Fannie Sosa @ Open School East, Sep 21

, 21 September 2015

Fannie Sosa is taking over Open School East with “Resistance is in the cracks” an open conversation on twerking, healing and “femmeinism” at the London space on September 21.

The PhD student, activist, artist and curandera discusses her work on “transness, divine pride, intersectional radically inclusionary feminism and body/mind decolonisation”, drawing on gender studies to… pop her pussy. We know she’s okay with this conceptualization because she said as much in a recent interview with us.

The open discussion touches on everything from white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism to love and joy as political stances, Audre Lorde’s notion of the “mythical norm”, and the creation of femme identity. The talk precedes two Twerkshops, led by Sosa at Open School East on September 23.

See the event page for details. **