White Cubicle Toilet Gallery

Ash Ferlito @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Oct 6 – Oct 31

5 October 2016

Ash Ferlito is presenting solo exhibition Coming in Hot at London’s White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, opening October 6 running through October 31.

The exhibition — which also comes recommended as part of this week’s Frieze 2016 offsite + fringe events — presents new paintings, sculptural and video works by the New York-based artist that “transmit humour and pathos in equal parts”. The materials shift and respond to ideas and their environment, with “the novelty of new materials” providing greater freedom for Ferlito.

The thematic undertones of the artist’s work — who also took part in Guccivuitton (since renamed Versace Versace Versace)’s The Christmas Show in Miami last year — are diaristic in form but not insular enough to close the work off from the viewer. There is always plenty of space for the onlooker to have freedom to interpret the work as they please.

The opening includes DJ sets from Bézier, Honey Soundsystem, and SF.

See the FB event page for details.**

Ash Ferlito, 'Coming in Hot' (2016). Detail. Courtesy the artist.
Ash Ferlito, ‘Coming in Hot’ (2016). Detail. Courtesy the artist.


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Jacopo Miliani @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Jan 19

18 January 2016

London’s White Cubicle Toilet Gallery will launch book and exhibition, Your boss has given you this factory. What do you think? on January 19.

Guest curated by João Laia, the launch and show by Milan-based artist is the final in a series put together by Paul Sammut for White Cubicle Toilet Gallery. The event featuring a DJ set by artist Seb Patane, is also celebrating White Cubicle’s 10th anniversary and move to a new location in the The Queen Adelaide, following the closure of The George & Dragon last year.

Miliani founded the editorial project, Self Pleasure Publishing in 2014, through which he is launching this latest book.

See the FB Event page for details**

Jacopo Miliani, Do You Believe in Mirages? 2012. Courtesy the artist.
Jacopo Miliani, Do You Believe in Mirages? 2012. Courtesy the artist.



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Abri de Swardt @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Nov 26

26 November 2015

Abri de Swardt‘s SPF Matthew Barney exhibition is on at London’s White Cubicle Toilet Gallery on November 26.

As the tenth of eleven exhibitions at the toilet-cum-gallery at the George and Dragon pub in Shoreditch, the Johannesburg-born artist will show work for one night in the 1.40 x 1.40m space presented with no budget, staff or boundaries.

The event will include a DJ set by the @gaybar project, and follows recent exhibitions including ones by John Walter, and Steven Warwick (aka Heatsick).

See the FB event page for details.**

Abri de Swardt, Catapult Screensaver (2013). Installation view, MOT Projects.
Abri de Swardt, Catapult Screensaver (2013). Installation view, MOT Projects.

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John Walter @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Sep 29

28 September 2015

White Cubicle Toilet Gallery opens its seventh exhibition with Courtship Disorder by John Walter, running at their London space on September 29.

The ten-exhibition series comes as a satellite project of Party Out Of Bounds: Nightlife As Activism Since 1980 for Visual AIDS, curated by Emily Colucci and Osman Can Yerebakan and showcases the transformative possibilities of nightlife as activism, particularly in view of the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

The larger project features 29 artists, ten of which present their works as part of the series, including Steven Warwick (Heatsick with East Jesus – The Colorado River – Butts & Beyond in July). Walter’s Courtship Disorder is a video work of a pseudo-psychodrama set in a public toilet, drawing from his epic installation Alien Sex Club and exploring the spaces of sex and transmission risk zones.

See the exhibition page for details. **

John Walter

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Steven Warwick @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Jul 21

17 July 2015

Steve Warwick opens up a new show at the White Cubicle Toilet Gallery this week, with East Jesus – The Colorado River – Butts & Beyond, opening on July 21.

The Berlin-based artist and musician (working musically under Heatsick) recently contributed ‘A Postcard from LA‘ to the aqnb/Video in Common video series and now opens his new show in a 1.40m x 1.40m space situated within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon Public House.

The ‘art space’, founded by Pablo Leon de la Barra in 2005, functions with no budget and no staff, and has, despite its humble, um, physical presence, become a kind of an institution on the London art scene.

Warwick’s show comes as the fifth of ten exhibitions at White Cubicle Toilet Gallery in 2015 alone, and  celebrates the art space’s 10th anniversary, with exhibitions and projects by Irene Revell (Electra)Joao Laia, and Jacopo Miliani, scheduled to follow.

See the FB event page for details. **

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