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Events + exhibitions, Apr 13 – 19

13 April 2015


Art Cologne is on in the week beginning April 13 with Kraupa-Tuskany Zeilder, KOW and Martin Van Zomeren being some of the participating galleries, Katja Novitskova, Daniel Keller and Slavs and Tatars among the artists being presented. Elsewhere in Germany, Ilja Karilampi is opening his  HAUPTSTADTREVIER exhibition in Berlin, while Hannah Weinberger has a show opening in Hamburg.

In London, Tenderbooks is showing books, pamphlets and zines by General Idea and AA Bronson, the latter of whom will also appear in conversation at Maureen Paley. Scene Two: The Street will present work and performances by Felix Melia and Agnes Varda among others at Flat Time House, Cally Spooner has an exhibition in Bristol and Anne DeBoerEloïse BonneviotCécile B. Evans and Yuri Pattison will appear at Two Queens in Leicester to talk about their work.

In Amsterdam, Yin Aiwen will present The Massage is the Medium at De Punt and Buenos Tiempos, Int.‘s Alberto García del Castillo is launching comedy-science-fiction novelette Retrospective. Lucy Clout, Jesse Darling, Takeshi Shiomitsu and Jesper Just are among the artists showing at New Shelter Plan in Denmark and Clement Valla is opening Surface Proxy at XPO Gallery in Paris. Anna-Sophie Berger has an exhibition opening in New York, and Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari are announcing The 3D Additivist Manifesto at Transfer Gallery.

There’s more so see below:


Curating… @ Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Apr 14 

INFRA_SPECTION screening + discussion @ The White Building, Apr 14

Scene Two: The Street @ Flat Time House, Apr 15

Pause Patina @ Camden Arts Centre, Apr 15 – 18

Parasite 2.0 + Raumplan @ TILE project space, Apr 15 – 16

Art Cologne, Apr 16 – 19

Salvatore Arancio @ Contemporary Art Society, Apr 16

Alberto García del Castillo launch @ San Serriffe, Apr 16

WE ARE SOME WILD CHILDREN @ Doomed Gallery, Apr 16

Fragments of a Scene @ HAU2, Apr 16

Morehshin Allahyari + Daniel Rourke @ Transfer Gallery, Apr 16

Yin Aiwen @ De Punt, Apr 17

Physical Connections @ RCA, Apr 17

Artun Alaska Arasli @ Cosmo Carl, Apr 17

Devin Kenny @ Storage, Apr 17

Disruption Network Lab @ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Apr 17 – 18

Bruno Latour @ BAK, Apr 18

Hello & Welcome Inc. @ matkissing, Apr 18

Ursus Housing Co-operative launch, Apr 18

AA Bronson @ Maureen Paley, Apr 18

! SWA DOUBLE FEATURE ! @ Voltaplatz, Apr 18 – 19

Anne de Boer, Eloïse Bonneviot &c @ Two Queens, Apr 19


Elizabeth Gossling @ Tintype Gallery, Apr 15 – May 9

Shana Moulton @ Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, Apr 16

Clement Valla @ XPO Gallery, Apr 16

Ilja Karilampi @ Galerie Wedding, Apr 16 – May 30

AA Bronson + General Idea @ Tenderbooks, Apr 16 – May 23

Shana Moulton @ YBCA, Apr 16 – Aug 2

Luca Francesconi @ TONUS, Apr 17 – May 2

Shimabuku @ Wilkinson Gallery, Apr 17 – May 17

Wilderness @ New Shelter Plan, Apr 17 – May 23

Hannah Weinberger @ Kv.H.Bf., Apr 17 – Jul 26

Cally Spooner @ Spike Island, Apr 17 – Jun 21

Neil Raitt @ Anat Ebgi Gallery, Apr 18 – May 30

Maker’s Mark
@ Regina Rex, Apr 19 – May 24

Anna-Sophie Berger @ Ludlow 38, Apr 19 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Pause Patina @ Camden Arts Centre.

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Events + Exhibitions, Mar 9 – 15

9 March 2015

In London, Rye Lane Studios is winding down its days at the Peckham studio space-cum-soon-to-be-luxury apartments with a screening event aptly-titled INVENTORY on the week starting March 9. Limehouse Town Hall reinforces said notion of endings with its clothing pun in THE OVER BALL dance party, featuring some suspected visual artist DJ sets and garment-making. Flat Time House is hosting the first of a monthly programme of film, performance and discussion at Peckham Plex and Jupiter Woods is opening a group exhibition featuring Andrew Norman Wilson, Harry Sanderson, Susan Schuppli and Tom Tlalim. Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski have their own show at Evelyn Yard.

Outside the city, Micachu & the Shapes are putting on their GOOD BAD HAPPY SAD performance at DIY theatre and art space Cube Cinema in Bristol, while London spaces Banner Repeater and Auto Italia, as well as Birmingham’s Eastside Projects, are collaborating in a UK/South Africa exhibition at Johannesberg’s Ithuba Arts Gallery, which also includes CUSS Group.

In Berlin, Francesca Gavin is curating a group exhibition with Aleksandra Domanović, Anthony Antonellis, Benedict Drew, Nina Beier and more, New Theater is putting on a new play with music by Dan Bodan and Mathew Gallery is showing Yuki Kimura. Meanwhile, Kareem Lotfy is one of the DJs playing at Native Self in Amsterdam, Heatsick performs at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles and Rachel de Joode, Marlie Mul and Anne de Vries are among those taking part in DEEP SCREEN in Pougues-les-Eaux, France. 

There’s more so see below:


Emily Jones online @ Cosmo Carl now


Daoism and Capitalism: A Workshop @ Goldsmiths, Mar 10

Adriana Ramić @ Exhibition Laboratory, Mar 11

The Best Scene is Off-Screen @ Flat Time House, Mar 11

Desire and Repetition @ Open School East, Mar 11

Digital Québec @ BFI, Mar 12 – 13

Tender Loin @ Artsadmin, Mar 12

Hotel Moon @ New Theater, Mar 12 – 18

INVENTORY @ 3236rls, Mar 12

Micachu & the Shapes @ Cube Cinema, Mar 13

Binary Static #2 @ The White Building, Mar 13

Native Self @ OCII, Mar 13

AirBNB Art House, Mar 13 – 15

Heatsick @ Villa Aurora, Mar 14

THE OVER BALL @ Limehouse Town Hall, Mar 14

, Mar 14

Destroy Contemporary Art: Approaches to the Posthuman @ Area 51, Mar 15


GCC @ Sultan Gallery, Mar 10 – Apr 2

Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski @ Evelyn Yard, Mar 11

༼ つ ͠° ͟ ͟ʖ ͡° ༽つDEADLINE – Voryn jäsennäyttely ༼ つ ͠° ͟ ͟ʖ ͡° ༽つ @ Cable Factory, Mar 11 – Apr 25

Rock Steady @ Future Gallery, Mar 11- Apr 11

Jac Leirner @ Galerie Albert Baronian, Mar 12 – Apr 18

HANDS OFF! @ Room of Requirement Berlin, Mar 12 – Apr 5

Slavs and Tatars @ Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Mar 12 – May 3

Yuki Kimura @ Mathew Gallery, Mar 12 – Apr 18

The Cipher and the Frame @ Cubitt Gallery, Mar 12 – May 17

Vanessa Billy @ Limoncello, Mar 12 – Apr 18

Lauren Elder @ Rod Barton, Mar 13 – Apr 11

DISTANCES @ Jupiter Woods, Mar 13

Deep Screen @ Parc Saint Léger, Mar 13

Does Not Equal @ W139, Mar 13 – Apr 12

Edward Sanders @ Westminster Waste, Mar 13 – 28

Jan Kiefer & Dora Celentano @ Belle Air, Mar 13 – 28

LAB @ Ithuba Arts Gallery, Mar 13 – Apr 2

We Come From The Water @ Lychee One, Mar 14-Apr 11

Andrés Ramirez @ Exo Exo, Mar 14 – 20**

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Jac Leirner @ Galerie Albert Baronian.

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Sean Lynch workshop @ Flat Time House, Aug 9-10

6 August 2014

Flat Time House will be hosting a two-day workshop led by artist Sean Lynch and titled The Bandits Live Comfortably in the Ruins at their London space on August 9 and 10.

Once the studio home of celebrated British artist John Latham –who in 2003 declared it a living sculpture and named it after his theory of time –Flat Time House has since been converted into a gallery in honor of the radical artist.

The Bandits workshop takes as its starting point a series of photographs of Bellenden Road taken by Latham in the mid-80s. Through a series of walks (led by Lynch) around the local area, Bandits explores constructions of urban space, ever-increasing privatisation of public space, and the telling allegories of modern life gleaned from these transitions.

See the Flat Time House exhibition page for details. **


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Melanie Jackson @ Flat Time House reviewed.

Melanie Jackson. Goethe + Genetics.
12 April 2013

Melanie Jackson‘s  The Urpflanze (Part 2) is a hard show to miss. For a start, a local walking down Peckham’s Bellenden Road couldn’t ignore the Slade Fine Art graduate’s two, out of proportion and off the scale, blue and yellow books suspended mid-air in the front window of Flat Time House. Here is a show about the visionary artist and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s fantastical idea of the archetypal plant called Die Urpflanze, mimicking its beautifully absurd idea and inviting us in.

Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) (2013).
Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) (2013).

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