Green Ray

Paul Maheke @ Green Ray, Mar 24 – Apr 22

22 March 2016

London-based artist Paul Maheke will have a solo show at Green RayGreen Ray Turns Out To Be Mauve: We’re Human Beings After All and Therefore We’re Messy opening March 24 and running April 22.

Maheke has just opened a solo show at South London Gallery and it corresponds with Green Ray Turns Out To Be Mauve… Both are and will incorporate various illuminations of purple and both allude to the artist’s failed attempt to glimpse the phenomenon of the ‘green ray’ at Réunion Island last year, as the sky was obscured by troubling clouds: Instead he saw it illuminated with an amazing purple hue.

The temporary curatorial project space Green Ray describes Maheke’s show with them as a visual poem, occupying the mezzanine so that viewers can either look up at or be immersed in the work via a ladder.

The show’s title, which absorbs in an instance the connotation of the clean, context-less green screen method of making video and image, turns it inside-out to feel open, mauve and messy as both a title and an understanding of green screens.

Like I Lost Track of the Swarm at South London Gallery, this show is an embodiment and further investigation of the artist’s interest in the laws of desire and attraction, as well as the power of poetic forms and politicized affect to create new subjectivities.

See the Green Ray website for further details**

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Ambiguity @ Green Ray, Mar 11

11 March 2016

Valinia Svoronou and Sarai Kirshner are presenting a group performance called Ambiguity at London’s Green Ray on March 11.

The event is part of an ongoing collaborative project by the two London-based artists, begun in 2014 and interrogating categorisation as a source of imposed obsolescence. Aiming to generate ambiguities over certainties, the event follows two that already happened at Slade School of Fine Arts and The Showroom and proposes art as a “dynamic scene”.

This performance will feature short presentations, discussions and performances by artists that include Iain Ball, Susanna Davies-Crook, Frederick Duffield, Alastair Frazer and Cassandre Greenberg, and will also involve 3D avatar representations of them to inhabit a ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’ desert, offering an alternative space in which to exist simultaneously.

Other contributors are Joey Holder, James Lowne, Lito Kattou, Tessa Tapscott, Owen Thackeray, Clifford Sage and Eva Papamargariti.

See the Green Ray website for details.**

Eva Papamargariti, 'New Nosthetics' (2014). Video still. Courtesy the artist.
Eva Papamargariti, ‘New Nosthetics’ (2014). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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Eloïse Bonneviot @ Green Ray, Jan 29 – Feb 20

28 January 2016

Eloïse Bonneviot is presenting a solo exhibition Thinking like a Mountain at London’s Green Ray, opening January 29 and running to February 20.

Described as a “data pool” that blurs the line between the ‘artificial’ and the ‘natural’, the show explores this lack of said disinction through “different levels of intimacy and interaction with an artwork”.

The artist –also behind The Meditative Relaxation Cycle group exhibition at Arcadia Missa in 2014, and the ongoing The Mycological Twist at Jupiter Woods –has gathered databases of information from mountain accidents to create an artificial nature in a video game environment.

Drawing on the Romantic notion of the mountain, as an artificial rendering of a natural entity, Bonneviot looks at the human as intruder into nature and its will to “colonize and dominate until nature is not nature anymore.”

See the Green Ray website for details.**

Eloise Bonneviot and Anne de Boer, 'Respawn' (2014). Film still. Courtesy the artists.
Eloise Bonneviot and Anne de Boer, ‘Respawn’ (2014). Film still. Courtesy the artists.


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Dorota Gaweda + Egle Kulbokaite @ Green Ray, Dec 15 – Jan 10

15 December 2015

Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė are presenting their joint exhibition, imgn s㎩oes o dtrrtrlztn, at London’s Green Ray, opening December 15 and running to January 10, 2016.

Running out of Deptford space Enclave over the next six months, Green Ray is a collaborative curatorial project by Gabriela Acha, Nathalie Boobis and Katy Orkisz hosting public events, reading groups, screenings and exhibitions.

The project inaugurated its ‘Mezzanin Series’ with Emily Furneaux (nee Shepherd)’s exhibition and a performance by  Marios Stamatis and Lea Collet of ‘Trailer for a Remake of Chorus for Four’ on December 6.

Gawęda and Kulbokaitė’s exhibition, meanwhile, follows a short story of an anonymous ‘she’ character dismembering her own body and conceiving of spaces of “deterritorialisation; ex-timacy voluminously stretched” (i.e. “s㎩œs o dtrrtrlztn; xtimacy vol㎛㏌o㎲ly strtchd”).

The work carries on the Berlin-based Young Girl Reading Group founders and Agatha Valkyrie Ice creators’ interest in an ongoing dispersed project collaboration, that this time manifests as part of Juste Kostikovaite‘s ‘AIROOM’ residency programme, where artists and curators make their temporary living spaces in otherwise AIRBnB-rented rooms inspired by ‘Tinder Swinton’ “a character tired of Tindering”.

See the Green Ray website for details.**

Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite and Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Agatha @ Hilton (5), 2015.
Dorota Gaweda, Egle Kulbokaite and Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Agatha @ Hilton (5), 2015.


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