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Events + Exhibitions, Mar 2 – 8

4 March 2015

This week, beginning March 2, New York City is playing host to The Armory Show and Independent NY, with galleries like Société, EOA.Projects, C L E A R I N G and Real Fine Arts exhibiting at one or both. Peripherally, White Flag Projects is running its inaugural publication event Issues featuring locally undistributed art periodicals including Bidoun, BOMB, Mousse and The Happy Hypocrite plus more. There are also openings at Mathew NYC, Artemisa and Room East.

Berlin Feminist Film Week begins in the German city, as well as a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon and London Calling night featuring female:pressure and Creamcake. Fabian Schoneich and Samuel Leuenberger are curating an exhibition in Zürich and Schöner Wohnen is showing with AirBNB in Milan. Sophie Jung has another exhibition at Temnikova & Kasela in Tallin and Jenna Sutela and Marti Kalliala have an open studio including work by Tuomas Toivonen, Nene Tsuboi and Jaakko Pallasvuo in Helsinki. The third and final iteration of Uffe Isolotto’s graphic novel about tragic Diff’rent Strokes star Dana Plato is on at TOVES in Copenhagen.

In London, Evan Roth is showing at Carroll / Fletcher and the first in a series of events for JK_NET’s residency at Project/Number starts with a Twerk talk by Fannie Sosa and lab by Joelle D’Fontaine. There’s also an exhibtion by @gaybar‘s Hannah Quinlan Anderson and Rosie Hastings at Arcadia Missa called Tifkas and Ravioli Me Away is playing a show on Friday.

There’s more so see below:


Giant Step publication launch @ Flat Time House, Mar 3

Enter the Cybercattle @ Thomas Dane Gallery, Mar 3

Schöner Wohnen After Party @ TOM., Mar 3

Huw Lemmey @ RCA, Mar 5

The Armory Show 2015, Mar 5 – 8

Independent NY, Mar 5 – 8

WE WANT A FUTURE THAT OUTLIVES OUR PAST @ Taylor Square Toilet Block, Mar 5

Feel the Discourse! @ Guest Projects, Mar 5

Martti Kalliala + Jenna Sutela @ HIAP, Mar 5

Social Choreography… @ Tenderpixel, Mar 5 – 7

London Calling @ SchwuZ,  Mar 6

Berlin Feminist Film Week, Mar 6 – 13

Uffe Isolotto @ TOVES, Mar 6

Daniel Swan / The Games @ Berger Gray, Mar 6

Issues @ White Flag Projects, Mar 6 – 8

400 years of Black Female Resistance Leaders @ BFI, Mar 6

Yoneda Lemma + |end| @ V4ULT, Mar 6

Re-Materialising Feminism Book Launch @ Arcadia Missa, Mar 7

2015 Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon @ Sonntagsclub e.V., Mar 7

Anne de Boer & Eloïse Bonneviot @ DRAF, Mar 7

ANA_CON @ Project/Number, Mar 7

Ben Rivers + Stephen Sutcliffe @ The Bioscope Independent Cinema, Mar 7

Kiosk Independent Publishers Fair I @ The Peckham Pelican, Mar 7

Women. Wikipedia. Design. @ SIBLING, Mar 8

AN ENDLESS CIGARETTE screening @ Astra Filmtheater, Mar 8


Sophie Jung @ Temnikova & Kasela, Mar 3 – May 3

Schöner Wohnen @ AirBNB Pavilion, Mar 3 – 29

CLASSICICITY @ Breese Little, Mar 4 – Apr 2

Sterling Crispin @ Channel Normal, Mar 4 – 25

X is Y @ Sandy Brown, Mar 5 – Apr 18

Anicka Yi @ The Kitchen, Mar 5 – Apr 11

Hannah Quinlan Anderson + Rosie Hastings @ Arcadia Missa, Mar 5 – Apr 4

Evan Roth @ Carroll / Fletcher, Mar 5 – Apr 11

Emily Jones @ Cosmo Carl, Mar 6

Olga Balema + Anne de Vries @ Michael Thibault, Mar 8

Georgia Sagri @ Mathew NYC, Mar 8 – 22

Sebastian Lloyd Rees @ Room East, Mar 5

V @ Artemisa Gallery, Mar 5 – Apr 5

Ravioli Me Away @ Montague Arms, Mar 6

M’m! M’m! Good! @ Rowing, Mar 6 – Apr 18

Six possibilities in painting (int.) @ Galerie Bernhard, Mar 6 – Apr 18

Mélodie Mousset @ Forde, Mar 6 – 28

It could be the goldfish is mistaking the bowtie for a football @ Boetzelaer|Nispen, Mar 6 – Apr 18

Keren Cytter @ Studio for Propositional Cinema, Mar 7 – Apr 5


See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Daniel Swan / The Games @ Berger Gray.

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Darja Bajagić @ Room East, Sep 7 – Oct 5

5 September 2014

Darja Bajagić will be presenting a solo exhibition, C6ld C6mf6rt, at New York’s Room East, opening September 7 and running to October 5.

The recent MFA graduate from Yale University uses controversially appropriated and reapplied images of Eastern European pornography as her core material, already confronting audiences with explicit images outside of their context at a recent Room East group show, ABNORMCORE, as well as Partners at London’s Lima Zulu and a solo exhibition at Portland’s now defunct, still influential, Appendix in 2013.

With games and sequences playing a major role in how Bajagić presents her defiantly subjectified sex objects, the press for the event comes with an equally bewildering text that goes as follows:

“*Pissed: Last Toast*

‘Up yours!’ I say, to this razed domain of mud,
And my louche old being: to you,
This threesome that is loneliness, shared blood,


Oh, and I drink to You – you too;

Here’s to my world, which has seen its arse, To lies lodged in my ravaged gob,
To mournful eyes, cold, dead as glass,
To the fact that God’s a slob.”

Read an aqnb interview with Bajagić and see the Room East website for details. **


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ABNORMCORE @ Room East, July 3 – Aug 2

2 July 2014

The ABNORMCORE exhibition is taking place in New York City’s Room East from July 3 to August 2.

The lyrical and abstract press release provided for the exhibition does little else than illuminate the imagination, with an instruction-like list of the K-hole coined term-cum-meme ‘normcore’-like demands.

With lines like “WEAR JEANS” and “FIND CHILDREN DELIGHTFUL” and “BE A LITTLE BIT DEPRESSED”, ABNORMCORE pokes fun at the straightjacket of normativity become apparent fashion statement and the aspiring that fall into it like sheep.

The exhibition features the works of seven diverse artists, including those of Darja Bajagić, the drawings of Chris Domenick, minimal works by Carl Andre, installation-like pieces of Joe Graham-Felsen and Lisa Williamson, pieces by Sebastian Lloyd Rees, and even a furniture design by none other than David Lynch.

See the Room East exhibition site for details. **

"Copper Galaxy" by Carl Andre. Image courtesy artist.
“Copper Galaxy” by Carl Andre. Image courtesy artist.
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