Darja Bajagić @ Room East, Sep 7 – Oct 5

, 5 September 2014

Darja Bajagić will be presenting a solo exhibition, C6ld C6mf6rt, at New York’s Room East, opening September 7 and running to October 5.

The recent MFA graduate from Yale University uses controversially appropriated and reapplied images of Eastern European pornography as her core material, already confronting audiences with explicit images outside of their context at a recent Room East group show, ABNORMCORE, as well as Partners at London’s Lima Zulu and a solo exhibition at Portland’s now defunct, still influential, Appendix in 2013.

With games and sequences playing a major role in how Bajagić presents her defiantly subjectified sex objects, the press for the event comes with an equally bewildering text that goes as follows:

“*Pissed: Last Toast*

‘Up yours!’ I say, to this razed domain of mud,
And my louche old being: to you,
This threesome that is loneliness, shared blood,


Oh, and I drink to You – you too;

Here’s to my world, which has seen its arse, To lies lodged in my ravaged gob,
To mournful eyes, cold, dead as glass,
To the fact that God’s a slob.”

Read an aqnb interview with Bajagić and see the Room East website for details. **