Mind controlling images at Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone at Limerick’s Ormston House, Mar 23 – May 27


The Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone touring exhibition is on at Limerick’s Ormston House, opening March 23 and running to May 27.

Co-curated by Alissa Kleist and Matt Packer, the show’s title is a reference to Belfast-based novelist Ian McDonald and includes work that responds to the “science-fiction story of mind-controlling images” by exploring the impact of objects, images and new technologies.

The tour originated in Spring 2016 at Derry’s CCA, with a commission by Jennifer Mehigan, and is now coming to Ormston House to present a new work by Joey Holder, as well as other participants including Alan Butler, Clawson & Ward, Eva Fàbregas, Pakui HardwareJohn Russell and Andrew Norman Wilson. 

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Joey Holder + Viktor Timofeev, Lament of Ur (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of Karst Contemporary, Plymouth.

30 works in 30 days: submissions open at 12ø Collective to Mar 29


12ø Collective are accepting submissions for 30/30 until March 29.  

The month-long project is open to all and will take place during April, where artists are “required to submit a new piece of work which is made within each day, every day.” The purpose of 30 artworks in 30 days is to encourage experimentation, experience both freedom and restriction to explore the role ‘choice’ plays in producing work.

The team at 12ø are open to participants that choose to be “lazy or ambitious” and “devious or honest,” and encourage work in any medium.

The rules are: if you miss a day or submit work late, you are out. You do not necessarily have to follow the briefs provided they are only there to prompt.

Sign up for your spot here and visit the 12ø Collective website for details.**

Courtesy 12ø Collective.

Wysing Polyphonic debuting its record label of ‘many voices’ at ICA, Mar 23


The Wysing Arts Centre is launching new record label Wysing Polyphonic at London’s ICA on March 23.

The evening will feature a performance by the first project on the label Ectopia (Adam Christensen, Jack Brennan and Viki Steiri) who work with words, cello and synth. There will also be performances by N-Prolenta, xname (Eleonora Oreggia) and SIREN

The new label is an extension of the art institution’s annual music festival, and will further evolve to include a recording studio, built in the summer of 2017, as well as residencies where Wysing will commission new works in recording and broadcasting for artists and musicians. The 2017 theme, ‘Many Voices’ will work with artists to “explore a diversity of contexts and positions to help better understand the role of art, artists, and arts organisations such as Wysing, at this moment of global political change.”

See the ICA website for details.**

Joy, pain + humour in the hidden histories of Genius Treasure Collection at Lima Zulu, Mar 23 – 26


Genius Treasure Collection presents its debut collection at London’s Lima Zulu, opening March 23 and running to March 26.

The GTC has been gathering “objects/artworks often saved from becoming part of the nations waste” and posting pictures of their finds on Facebook and Instagram since February, and will now be showing them in an exhibition to bring together stories of “joy, pain, and humour”.

In hopes of one day becoming a museum, GTC says they are drawn to these lost treasures made by unknown artists, both for their ability to “make you smile,” as well as being the creations of “people whoever they may be and for what reasons unknown and not outsider objects, a term that relies on an assumption that certain ideologies and practices have inclusivity/exclusivity.”

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Artist unknown. Courtesy Genius Treasure Collection (2017).


Meeting in the middle of music + art + technology: a guide to Convergence Festival, Mar 21 – 25


The 2017 Convergence Festival is on at venues across London, running March 21 to 25.

The event brings together an interdisciplinary set of practices to create a dialogue around performance and technology, and is divided into three sections: Live Music, Visual Arts and Sessions.

The Live Music events will take place throughout the week at various locations in the city, including some notable performances by Yves Tumor who will present a “visceral live / art performance” on March 25 at Electric Brixton for Jacques Green’s curated Closing Party, as well as Actress on March 24 at Village Underground, among many others.

The Visual Arts section has partnered with Carroll/Fletcher, and features a public installation ‘Render Search’ by James Bridle at London’s Great Eastern Wall Gallery, running March 21 to April 3, and Constant Dullaart‘s solo exhibition The European Classes  at London’s Village Underground Gallery, March 21 -26.

Convergence Sessions creates a hub that hosts a series of workshops, talks and performances, and takes place over two days on Friday and Saturday at London’s Behind The Bike Shed. Some of our recommendations include:

Friday, March 25

– Talks by Gaika, Mark LeckeyNelly Ben Hayoun and Katja Lucker of Musicboard Berlin
– Live performance by choreographer and director Holly Blakey

Saturday, March 26

– Presentation by ASMR-tist Claire Tolan
– Live performances by Nkisi and Klein

See the Convergence Festival website for a full programme and more details.**

Dismantling the ‘whole’ in Touch Sensitive at Guest Projects, Mar 21 -26


The Touch Sensitive event series is on at London’s Guest Projects, opening March 21 and running to March 26. 

Curated by Cairo Clarke, the project includes contributions by Lotte Andersen, Diana Chire, Harriet Middleton-Baker, Hannah Perry, Suzannah Pettigrew and Nikola Vasakova (Girls in Film). 

The series will explore representations of ‘female’ bodies by “dismantling the body as a category or ‘whole’ and creating open channels for discourse.” Focusing on the the concept of touch, each iteration will examine the body as database, and the ways in which this sense of communication can be understood “both emotionally and metaphorically.”

The programme includes:

– Hannah Perry collaborates with female adult dance collective, Mar 21

– Harriet Middleton-Baker proposes a re-telling of Hogarth’s cautionary tale ‘The Harlot’s Progress.‘, Mar 22

– Suzannah Pettigrew’s  The Difference Between (a Mirage and Realness), Mar 23 

– Lotte Andersen’s Dance Therapy, Mar 24

– Diana Chire’s Hair Manifesto, Mar 25 (12-6 pm)

– Girls in Film present a series of films exploring feelings that arise from the visual and physical experiences of the female form away from hyper sexualisation of bodies in ‘Embrace,’ Mar 26 (12-6pm)

See the FB event page for details.**


Performance festival Angakoq III is on at Helsinki’s SIC, Mar 18 – 19


Performance festival Angakoq III is on at Helsinki’s SIC gallery, running March 18 to 19. 

Hosted by Maalarikissat (Linda and Aura), the weekend will feature performances by Pasidanssi, Antti Ahonen & Siiri Nevalainen, Seppo Salminen, Mai Sööt, and Helinä Hukkataival, among many others.

Founded in 2012, SIC hosts events and exhibitions, featuring Finnish and international artists. Currently running the space are artists Olli Keränen, Maija Luutonen, Kalle Leino, Konsta Ojala, Sauli Sirviö, Timo Vaittinen and Laura Wesamaa.

See the FB event page for details.**

Courtesy SIC Gallery, Helsinki.

Meaning + magic in Underground / Ecology with Timothy Morton + Federico Campagna at The Showroom, Mar 18


Timothy Morton + Federico Campagna are presenting Underground / Ecology at London’s Showroom on March 18. 

Organised by Teodora Pasquinelli and supported by Libellula Productions, Morton will present ‘Lifeforms vs Trump’ and Campagna will present ‘Ecology and Metaphysics: Rebuilding the House.’ The presentations are part of an event series called Underground / Ecology / Politics / Mythology that explores “the meaning of ecology, understood as the ontological terrain underlying all human and non-human forces.” This session will focus specifically on Dark Ecology and Magic and the “fundamental reality-systems that constitute the true underground of the world.”

The event will also screen Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le Quattro Volte (2010) at 4 pm.

See the FB event page for details.**

‘Underground / Ecology with Timothy Morton and Federico Campagna’ (2017). Promotional image. Courtesy the Showroom, London.

Katarzyna Perlak is giving feeback ‘Artist Lunchtime Crit’ at Turf projects, Mar 18


Katarzyna Perlak will be hosting ‘Artist Lunchtime Crit’ at London’s Turf Projects on March 18.

The free event will take place from 12pm to 2pm and is open to all artists and students wishing to get feedback on their work, with this week’s session led by the mixed-media artist and Slade student Perlak whose work explores “intersectional narratives concerning women, migrant and queer histories” with a current focus on “the potentiality of affect as a tool for registering and archiving current and past historical moments.”

Perlak is currently showing work in On the Verge at London’s 12 Stars Gallery and will be presenting a video in the Leeds Queer Film Festival running March 24 to 26. 

See the FB event page for details.**


Averting the end of the world: Hannah Black + Juliana Huxtable’s LIFE book release + opening at Mumok, Mar 16


Hannah Black + Juliana Huxtable are releasing their co-written book Life alongside Black’s solo exhibition Small Room at Vienna’s Mumok, opening March 16 and running to June 18.

The show and accompanying publication is curated and edited by Marianne Dobner and published via Cologne’s Buchhandlung Walther König. The book presents Black’s ideas in collaboration with artist and musician Huxtable and is designed by artist and DJ Soraya Lutangu (aka Bonaventure). The science-fiction narrative is described as a “scenario  of impending apocalypse [about] two risk analysts returning from retirement to attempt to avert the end of the world” and the title refers to a Wikipedia entry on Life/Leben. 

Black’s exhibition revolves around the question of “collective being, ‘life’ as an abstraction, and the uses of ancestry and lineage.” The opening night will be host to an apocalyptic performance by Hannah Black and Bonaventure.

See the Mumok website for details.**

Hannah Black + Juliana Huxtable, ‘Life’ (2017). Book cover. Courtesy the artists, Bonaventure + Mumok, Vienna.