, science fiction and narrative structures.

Events worth checking out include a screening of works by Hannah Black, Hannah Perry and Richard Sides on the afternoon of Friday, March 28, as well as a talk, ‘From Production to Consumption’.

On Saturday, there’ll be readings and distributed texts at Ami Clarke of Banner Repeater‘s ‘Unidentified Fictionary Objects’, including performances by Erica Scourti and Jesse Darling. There’s poetry reading by Sam Riviere, a rendition of Keren Cytter‘s ‘Poker Face’ (2009) with Andrew Kerton and performance lecture by Rózsa Farkas, ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’, based around a text written by Farkas and the idea of “anger as a media and medium in art” that also inspired THE ANGRY SHOW.

Films by Michael E. Smith –who’s showing with the Geographies of Contamination group exhibition on display in the gallery in parallel –will be screening from midday to 6pm both days. There’s also a performance and investigation into sincerity versus authenticity with ‘I Know That Fantasies are Full of Lies (Take IV)’, so best just see it all.

See recent install photos from THE ANGRY SHOW and the DRAF website for details. **

Header image: Still from Richard Sides, ‘He tried to be a nice guy, but it just didn’t work out’ (2012). Courtesy the artist and Carlos/Ishikawa.

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‘Mute Sound’ @ SLG, Aug 7

5 August 2013

For one reason or another people are just fascinated with Synaesthesia. The condition where people can perceive sound through colour. Unsurprisingly, it’s not uncommon among artists from Kwes to Nick Carlisle of Peepholes. Hence, South London Gallery Mute Sound, which explores this fascination with visual sound in experimental film in its Clore Studio this Wednesday, August 7.

Featuring films by Ian Helliwell, Charlotte Prodger, Florian and Michael Quistrebert, Steve Roden, Richard Sides and Jennifer West, the programme explores how “imagery, rhythm, shape, colour, and movement creates visual compositions that resonate as sound and music in our eyes and minds.”

See the SLG website for more details.**

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