John Walter

John Walter @ White Cubicle Toilet Gallery, Sep 29

28 September 2015

White Cubicle Toilet Gallery opens its seventh exhibition with Courtship Disorder by John Walter, running at their London space on September 29.

The ten-exhibition series comes as a satellite project of Party Out Of Bounds: Nightlife As Activism Since 1980 for Visual AIDS, curated by Emily Colucci and Osman Can Yerebakan and showcases the transformative possibilities of nightlife as activism, particularly in view of the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

The larger project features 29 artists, ten of which present their works as part of the series, including Steven Warwick (Heatsick with East Jesus – The Colorado River – Butts & Beyond in July). Walter’s Courtship Disorder is a video work of a pseudo-psychodrama set in a public toilet, drawing from his epic installation Alien Sex Club and exploring the spaces of sex and transmission risk zones.

See the exhibition page for details. **

John Walter

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John Walter @ Ambika P3, Jul 24 – Aug 14

23 July 2015

Alien Sex Club, a new multimedia project by British artist John Walter is opening this summer, running at London’s Ambika P3 from July 24 to August 14.

The exhibition explores the relationship between visual culture and HIV as it presents in society today, using “the spatial device of the cruise maze to bring together works that address the complex subject of contemporary sexual health”, including sculptures, paintings, videos, performance, and installation.

Using everything from hospitality, comedy, fortune-telling and the aesthetic of festivals and carnival to introduce the issue of HIV to the audience, Alien Sex Club brings together artists, activists and HIV specialists, as well as clinical academics and scientists in various collaborations across a wide programme of talks and performances.

See the project page for details. **


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