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Events + exhibitions, Jan 26 – Feb 1

26 January 2015

CTM and Transmediale 2015 kick off in Berlin this week, while Art Genève is also running in Geneva, and will include Arcadia Missa and Preteen Gallery as exhibitors with work by Amalia Ulman and Babak Ghazi; Phoebe Collings-James, Deanna Havas and Leslie Kulesh,  respectively.

Events in Berlin around CTM include performances by Evian Christ, Young Lean and 18+ (who are also doing a few dates across Europe), as well as a collaborative concert with Transmediale on the weekend. Sandy Brown is hosting its ☁︎ cave kino screening in the city outside of that, while in London Paul Kneale and Natalie Dray have solo openings, and Candice JacobsEXHALE  (to her earlier INHALE at Project/Number) is opening in Liverpool.

Elsewhere there’s another double-opening at Birsfelden’s SALTS, an exhibition in Reykjavík including work by Sæmundur Þór Helgason and another group show at Johannesburg’s The Goodman Gallery featuring work by Candice Brietz and Mikhael Subotzky among others.

There’s more so see below:


Transmediale 2015, Jan 28 – Feb 1

☁︎ cave kino @ Sandy Brown, Jan 28

18+ @ WesterLiefde/WesterUnie, Jan 29

Evian Christ, Suicideyear @ Berghain, Jan 29

Art Genève, Jan 29 – Feb 1

CTM & transmediale Collaborative Concert I @ HKW, Jan 30

(3rd) CONTACT @ Xperience, Jan 30

Open House @ Crown Building Studios, Jan 30

Rachel Rose @ V4ULT, Jan 30

Yung Lean & Sad Boys, 18+ @ YAAM Berlin, Jan 31

Paramount Ranch 2, Jan 31 – Feb 1

18+ @ V ARE, Feb 1


Anne de Boer @ Desktop Residency, Jan 26 – Feb 14

Paul Kneale @ Evelyn Yard, Jan 27 – Feb 17

Yulan Grant @ Paradise Garage, Jan 28

Other People’s Memories @ The Goodman Gallery, Jan 28

Simon Davenport @ Trampoline, Jan 29

Laura Aldridge @ Tramway, Jan 29 – Mar 22

Julien Bismuth @ Galerie Emanuel Layr, Jan 29 – Mar 14

Natalie Dray @ Cell Project Space, Jan 29 – Mar 8

Lithium @ MilMa, Jan 30 – Feb 22

Candice Jacobs @ Cactus, Jan 30 – Feb 22


Yung Lean & Sad Boys, 18+ @ YAAM Berlin, Jan 31

#KOMASVO @ Listasafn ASÍ, Jan 31 – Mar 1


See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: (3rd) CONTACT @ Xperience.

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Rob Chavasse @ Desktop Residency, Aug 18 – Sep 7

18 August 2014

Desktop Residency welcomes artist Rob Chavasse, whose digital wallpaper will be available for download from August 18 to September 7.

Chavasse comes as the 29th featured artist of the ongoing curatorial collaboration created by artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page, following in the footsteps of emerging artists like Simon Whybray, Michael Manning, Josh Whitaker, and Gabriele Beveridge.

Using simple technological innovations to intervene in physical spaces and objects, Chavasse’s work alters perceptions of space and plays with underlying questions of phenomenology, transfiguring the physical in ways that make us questions physicality in and of itself.

In a recent exhibition at titled The Centre of the Earth is Molten History at Rod Barton, for example, Chavasse transformed the gallery space into a “post-rendered reality” using Computational Fluid Dynamics software that depicts the effects of wind erosion on a renowned sculpture over extended periods of time.

His wallpaper for Desktop Residency, though entirely digital, performs a similar function, marrying photography with digital manipulation to create works that question the boundaries of our perception and reality.

See the Desktop Residency website to download Chavesse’s wallpaper. **

Rob Chavasse, The Center of the Earth is Molten History. Installation view courtesy Rod Barton gallery.
‘Sand in the Desk Drive’ (2014) from The Center of the Earth is Molten History. Installation view courtesy Rod Barton gallery.


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Emily McCartan @ Desktop Residency, Jul 29 – Aug 17

30 July 2014

The Desktop Residency project brings artist Emily McCartan to its virtual wallpaper line-up this month, downloadable on the site from July 29 to August 17.

McCartan comes as the 28th artist in Desktop Residency’s ongoing project, following in the footsteps of Simon Whybray, Michael Manning and Emilia Bergmark among others.

The ordinarily material nature of McCartan’s work – who usually works with sculpture and painting on canvas – is transferred to the virtual realm with Desktop Residency; the bright, splashy colors of her canvas pieces remain but the folds of her pieces flatten into wallpaper, preserving texture in two dimensions.

See the Desktop Residency website to download. **

emily mccartan



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Michael Manning @ Desktop Residency, Jul 8 – 27

9 July 2014

Desktop Residency continues its digital curatorial collaboration with artist Michael Manning, whose desktop artwork will be available for download on the site from July 8 to July 27.

The artist recently sold one of his characteristic pastel digital-on-canvas prints called ‘Chinese Broccolini Torta’ well beyond its estimate for a huge £15,000 at London’s second ‘digital art’ auction at Paddles On!.

Manning arrives as the 27th artist in the ongoing collaborative project founded by artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page, following artists like Simon Whybray, Sean Edwards, Gabriele BeveridgeEmilia Bergmark, and Paul Kneale.

See the Desktop Residency website to download. **

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 11.29.52 AM


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Josh Whitaker @ Desktop Residency, Jun 16 – Jul 5

19 June 2014

The next artist participating in Desktop Residency‘s ongoing project is Josh Whitaker, whose digital wallpaper runs on the site from June 16 to July 5. 

Whitaker, whose work includes projects like wall installations and custom wallpaper, comes as the 26th artist to contribute to Desktop Residency’s wallpaper series, following in the footsteps of artists such as Gabriele Beveridge, Sean Edwards, Simon Whybray, and Emilia Bergmark, among others.

See the Desktop Residency website for details or to download Whitaker’s digital wallpaper. **

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 1.25.01 PM

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Emilia Bergmark @ Desktop Residency, May 6 – 26

7 May 2014

Emilia Bergmark‘s work is the digital wallpaper featuring on Desktop Residency this month, downloadable from the site May 6 to 26.

Given her past preoccupations across themes of helplessness, complacency and desensitisation in work like Everything seems to happen to me, one catastrophe after another at amstel41 and Lessons in Feeling with valeveil, one can draw their own conclusions on a series of rocks you can look at but not touch through their respective computer, iPhone and iPad screens.

Bergmark’s is the fourth in a 2014 series that’s already included Simon Whybray, Sean Edwards and Gabriele Beveridge.

See the Desktop Residency website to download. **

Emilia Bergmark

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Simon Whybray @ Desktop Residency, Apr 15 – May 4

15 April 2014

Simon Whybray is the fourth artist contributing a digital wallpaper to Desktop Residency for 2014, downloadable from the site April 15 to May 4.

Never one to miss the opportunity to give his JACK댄스 night a plug, the artist, hacker, TEETH band member and by extension @ponfitex twitter hoax orchestrator strikes a pose with the pop-electronic night’s familiar logo for a face.

Read a review of JACK댄스 and see the Desktop Residency website to download. **


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Sean Edwards @ Desktop Residency, Mar 24 – Apr 13

25 March 2014

The next in an ongoing project Abergavenny-based multimedia artist Sean Edwards is currently online at Desktop Residency, running March 24 to 13.

In working with the sculptural potential of the commonplace, the ubiquity of the personal desktop is a good place for Edwards’ plays on indeterminacy, as illustrated by the simulated movement of this seemingly static space behind the screen.

You can download the artist’s rendering of a wallpaper for desktop, iPhone and iPad, free from the Desktop Residency site. Previous contributors include Harry Meadley, Paul Kneale and Cory Arcangel, as well as Gabriele Beveridge last month.

See the Desktop Residency website to download. **

Sean Edwards

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Gabriele Beveridge @ Desktop Residency, Mar 4 – 23

5 March 2014

The work of Gabriele Beveridge is currently online at Desktop Residency, running March 4 to 23.

As part of a curatorial collaboration between artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page (of the yet to be fully-realised David Fear and now-defunct nomadic project B.C.) the site presents an artist’s rendering of a wallpaper for desktop, iPhone and iPad, free to download from the Desktop Residency site.

Previous contributors include Harry Meadley, Brenna Murphy and Paul Kneale, as well as Cory Arcangel earlier this year.

Read a review of Gabriele Beveridge at Fresh Trauma and see the Desktop Residency to download. **

gabriele beveridge

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