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Personal + political, detail + context, practice + theory in Trans ‘Theirstory’ and Non-binary Thinking at OSE, Dec 14

12 December 2017

The Trans ‘Theirstory’ and Non-binary Thinking workshop is happening at Kent’s Open School East on December 14.

Led by artist and singer Clair Le Couteur, the event will continue on from its first iteration Reading Trans, which took place in June, both exploring embodiment and “attempting to move seamlessly between personal and political, detail and context, practice and theory.”

The workshop will revolve around Donna Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto‘ and Sandy Stone’s ‘A Post-Transexual Manifesto‘ and aims to open up all questions relating to trans, including “trans-disciplinarity, trans-culturalism, trans-lation, trans-formation” and more.**

Visit the FB event page for details.** 

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Performing Professionality @ Open School East, Apr 29

28 April 2016

Collective Creativity and artist Anni Movsisyan will facilitate discussion Performing Professionality – The politics of getting paid (AKA BBHMM) at Open School East on the afternoon of April 29.

The focus of the discussion will be around the the various methods QTIPOC (queer, trans, intersex and people of colour) artists manoeuvre their work in and out of Institutions and DIY spaces in order to negotiate surviving as artists, as well as critiquing the meanings of success and marginality.

Held at Open School East, one of London’s recently established non-paying open art school-cum-communities (another is School of the Damned), also highlighted will be the relationships between work and success, professionalism and payment and how to deal with asking for renumeration for QTIPOC artistic capital and labours.

Two articles will be at the core of the afternoon’s subjects: ‘How To Be An Unprofessional Artist‘, and ‘This Step on the Path: An Artist Asks, which are worth a read whether you make it to the discussion or not.

See the Open School East website for details.**

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Future Library Publishing Fair @ Open School East, Dec 19

18 December 2015

Small publisher One of My Kind (OOMK) is hosting the small press and zine Future Library Publishing Fair at Open School East on December 19.

The fair is hosted as part of Future Library Residency program, supported by Book Works and Open School East. It will feature over 40 stalls of small publishers, presses, and zines including those by the likes of AND publishing, SALT., PaperWork Magazine, Ladette Space, Girls ClubBanner Repeater and more.

This event also comes with music by “lo-fi/riot grrl/afro punk” band Big Joanie and food by BARBEDOUN.

See the OOMK’s even page for details.**

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Fannie Sosa @ Open School East, Sep 21

21 September 2015

Fannie Sosa is taking over Open School East with “Resistance is in the cracks” an open conversation on twerking, healing and “femmeinism” at the London space on September 21.

The PhD student, activist, artist and curandera discusses her work on “transness, divine pride, intersectional radically inclusionary feminism and body/mind decolonisation”, drawing on gender studies to… pop her pussy. We know she’s okay with this conceptualization because she said as much in a recent interview with us.

The open discussion touches on everything from white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism to love and joy as political stances, Audre Lorde’s notion of the “mythical norm”, and the creation of femme identity. The talk precedes two Twerkshops, led by Sosa at Open School East on September 23.

See the event page for details. **


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Beyond Beyoncé @ Open School East, Jun 3

2 June 2015

London’s Open School East is hosting an evening discussion exploring Black Feminist perspectives in hip hop culture titled Beyond Beyoncé: Use it like a bumper! on June 3.

The public conversation uses hip hop as the starting point in the exploration of Black female bodies and the existence they’re afforded in both mainstream and alternative cultures beyond iconic queens like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

The event brings a performance by Tropical Isles carnival dance troupe as well as discussions and speeches by: dance artist Jamila Johnson-Small; activist, writer and DJ Chardine Taylor-Stone; visual artist Paul Maheke; and writer and teacher Lola Okolosie.

See the event page for details. **


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Desire & Repetition @ Open School East, Mar 11

10 March 2015

The Desire & Repetition programme is coming back with another screening at London’s Open School East on March 11.

The event –curated by LUX curator-in-residence, Tim Steer –is focused on the relation between repetition, desire, and moving image. Steer has released a four-part series of blog posts to accompany the event, ‘Some Notes on Desire and Repetition’, in which he explores the nature and function of repetition in various films, including The Social Network (part 1), Gilles Deleuze’s ‘D’ for Desire (part 2), Samuel Beckett’s Quad (part 3), and the works of Bruce Nauman (part 4).

Throughout the event, the audience will see a range of films from the last 50 years, including Mike Dunford‘s True Love (1972), Nauman’s Good Boy Bad Boy (1985), Lynn Hershman Leeson‘s Electronic Diaries – Part 1: Confessions Of A Chameleon (1985), Michael Curran‘s Disclaimer (1993), Annika Larsson‘s 40-15 (1999), and Boris Charmatz and César Vayssié‘s Levée (2013).

See the event page for details. **


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Events + Exhibitions, Mar 9 – 15

9 March 2015

In London, Rye Lane Studios is winding down its days at the Peckham studio space-cum-soon-to-be-luxury apartments with a screening event aptly-titled INVENTORY on the week starting March 9. Limehouse Town Hall reinforces said notion of endings with its clothing pun in THE OVER BALL dance party, featuring some suspected visual artist DJ sets and garment-making. Flat Time House is hosting the first of a monthly programme of film, performance and discussion at Peckham Plex and Jupiter Woods is opening a group exhibition featuring Andrew Norman Wilson, Harry Sanderson, Susan Schuppli and Tom Tlalim. Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski have their own show at Evelyn Yard.

Outside the city, Micachu & the Shapes are putting on their GOOD BAD HAPPY SAD performance at DIY theatre and art space Cube Cinema in Bristol, while London spaces Banner Repeater and Auto Italia, as well as Birmingham’s Eastside Projects, are collaborating in a UK/South Africa exhibition at Johannesberg’s Ithuba Arts Gallery, which also includes CUSS Group.

In Berlin, Francesca Gavin is curating a group exhibition with Aleksandra Domanović, Anthony Antonellis, Benedict Drew, Nina Beier and more, New Theater is putting on a new play with music by Dan Bodan and Mathew Gallery is showing Yuki Kimura. Meanwhile, Kareem Lotfy is one of the DJs playing at Native Self in Amsterdam, Heatsick performs at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles and Rachel de Joode, Marlie Mul and Anne de Vries are among those taking part in DEEP SCREEN in Pougues-les-Eaux, France. 

There’s more so see below:


Emily Jones online @ Cosmo Carl now


Daoism and Capitalism: A Workshop @ Goldsmiths, Mar 10

Adriana Ramić @ Exhibition Laboratory, Mar 11

The Best Scene is Off-Screen @ Flat Time House, Mar 11

Desire and Repetition @ Open School East, Mar 11

Digital Québec @ BFI, Mar 12 – 13

Tender Loin @ Artsadmin, Mar 12

Hotel Moon @ New Theater, Mar 12 – 18

INVENTORY @ 3236rls, Mar 12

Micachu & the Shapes @ Cube Cinema, Mar 13

Binary Static #2 @ The White Building, Mar 13

Native Self @ OCII, Mar 13

AirBNB Art House, Mar 13 – 15

Heatsick @ Villa Aurora, Mar 14

THE OVER BALL @ Limehouse Town Hall, Mar 14
, Mar 14

Destroy Contemporary Art: Approaches to the Posthuman @ Area 51, Mar 15


GCC @ Sultan Gallery, Mar 10 – Apr 2

Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski @ Evelyn Yard, Mar 11

༼ つ ͠° ͟ ͟ʖ ͡° ༽つDEADLINE – Voryn jäsennäyttely ༼ つ ͠° ͟ ͟ʖ ͡° ༽つ @ Cable Factory, Mar 11 – Apr 25

Rock Steady @ Future Gallery, Mar 11- Apr 11

Jac Leirner @ Galerie Albert Baronian, Mar 12 – Apr 18

HANDS OFF! @ Room of Requirement Berlin, Mar 12 – Apr 5

Slavs and Tatars @ Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Mar 12 – May 3

Yuki Kimura @ Mathew Gallery, Mar 12 – Apr 18

The Cipher and the Frame @ Cubitt Gallery, Mar 12 – May 17

Vanessa Billy @ Limoncello, Mar 12 – Apr 18

Lauren Elder @ Rod Barton, Mar 13 – Apr 11

DISTANCES @ Jupiter Woods, Mar 13

Deep Screen @ Parc Saint Léger, Mar 13

Does Not Equal @ W139, Mar 13 – Apr 12

Edward Sanders @ Westminster Waste, Mar 13 – 28

Jan Kiefer & Dora Celentano @ Belle Air, Mar 13 – 28

LAB @ Ithuba Arts Gallery, Mar 13 – Apr 2

We Come From The Water @ Lychee One, Mar 14-Apr 11

Andrés Ramirez @ Exo Exo, Mar 14 – 20**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Jac Leirner @ Galerie Albert Baronian.

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