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Secondary Vernacular @ Versace Versace Versace, Jun 30

30 June 2016

Terrence Riley, Jonathan Gonzalez and Domingo Castillo will be appearing in conversation at Miami’s Versace Versace Versace on June 30.

Altogether the trio specialising in art, architecture and design, will share their thoughts on how commercial interests have shaped Miami’s unique style, “the skyscraper’s push into the suburban banal and how the city is realizing an architectural existence beyond this still prevalent developer aesthetic.”

The event coincides with the publication of the Primitive Hut group exhibition catalogue, also curated by Gonzalez and running in the same Versace Versace Versace 8375 NE 2nd Avenue space from May 13 to June 25.

The artists involved included original design pieces by the likes of Deon Rubi, Jonathan Muecke, Gabrielle Baez, Brian Booth and others.

See the Versace Versace Versace campaign for details.**

Primitive Hut (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Versace Versace Versace, Miami.
Primitive Hut (2016). Exhibition view. Courtesy Versace Versace Versace, Miami.
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Loriel Beltran @ Versace Versace Versace, Feb 19 – Mar 26

19 February 2016

Loriel Beltran‘s To love a picture like a fetishist loves a shoe is on at Miami’s Versace Versace Versace (nee Guccivuitton), opening February 13 then running from February 19 to 26.

The Venezuelan-born and Miami-based artist presents advertising from discarded fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle and W, painting over them and drawing parallels between the cyclical nature of art production in relation to fashion trends and their links in a history of wealthy commissions.

Introducing the show with the Georges Bataille quote “I defy any amateur of painting to love a picture as much as a fetishist loves a shoe”, the exhibition perhaps suggests their is such a love of equal weight in art collecting as luxury advertising: “each page has been reclaimed from rubbish fashion by-product to art object lavishly accentuating their selling points, be it rich fleshy color, sensual curves or a ribaldrous vantage point.”

See the Versace Versace Versace website for details.**

Left to right: Loriel Beltran, 'Unknown kitchen monument', 'Unknown Bathroom monument' (2013). Courtesy the artist.
Left to right: Loriel Beltran, ‘Unknown kitchen monument’, ‘Unknown Bathroom monument’ (2013). Courtesy the artist.
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What Shall We Do Next @ Diverse Works, Jan 14 – March 19

12 January 2016

What Shall We Do Next is a group show at Diverse Works in Houston opening January 14 and running to March 19.

The artists in question are Danielle Dean, Kristin Lucas, Julien Prévieux, and the artist collective Versace Versace Versace, formally known as Guccivuitton

The show wants to examine the tight and mimetic relationships between art and fashion, and art and corporate branding. Is there an exchange? Is there anymore room for this? Its title is from a video and performance work by French artist Prévieux, which is based on an ensemble of hand gestures that have been patented by a variety of global tech companies.

See Diverse Works website for more info**




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