VR-tist Viktor Timofeev brings his video game art to Sydney with Porcelain, Aug 17

17 August 2017

Viktor Timofeev is presenting solo exhibition Porcelain at Sydney’s Sydney, opening August 17.

The Rotterdam-based artist working with video games and virtual reality recently moved on from his Proxyah series — developed using the Unity game engine since 2013 — to Sazarus, its fourth iteration surfacing as the If I could go to sleep, would you count the hours? (SAZARUS IV) exhibition in Leicester in March. 

This show comes with little information, typical to the impressive programming of Paddington space, dedicated to “non-institutional modes of practice.” It has notably shown millennially-numbered group shows — featuring international artists Keith J Varadi, Adriana Ramić, Quintessa Matranga, Anna Solal and others — like 2021 in May and 2024 Part 2 last year. 

See the Sydney website for details.**

Viktor Timofeev, ‘Physical Capacity’ (2017). Performance view. Photo by Oskar Proctor. Courtesy Two Queens, Leicester.
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Out of the megalopolitan + on the periphery, Country Music launch their (club) music label at Berlin’s Monarch, Aug 17


Country Music is launching their music label at Berlin’s Monarch on August 17.

Founded by artists Daniel Iinatti and Anna Sagström — the latter of whom recently closed out the seven-year running Minibar in Stockholm — the collaborative project is a way to explore the “(so called, or self defined) periphery and (club) music outside of the megalopolitan.” With a keen interest in material desires and failures, as well as ‘post-industrial economies,’ the Country Music label brings artists together who explore this terrain.

The event will include performances by KABLAMHAJ300GIL  and IINATTI, as well as the release of a special version of ‘A Theory for the Strange-Girl’ by Jennifer Boyd.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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“He upholds the established order.” Falling cranes in Nightline group show along New York’s 44th Drive Pier, Aug 15


The Nightline group exhibition is on at New York’s 44 Drive Pier on August 15.

Happening between 1 to 4 pm, and with a rain date of August 16, the outdoor show includes work by Brian Kokoska, Clark Filio, geetha thurairajah, Kayode Ojo, Larissa Lockshin, Quay Quinn Wolf and Stephanie Hier

Soothed by “the monotone voice of the talking head that echoes out of a speaker, wiry, just made of hollow tin,” the press release talks about a character who “upholds the established order” and sounds like an ode to driving or cruising, in which “the crane is falling, it snapped in half, but the skyline looks the same.”

The 44th Drive Pier is in Long Island City.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

Kayode Ojo, ‘Untitled (from Trigger, 2014)’ (2017) Courtesy the artist + MX Gallery, New York.
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Quantum Natives present Brood Ma, Dane Law, Yearning Kru + others at ICA, Aug 20


Quantum Natives present a night of live audio-visual performances at London’s ICA on August 20.

Part of #In_formationICA, the evening will feature Brood Ma, Dane Law, Terribilis, Recsund, Oxhy, and Yearning Kru.

London/URL-based label Quantum Natives, who recently premiered Xquisite Nihil’s new compilation ‘seize the means of production’ on AQNB June 5, are a ‘geographically-scattered media collective’ who explore online production and community and work with video game technology and software-based design. 

In the run up to the event, QN will also host Brood Ma and Yearning Kru at Liverpool’s Rat Alley on August 18 and Terribilis will perform as part of UNITI‘s event ‘Reclaiming the Void‘ featuring Lsdxoxo and Bonaventure at London’s Five Miles on August 19.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Tracing the queer past + surviving its present + future in the ‘Cruising the Past’ workshop at LUX Moving Image, Aug 13


Fiona Anderson and Laura Guy are presenting the ‘Cruising the Past’ at London’s LUX Moving Image on August 13.

The one-day workshop will explore “cruising as a method for tracing the queer past and surviving in the present and future,” and is part of the summer-long program at LUX-titled ‘CRUISING GROUND. CRUISING GROUND.’ It brings together a disparate set of queer perspectives through screenings, workshops and events to engage with the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act 1967: which “decriminalised private homosexual acts between two men over the age of twenty-one.”

Anderson and Guy, who lecture at Newcastle University and Glasgow School of Art, respectively, are holding the event to draw on their research into ‘queer social and sexual cultures.’ The program is developed in collaboration with Cruising the Seventies: Unearthing Pre-HIV/AIDS Queer Sexual Cultures (CRUSEV).

Visit the LUX Moving Image website for details.**
‘Cruising the Past’ (2017) Workshop image. Courtesy LUX, London.
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Jaakko Pallasvuo + Sorbus-curated group show R4pp4cc1n1’5 D4ugh73r opens with a song by The Cramps, Aug 12 – 27

10 August 2017

The R4pp4cc1n1’5 D4ugh73r group exhibition is on at Helsinki’s Sorbus, opening August 12 and running to August 27.

Curated by Sorbus and Jaakko Pallasvuo, the show includes work by Bora Akinciturk, André Chapatte, Maya Ben David, Ville Kallio, Katja Novitskova, Salla Tykkä and Emmi Venna. There will be a performance by Chapatte on the opening night and Venna will hold a guided mediation on the closing night.

The press release does not reveal what is to be expected but alludes to the lyrics of late 70s psychobilly band The Cramps’ song ‘Human Fly,’ excerpted below:

“garbage brain /That’s drivin’ me insane. /And I don’t like the ride. /So push that pest aside…”

Visit the Sorbus website for details.**

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Lotic brings his icy club beats to New York’s Secret Project Robot, along with Kilbourne, SCRAAATCH + more, Aug 12

9 August 2017
Berlin-based producer Lotic (aka J’Kerian Morgan) is performing New York’s Secret Project Robot on August 12.

The Houston-born artist released Damsel in Distress and Agitations via Berlin’s Janus collective — that includes producers M.E.S.H.,Kablam and others in its release catalogue — in 2014 and 2015, respectively, later dropping his debut Heterocetera  EP on New York-based label Tri Angle that same year. Lotic is known for his deep and somber club pulses, as well hisremixes of pop cultural favourites including Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ and Missy Elliot’s ‘9thInning’. He’ll be touring the US, Canada and Mexico through August before heading to Russia in September:

– New York – MoMA PS1 Warm Up, Aug 12
– New York – Secret Project Robot, Aug 12
– Mexico City – MUTEK, Aug 18
– Los Angeles – GHE20G0TH1K, Aug 19
– Montréal – MUTEK, Aug 26
– Kazan, Russia – Unsound, Sep 9

Presented by music and culture publication AdHoc, the night will also present performances by HitMakerChinx, SCRAAATCH and Kilbourne at 
Visit the event website for details.**

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A text book written by a dog + abuse of power in Benjamin Edwin Slinger’s ‘From the Island of Truffles…’ at HA HA Gallery, Aug 11

9 August 2017

Benjamin Edwin Slinger is presenting the ‘From the Island of Truffles to the Kingdom of Misunderstandings’ performance at Southhampton’s HA HA Gallery on August 11.

The work will take the form of a re-enactment of a “selective view of history through falsified historical documents, conflation of opposing artefacts,” which he describes as “a text book written by a dog that just chewed up the sofa.”

The work continues with the themes in his last show at London’s LARA, which explored the world of pranks and ‘abuse of power’ with physical material.

Visit the HA HA Gallery website for details.**

Courtesy Benjamin Edwin Slinger
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Into the space of unknowing with the half-truths of A Shooting Star is Not a Star at New York’s Motel, Aug 12 – Sep 16

8 August 2017

The A Shooting Star is Not a Star group exhibition is on at New York’s Motel, opening August 12 and running to September 16.

Organized by Roberta Pelan, the show features Aline Bouvy, Weston Lowe, Raque Ford, Tom Forkin and Veronika Pausova. The press release contextualizes the work within the world of linguistics and the elaborate manipulation of ones own vocabulary to avoid telling a lie. 
The concept is used to explore “the comfort of half-truths, [that are] ambiguous and noncommittal,” as a way to validate alternative ideologies and belief systems, looking to the Geocentric model and its inevitable navigational errors and stubborn denials to respond to the space of ‘unknowing.’

Visit the Motel website for details. **

Aline Bouvy, ‘Not much in my pockets’ (2015) Install view. Courtesy Exo, Paris.
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Alice Kornitzer looks at the body in an infinitely hungry digital marketplace with play Note to Self at Camden Fringe, Aug 8 + 9

7 August 2017

Alice Kornitzer is presenting the play Note to Self at Camden People’s Theatre on August 8 and 9.

Performed by Hanna Winter, the play is part of the 2017 Camden Fringe, running July 31 to August 27 and uses satire and the day in the life of a cam girl to explore “the ways in which all forms of female behaviour and affect can be turned into economic opportunities for the infinitely hungry digital marketplace.”

Looking at the way the internet has crept into every part of our life, and unpicking the boundary between public and private, the work confronts “merciless misogyny of troll culture,” gender and the “cultural geography of cyberspace.”

Visit The Note to Self website for details.**

‘Note to Self’ (2017) Play documentation. Courtesy Alice Kornitzer
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The power of the meme in isthisit?’s magazine launch group show The Choice of a New Generation at The Muse, Aug 8 – 13

7 August 2017

Untitled and isthisit? present The Choice of a New Generation group exhibition at London’s The Muse Gallery, opening August 8 and running to August 13.

Part of isthisit? issue 2 magazine launch, and curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight for Untitled’s fourteenth event, both look at “the power of the meme, it’s rise in contemporary culture and the widespread appropriation of images and videos being utilised, both in memes and artworks.” The exhibition features work by 18 artists, including Bora AkinciturkAnne de Boer, Joey HolderWill Kendrick and Yorkson, among others.

The publication — which includes artworks, essays, interviews and a podcast — features over 50 artists, including Ed FornielesBurkut KumCharles RichardsonSophie RogersPippa Eason, Rosie Back, Natalie Lambert and more.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Enter the transnational abyss between London + Buenos Aires for Festival Hyperlocal 2017, Sep 16 + Nov 25

7 August 2017

The 2017 edition of Festival Hyperlocal is taking place at London’s Cafe Oto on September 16, and Buenos Aires’ Xirgu Espacio Untref and Atom Sound Art Space on November 25.

Running from day to evening, the Hyperlocal programme is split between the two cities in an “an expanding wormhole of likeminded sub-scenes, a dialogue suspended above the transnational abyss.” It brings together polar hemispheres, distance, resources and shared experience with a DIY attitude.

The UK event will feature performances by Algobabez (via online), The Bomber Jackets, DJ Save The NHS, Farai, I.RUUUUU, Karnage, Olan Monk, Yearning Kru (online), Young Boy Dancing Group and Lolina, while Buenos Aires presents Aylu, Algobabez (online) DJ Bli Bli, Ines Navarro, Nicoloas Freeman, DJ Bruta, Vluba, Yearning Kru (online) and Yoto.

Both line-ups will have more announced soon.

Visit the Hyperlocal Festival website for details.**

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Land, religion + the architectural history of the Los Angeles River for El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina… at MAK Center, Aug 4

4 August 2017

The El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río Porciúncula group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ MAK Center for Art and Architecture on August 4. 

The Spanish language title of the show translates to ‘The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porziuncola River,’ the original name of the City of Los Angeles during Spanish colonization of the area in the 18th century. Led by Franciscan friars and soldiers, what was originally a small military outpost on a fertile waterway — named ‘Porziuncola‘ after the Catholic chapel in Italy and meaning ‘small portion of land’ — would become the second most populous city in the United States with its barren concrete ‘water freeway’ of the Los Angeles River. 

Curated by Alessandro Bava, of MAK Center’s current Mackey Apartments residents åyr, the show comes with little information but will no doubt cover the changing landscape of the Californian capital from the perspective of architect Bava, particularly at a time of public revitalisation projects around the river. Contributing artists include Nina Cristante, Veronica Gelbaum, Etienne Van Doorslaer, Giangiacomo Rossetti, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Philipp Johnson, Corita Kent, and Dena Yago.

See the MAK Center website for details. ** 

Dena Yago, ‘Do you Ever Feel like a Plastic Bag?’ (2014). Courtesy the artist + Hammer Museum, Los Anegles.
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Make it odder. Workshops + performances in experimental music patterns with EAVI at ICA, Aug 6

3 August 2017

Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group (EAVI) and Adam Parkinson (aka Dane Law) are presenting an all day and night sound event at London’s ICA on August 6. 

Part of #In_formationICA, EAVI will hold three workshops during the day working with ‘experimental music patterns.’ The collective locates “audiovisual performance within spaces of collaboration and sensory connectivity,” and will also feature an introduction to the TidalCycles language with Algorave Noise UnitVoice Odder Workshop and Ewa Justka’s Acid Orchestra and Tape Loop Workshop with Howlround’s Tape Orchestra

The evening will present live performances featuring music made during the workshops, as well as live acts from Howlround, Calum Gunn, Ewa Justka and and DJ sets from Chloe Alice Frieda and CXLO

Visit the ICA website for details.**

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Jenna Sutela’s experimental survey of decentralised organisms + organisations in Orgs launches at Banner Repeater, Aug 4

1 August 2017

Jenna Sutela is launching the Orgs: From Slime Mold to Silicon Valley publication at London’s Banner Repeater on August 4.

The evening will include a performance by the artist, who will read transcripts from the text, alongside the slime mould accompanying the launch, who goes by the name ‘Physarum Polycephalum.’ Expanding on the Sutela’s practice and work, the book is an “experimental survey of decentralised organisms and organisations drawing on several perspectives and presenting a constellation of different voices.”

Published by Garret Publications, the collected material includes contributions by Berlin-based writer Elvia Wilk, who researches the ethics of art-making, as well as Mike Pepi, Dennis Bray, Aslak Aamot Kjærulff, Chus Martínez, Venkatesh Rao, and more. There is also a ‘rare excerpt’ of Japanese manga author Shigeru Mizuki‘s ‘Neko-Gusu’ published in English for the first time.

Visit the Banner Repeater website for details.**

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A change of perspective with the Super Yonic women’s arts festival at Copeland Gallery, Aug 3 – 5

1 August 2017

The Super Yonic arts festival is on at London’s Copeland Gallery, running August 3 to 5.

The three day women’s programme brings together visual art, films, live music, performance and more to explore “the importance of the female perspective and how it continuously shapes the world around us.” 

Among the 22 artists exhibiting, there are also workshops, which include ‘What I Want To Be When I Grow Up Collage & Zine Workshop by Georgie McAusland and Hannah Redpath, ‘Warrior Women – a Confidence Workshop by Lisa Strautmann, ‘MANIFESTO: Radical Art in Practice’ by Liv Wynter and ‘To Dare! A Performance Persona Workshop by Jo Hauge. 

Films include ‘Ladylike’ by Clarisse Hassan, ‘Illusions’ by Dominica Harrison, ‘Free Safe Legal’ by Hattie Ladd and ‘Resilience In the face of White’ by Tina Rashidi.

Visit the Super Yonic website for details.**

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To hell + back on the hero’s transformative journey for Master of Three Worlds at COMA, Aug 4 – Sep 10

1 August 2017

The Master of Three Worlds group exhibition is on at Sydney’s COMA gallery, opening August 4 and running to September 10.

The show explores new developments, friendships, adaptations and ways in which “practice expands and changes over time,” and includes work by Seth BirchallChristopher DayEugene Choi, Mason Kimber, Jason PhuTom Polo and Marian Tubbs

The exhibition title references The Hero’s Journey narrative template in which “a protagonist is exposed to unexpected hardship and trial and returns to their initial setting having completed a transformative journey.”

Visit the COMA website for details.**

Quake II (2014). Exhibition view. Courtesy Marian Tubbs + Arcadia Missa, London.
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Montreal-based producer Kara-Lis Coverdale brings her tessellating motifs + diffuse semi-linear movements to Cafe Oto, Aug 2

31 July 2017

Kara-Lis Coverdale is playing at London’s Cafe Oto on August 2. 

The Montreal-based producer is a classically-trained pianist and has played the organ in church for a day job from 13-years-old. Coverdale creates dense electronic arrangements and “catchy melodies [that] learn to live with and against their own auto-regurgitating churn,” as noted by AQNB writer, Alexander Iadarola in his review of Coverdale’s most recent EP Grafts, released via Boomkat on April 27.

Flora Yin-Wong will also be performing. The artist works with “roughly-sampled field recordings, dissonant melodies, and influences from contemporary club culture,” and recently released Lugere via Berlin-based label PAN. Yin-Wong is also a DJ and writer, contributing to DIS Magazine, Dummy, Somesuch Stories and more with a focus on “mythology, perspective, and belief.”

Visit the Cafe Oto website for details.**

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Lucie Stahl presents her seductive compositions of pop clichés + cultural markers at End of Tales, Jul 30 -Sep 2

28 July 2017

Lucie Stahl is presenting solo exhibition End of Tales at Los Angeles’ Freedman Fitzpatrick, opening July 30 and running to September 2.

The Berlin- and Los Angeles artist is known for combining humour and social commentary in seductive photography, prints and objects via popular clichés and cultural markers. From earlier works taking everyday objects, scanning and then blowing them up to poster size for her 2008 Stuff exhibition to a more recent Stag Nation show at Brussels’ dépendance this year, the artist’s concerns conflate the menace of consumerism with the perils of patriotism.

There is no information on the themes of the new show at Freedman Fitzpatrick but could build on Stahl’s interests in the realities and fictions of national identity.

See the Freedman Fitzpatrick website for details.**

Lucie Stahl, ‘Identity’ (2017). Courtesy the artist.

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Create your own internet: a day of workshops + talks with CHILLNET at Coaxial Arts Foundation, Jul 30

28 July 2017

The latest iteration of CHILLNET will take place at Los Angeles’ Coaxial Arts Foundation on July 30.

The event is described as an afternoon of “workshops, talks, music and crypto-bar dedicated to cybersecurity, blockchain, cyber policies, and the darknet along with other critical issues of the internet.” Held in conjunction with voidLab’s Decentralizing The Web 003 with Jennifer Moon and Alice Barker, the program includes talks ‘Who Owns the Internet?’ by Laura B., ‘Death in the Internet’ by Jennifer F., ‘Interface Anxiety’ by Kate Hollenbach, ‘Designing Exchange Value’ by Dustin O’Hara, ‘Launching a Local Arts-based Cryptocurrency’ by Archie FromAmerica and music by DJ BUM76.

There will also be workshops including ‘Digital identity management + email encryption’ with Xin Xin, ‘Creating your own offline paper bitcoin wallet’ with Lucas Wrench, ‘TAILS anonymous operating system’ with Echo Theohar and ‘Piratebox / Create your own Intra-net’ with Lee Tusman.

Visit the Coaxial Arts Foundation website for details.**

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