Emilia Bergmark @ Desktop Residency, May 6 – 26

, 7 May 2014

Emilia Bergmark‘s work is the digital wallpaper featuring on Desktop Residency this month, downloadable from the site May 6 to 26.

Given her past preoccupations across themes of helplessness, complacency and desensitisation in work like Everything seems to happen to me, one catastrophe after another at amstel41 and Lessons in Feeling with valeveil, one can draw their own conclusions on a series of rocks you can look at but not touch through their respective computer, iPhone and iPad screens.

Bergmark’s is the fourth in a 2014 series that’s already included Simon Whybray, Sean Edwards and Gabriele Beveridge.

See the Desktop Residency website to download. **

Emilia Bergmark