Thinking Like a Mountain

Eloïse Bonneviot @ Public Exhibitions, Jul 22

20 July 2016

Eloïse Bonneviot is presenting performance Friend and Foe at London’s Public Exhibitions on July 22.

The event is a continuation of her ongoing series Thinking Like a Mountain, a term coined by Aldo Leopold. The series explores thinking of the mountain’s ecosystem in terms of what is good for the mountain, rather than what is good for the human.

Friend and Foe “translates the desire for humans to assimilate with their surroundings” and “sums up the contact with this danger and the fascination with it”. It is about the merging of humans and tools — instead of nature, but more specifically the “prosthesis they are using to survive”.

See the Public Exhibition gallery website for more details.**

Eloise Bonneviot, ‘TLAM – Load Trailer’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.

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Eloïse Bonneviot @ Green Ray, Jan 29 – Feb 20

28 January 2016

Eloïse Bonneviot is presenting a solo exhibition Thinking like a Mountain at London’s Green Ray, opening January 29 and running to February 20.

Described as a “data pool” that blurs the line between the ‘artificial’ and the ‘natural’, the show explores this lack of said disinction through “different levels of intimacy and interaction with an artwork”.

The artist –also behind The Meditative Relaxation Cycle group exhibition at Arcadia Missa in 2014, and the ongoing The Mycological Twist at Jupiter Woods –has gathered databases of information from mountain accidents to create an artificial nature in a video game environment.

Drawing on the Romantic notion of the mountain, as an artificial rendering of a natural entity, Bonneviot looks at the human as intruder into nature and its will to “colonize and dominate until nature is not nature anymore.”

See the Green Ray website for details.**

Eloise Bonneviot and Anne de Boer, 'Respawn' (2014). Film still. Courtesy the artists.
Eloise Bonneviot and Anne de Boer, ‘Respawn’ (2014). Film still. Courtesy the artists.


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Eloïse Bonneviot @ Caustic Coastal, Feb 12 – 22

11 February 2015

Eloïse Bonneviot‘s latest digital commission, Thinking Like a Mountain, is premiering on Caustic Coastal on February 12 and runs until February 22.

The independent UK art label and curatorial platform brings Bonneviot for their first digital exhibition, showing her 2014 interactive archive both online and physically at Rogue Project Space, where they are resident curators. The archive is described as one of ‘mountain accident data’, inviting players to step into a fantasy world “where the logics of labeling is undone and the rationality of information is reshuffled”.

Bonneviot has had a busy year herself, working with Anne de Boer to compose the ‘Shroom Music & Myco_educational_VJ-set’, The Mycological Twist installation at London’s Jupiter Woods, and putting on a performance with Harry Burke to accompany Sanssouci Reality‘s Issue #1: The Latte Vision in the

See the exhibition page for details. **

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