Some picks for the London-wide CONDO collaborative exhibition, Jan 14 – Feb 11


The second CONDO “collaborative exhibition” is on across venues in London, opening with previews the weekend of January 14 and 15, and running to February 11. 

Featuring 36 galleries (to last year’s already impressive 32), the annual initiative — starting in 2016 and led by Carlos/Ishikawa’s director Vanessa Carlos — aims to highlight the need for mutual support in order to survive and succeed in the contemporary art ecosystem. In doing so, several London spaces will host solo presentations by international galleries.

The list runs with a number of emerging, independent and institutional names, so here’s list of artist and exhibition recommendations from us in the meantime:

– Jan Kiefer at Union Pacific 

Galerie Gregor Steiger with Shana Moulton, hosted by Emalin 

– Bridget Donahue with Martine Syms, hosted by Sadie Coles

Neue Alte Brücke with Eric Schmid, hosted by Vilma Gold  

Than Hussein Clark with VI, VII, hosted by Arcadia Missa

Seventeen NYC + Stereo, hosted by The Sunday Painter

Kris Lemsalu with Koppe Astner, hosted by Southard Reid

Yuri Pattison with Mother’s Tankstation + Lulou Margarine with Queer Thoughts, hosted by Project Native Informant

See the CONDO website for details.**

Shana Moulton, ‘SPF 2012’ (2013). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

Five artists in five weeks for Cacotopia at Annka Kultys starting Jan 10

9 January 2017
The Cacotopia group exhibition at London’s Annka Kultys Gallery is opening January 10 and running until February 11.
The multi-media exhibition will unfold over a five-week period, exploring “contemporary perspectives on feminism, ecology, celebrity culture, politics and professionalism.”The title brings together Greek originating words Caco (bad) and Topia (space). Each artist, a recent MFA graduate, will be given a week in the gallery to respond to current anxieties and coping mechanisms. 
The event will begin with work Cornu copia copia topia of your broken lusty (2016) by Olivia Strange opening January 10 and running to January 14,  taking us into a day-dream fantasy of ‘paradise.’
Andrea Williamson will take over January 18 to 21, giving her own version of a beautifully crafted butterfly chair, inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s dystopian Cat’s Cradle (1963). 
Soo Choi will present video Snow Romance (2016) from January 25 to 28, exploring personal desire through cinematic romance symbols.
February will kick off with work by Olivia Hernaiz from the first to the fourth, who will install an Airbnb in the gallery.
The event ends with Generalized Anxiety Relaxation (2016), a bookable relaxation studio by Ruth Waters running from February 8 to 11.
Visit the Annka Kultys webpage for more details.**

Soo Choi, ‘Snow Romance’ (2016). Video still. Courtesy the artist.


Arcadia Missa + Supplement present Everyone is Rich Now Apparently, Jan 8 – 29

5 January 2017
Arcadia Missa and Supplement are presenting the Everyone is Rich Now Apparently group exhibition at New York’s 225 Canal Street, opening January 8 and running to January 29.
The show is shared between the two galleries, and features work by Aracadia Missa’s Amalia Ulman and Gaby Sahhar and Supplement’s Gabriella Boyd and Philomene Pirecki.
After the end of the show, the two London-based spaces will alternate using 255 Canal Street for further exhibitions, so keep an eye out for upcoming projects.
Visit the FB event page for details.**
Gabriella Boyd, (2016). Painting. Courtesy the artist.

Act 3: Monira Al Qadiri and the Middle East’s precarious future at Stroom Den Haag, Jan 7

5 January 2017

Monira Al Qadiri is presenting solo exhibition Act 3: Monira Al Qadiri at Stroom Den Haag opening on January 7. 

The show is part of larger series Attempts to Read the World (Differently): Three Exhibitions in Five Acts, of which artists Max de Waard and Jean Katambayi Mukendi are also participants. Over the course of the three show, the space will

Al Qadiri’s work in particular will focus on oil drilling and how the practice is “symbolic for the renewed, yet already precarious, future of the Middle East,” which is something the artist discussed at length with aqnb and Video in Common in a two-part video editorial series called Portraits of the End of he World in 2015. Looking at past, present and future imaginings, the exhibition will explore the realities and metaphors associated with this changing industry. 

Visit the Stroom Den Haag website for more details.**

Monira Al Qadiri, ‘Spectrum 1’ (2016). Courtesy the artist + Stroom Den Haag.

The White Pube are reprising Zayn Malik Zindabad at the ICA, Jan 7

4 January 2017

The White Pube is presenting Zayn Malik Zindabad at London’s ICA on January 7.

After the success of the first screening of the same name at London’s Lewisham Arthouse in August, the art criticism website and research project is back for round two, and comes with the following statement:

“The White Pube is tired of white ppl, white walls, and white wine. So for one night only, we are hosting brown ppl, white walls and chai. Come and view work by brown artists in a real vacuum, where brown-ness is banal, where you can O.O the art without the white-iarchy lookin over ur shoulder, askin if they can eat ur Other.”

Part of the ICA’s  Artists’ Film Club, London-based Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente of The White Pube will present a screening featuring a line-up of short films by artists from “South Asia and its diaspora,” including Somnath BhattSabella D’Souza, Raju Rage and Himali Singh Soin among others. 

The event also runs alongside the ICA’s Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 exhibition, which features Muhammad’s video Digjihad (2015) until January 22.

Visit the ICA event page for more details.**

Zarina Muhammad, ‘Digjihad’ (2015). HD Video. Screenshot. Courtesy the artist + ICA, London.

SHYGIRL + Sega Bodega and more performing Progress Bar’s ‘S02E03’

16 December 2016

Progress Bar is presenting ‘S02E03’ at Amsterdam’s Paradiso Noord on December 17. 

The collective, who launched in 2015 in Brighton and also work in Amsterdam, put together events ranging from art, activism, music production, film, performance, talks and club nights describe themselves as “the only political party that cares about radical club culture.”

‘S02E03’ will bring together a mixed bag, featuring a talk by digital artist and designer Aaron McLaughlin, London DJ and NTS resident Cõvco, London-based production duo God Colony performing with South-London MC Flohio, DJ and Viral Radio founder Juha who “plays internet dance music,” DJ and producer SHALT, vocalist and lyricist SHYGIRL with producer Sega Bodega, and Amsterdam-based DJ and event curator Wartone

See the FB event page for details.**


Joel Dean locates humanity outside the network in Powers of 7-8

15 December 2016

Joel Dean is presenting solo exhibition Powers of 7-8-9  at Atlanta’s Species, opening December 17 and running to December 31.

The press release reads as an intimate letter from two of his friends who attempt to ‘edit’ his original text, offering insight into his practice and upcoming show:

“I think part of why you’re struggling with the text (and why Jason and I are too) is that there feels like a renewed urgency for art to help us locate our humanity and our confusion and our anxiety in a moment when no tweet or talking head or think piece can.”

The New York-based artist recently exhibited First Person Problems (2016) at New York’s ISCP and Hard to be a God (2016) at London’s Weekends. He is also co-founder of Oakland’s Important Projects (2009 to 2014).

See the Species website for details.**

Joel Dean, 'Empty Stomach Challenge', (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Princess, New York.

Joel Dean, Empty Stomach Challenge, (2015). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Princess, New York.


Club Late Night @ Le Klub, Dec 15

15 December 2016

Club Late Music presents one of their Club Late Night events at Paris’ Le Klub on December 15.

The night will feature live performance by ULTRAMARIE (Meteotranse), Aprile (BBO/Casual Gabberz) Shemale (Club Late Music), DJ4D (Club Late Music), Panpan (Club Late Headquarter), Paul Seul, and Drame Nature

Club Late Music is a London-based record label and art collective who self-describe as a reflection of “contemporary, post-internet attitude [who] personify the instantaneous and global nature of today’s culture.” The group, made up of 100% Halal, AZN Girl, Bubbles, Dragon Uma, Michel Ours, Prince Lucien, T/B/O, DJ4D and Panpan, put on events between Berlin, Paris and London.

See the FB event page for details.**


Noski Deville’s magic realist queer love presented by Patrick Staff

14 December 2016

Patrick Staff is presenting Noski Deville‘s film Loss of Heat (1994) at London’s The Showroom on December 14. 

Organised by the monthly program Cinenova: Now Showing, interdisciplinary artist Staff will show the celebrated director and cinematographer Deville whose film explores epilepsy in a “magical realist portrayal of queer love” and a portrayal of the relationship between the carer and the cared for. 

Cinenova is a feminist film organisation that focuses on contemporary moving image and the Now Showing program is working with its archive to re-present what is in the collection.

In addition to the screening, Staff will also present a text and video-in progress to prelude their coming solo show Weed Killer at Los Angeles’ MOCA in 2017 that looks at “illness and gender, and particularly the intersections of queer identity, cross-generational dialogue, and the fine line between states that both poison and nourish”.

See The Showroom website for details.**


Amnesia Scanner are performing ICA with support from coucou chloé

13 December 2016

Amnesia Scanner will be performing live at London’s ICA on December 14.

Now signed to London’s Young Turks label, the Berlin-based electronic duo will present a new immersive installation, bringing together both visual and audio elements, potentially of a similar ilk to their ongoing Lexachast live collaboration with PAN‘s Bill Kouligas and artist Harm van den Dorpel. London-based French producer coucou chloé will open with a live performance.

The event is part of an ongoing programme selected by NTS Radio who are currently part of the ICA Music Associates. Set up to generate “collaborations with established and emerging record labels, artists and music organisations” it has also worked with Warp, Just Jam, and Factory Floor.

See the ICA website for details.**