Eloïse Bonneviot @ Public Exhibitions, Jul 22

, 20 July 2016

Eloïse Bonneviot is presenting performance Friend and Foe at London’s Public Exhibitions on July 22.

The event is a continuation of her ongoing series Thinking Like a Mountain, a term coined by Aldo Leopold. The series explores thinking of the mountain’s ecosystem in terms of what is good for the mountain, rather than what is good for the human.

Friend and Foe “translates the desire for humans to assimilate with their surroundings” and “sums up the contact with this danger and the fascination with it”. It is about the merging of humans and tools — instead of nature, but more specifically the “prosthesis they are using to survive”.

See the Public Exhibition gallery website for more details.**

Eloise Bonneviot, ‘TLAM – Load Trailer’ (2015). Courtesy the artist.