Aurelia Guo + Sam Riviere showing their true colours to launch their chapbooks with a reading at Tenderbooks, Mar 31

30 March 2017
Aurelia Guo + Sam Riviere will be reading at the launch of their respective chapbooks at London’s Tenderbooks on March 31. 
“Poetry doesn’t make any sense
In a socialist utopia
But motherfucker this is Media City
And like a true bourgeois
I love surveillance”– excerpt from Sam Riviere’s True Colours
Produced by New York’s small publishing press After Hours Ltd, Guo’s 2016 and Riviere’s True Colours will each have 100 editions. 
Riviere’s previous poetry collections include 81 Austerities (2012), Standard Twin Fantasy (2014), and Kim Kardashian’s Marriage (2015). Guo was recently published in Arcadia Missa’s How To Sleep Faster 7 and the her recent digital chapbook HOME INTRUDER EDITION is available at Publishing-House.me
See the Tenderbooks website for details.**
Sam Riviere True Colours (2017). Chapbook cover. Courtesy the author + AfterHours Ltd, New York.
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Objects, people and place in Sue Tompkins + Matthew Damhave’s Don’t be far from me at Tenderbooks, Mar 7 – Apr 8

6 March 2017
Sue Tompkins + Matthew Damhave are presenting Dont be far from me at London’s Tenderbooks, opening March 7 and running to April 8.
Curated by Caroline Stevenson with the art publication space, the exhibition and month-long residency “celebrates the connections these artists make between objects, people and place”. 
The event will kick off with a performance by Glasgow-based artist Tompkins on the opening night, whose work is closely “absorbed with language.” Often sifting through song lyrics and fragments of speech, her work extends and animates into performance. NYC-based artist and designer Damhave, meanwhile, works in painting, zines and textiles, engaging in a process of bricolage.
Both artists will come together to explore “bookshop as a site” and will also be producing an artist’s book during the residency.
See the Tenderbooks website for details.**
Courtesy Tenderbooks, London.
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Hannah Lees @ Tenderbooks, Aug 5 – 27

2 August 2016

Hannah Lees is presenting solo exhibition All That There Is, is the Eternal Now at London’s Tenderbooks, opening August 5 and running to August 27.

The exhibition compliments the launch of the London-based artist’s book, To Open What Is Shut () To Shut What Is Open, Part I: To Bring About Positive Change. Vegetable dyes and wine sediment will be utilized as “vivid decorations for the space while handmade magical incense, freshly baked wild wheat bread, and natural wines” are offered to visitors.

The publication is partly a recipe book of ‘potions’ and ‘tonics’ devised by the artist and partly an instruction manual. The work in the exhibition functions as a companion.

See the Tenderbooks website for more details.**

Hannah Lees @ Tenderbooks, Aug 6 - 27

Hannah Lees, ‘Tablet Fragment I’ (2016). Installation view. Courtesy the artist.

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Living in the Future #3: New Lands @ Tenderbooks, Jul 5

3 July 2015

Living In the Future magazine is releasing their third issue, themed “New Lands”, at London’s Tenderbooks this Saturday, Jul 4.

The science fiction journal focusing on future-oriented art and writing comes out with its third issue, asking What worlds might we inhabit in the future? and taking the reader Beyond the Fields We Know.

This issue launches at 5pm at Tenderbooks in London with some free drinks, a first look at the new edition, and readings from some of the close to thirty contributors, which include Holly Childs, Daniel Keller, and Julia Tcharfas.

See the event page for details. **

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.25.51 AM

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SALT. in conversation @ Tenderbooks, Jun 30

30 June 2015

The editors of London-based feminist magazine SALT. are coming to Tenderbooks for an in-depth conversation from 4 to 6pm on June 30.

Three of SALT.’s editors—Jala Wahid, Thea Smith, and Hannah Regel—will introduce their intentions and process with SALT., discussing past issues (including their Manifesto issue which we recently reviewed) and how the magazine links to their wider artistic practice. While SALT. is a magazine, it is also an ongoing research project, and the editorial acts as a mini manifesto expressing their selected themes, just as the project’s events act as platforms for new debates around the paradigms of contemporary art and feminism.

The event is a Three Letter Words and Tenderbooks one done in collaboration with the ‘Publishing/ Writing’ module, MRes Art: Theory and Philosophy, at Central Saint Martins, and discussion will be followed by an informal Q&A with the audience and with MRes Art’s students.

See event page for details. **

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AA Bronson + General Idea @ Tenderbooks, Apr 16 – May 23

14 April 2015

Tenderbooks will be exhibition a selection of book works by AA Bronson and General Idea in an exhibition titled Books, Pamphlets and Zines, running from April 16 to May 23.

The show will include rare zines and pamphlets from Bronson’s personal archives, many of which were self-published, that document everything from the shape of the stiletto to the “magical invocations of ‘queer spirits’”.

Bronson – after leaving University in the 60s to found a free school, a commune, and an underground newspaper – formed the artist group General Idea with Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal, with whom he lived for the next 25 years and produced “the living artwork of their being together”.

The Toronto- and Berlin-based Bronson has also lent his survey of over 100 queer zines dating back to the mid 70s to the Hexenmeister exhibition at Maureen Paley, running from April 18 to May 31. On the opening day, he will be joining Emily Pethick for a conversation exploring ‘how to work together’.

See the exhibition page for details. **


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Events + exhibitions, Apr 13 – 19

13 April 2015


Art Cologne is on in the week beginning April 13 with Kraupa-Tuskany Zeilder, KOW and Martin Van Zomeren being some of the participating galleries, Katja Novitskova, Daniel Keller and Slavs and Tatars among the artists being presented. Elsewhere in Germany, Ilja Karilampi is opening his  HAUPTSTADTREVIER exhibition in Berlin, while Hannah Weinberger has a show opening in Hamburg.

In London, Tenderbooks is showing books, pamphlets and zines by General Idea and AA Bronson, the latter of whom will also appear in conversation at Maureen Paley. Scene Two: The Street will present work and performances by Felix Melia and Agnes Varda among others at Flat Time House, Cally Spooner has an exhibition in Bristol and Anne DeBoerEloïse BonneviotCécile B. Evans and Yuri Pattison will appear at Two Queens in Leicester to talk about their work.

In Amsterdam, Yin Aiwen will present The Massage is the Medium at De Punt and Buenos Tiempos, Int.‘s Alberto García del Castillo is launching comedy-science-fiction novelette Retrospective. Lucy Clout, Jesse Darling, Takeshi Shiomitsu and Jesper Just are among the artists showing at New Shelter Plan in Denmark and Clement Valla is opening Surface Proxy at XPO Gallery in Paris. Anna-Sophie Berger has an exhibition opening in New York, and Daniel Rourke and Morehshin Allahyari are announcing The 3D Additivist Manifesto at Transfer Gallery.

There’s more so see below:


Curating… @ Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Apr 14 

INFRA_SPECTION screening + discussion @ The White Building, Apr 14

Scene Two: The Street @ Flat Time House, Apr 15

Pause Patina @ Camden Arts Centre, Apr 15 – 18

Parasite 2.0 + Raumplan @ TILE project space, Apr 15 – 16

Art Cologne, Apr 16 – 19

Salvatore Arancio @ Contemporary Art Society, Apr 16

Alberto García del Castillo launch @ San Serriffe, Apr 16

WE ARE SOME WILD CHILDREN @ Doomed Gallery, Apr 16

Fragments of a Scene @ HAU2, Apr 16

Morehshin Allahyari + Daniel Rourke @ Transfer Gallery, Apr 16

Yin Aiwen @ De Punt, Apr 17

Physical Connections @ RCA, Apr 17

Artun Alaska Arasli @ Cosmo Carl, Apr 17

Devin Kenny @ Storage, Apr 17

Disruption Network Lab @ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Apr 17 – 18

Bruno Latour @ BAK, Apr 18

Hello & Welcome Inc. @ matkissing, Apr 18

Ursus Housing Co-operative launch, Apr 18

AA Bronson @ Maureen Paley, Apr 18

! SWA DOUBLE FEATURE ! @ Voltaplatz, Apr 18 – 19

Anne de Boer, Eloïse Bonneviot &c @ Two Queens, Apr 19


Elizabeth Gossling @ Tintype Gallery, Apr 15 – May 9

Shana Moulton @ Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, Apr 16

Clement Valla @ XPO Gallery, Apr 16

Ilja Karilampi @ Galerie Wedding, Apr 16 – May 30

AA Bronson + General Idea @ Tenderbooks, Apr 16 – May 23

Shana Moulton @ YBCA, Apr 16 – Aug 2

Luca Francesconi @ TONUS, Apr 17 – May 2

Shimabuku @ Wilkinson Gallery, Apr 17 – May 17

Wilderness @ New Shelter Plan, Apr 17 – May 23

Hannah Weinberger @ Kv.H.Bf., Apr 17 – Jul 26

Cally Spooner @ Spike Island, Apr 17 – Jun 21

Neil Raitt @ Anat Ebgi Gallery, Apr 18 – May 30

Maker’s Mark
@ Regina Rex, Apr 19 – May 24

Anna-Sophie Berger @ Ludlow 38, Apr 19 **

See here for exhibitions opening last week.

Header image: Pause Patina @ Camden Arts Centre.

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Speculative Writing @ Tenderbooks, Feb 24

24 February 2015

London’s Tenderbooks is launching a programme of talks and discussions to coincide with the How to Construct a Time Machine exhibition at Milton Keynes Gallery on February 24.

The independent artist bookseller has teamed up with MK, joining the exhibition’s curator, Marquard Smith, with Journal of Visual Culture book reviews editor Nina Trivedi and curator Simon Wright to organise a conversation about the recent speculative turn in philosophy. The exhibition’s title, taken from a 1899 text by avant-garde French writer Alfred Jarry, points to the exhibition’s preoccupation with science fiction or ‘the science of imaginary solutions’.

Trivedi, functioning as both organiser and speaker, will be joined by Living in the Future co-editor Rebecca Bligh and curator and writer Harry Burke to discuss the materiality of language and the “shift towards a new materialism” which holds speculation at its core.

See the event page for details. **


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