Music For Your Plants

PAF Olomouc, Dec 1 – 4

30 November 2016

The 15th edition of PAF (Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art) is taking place around the Czech city of Olomouc, running December 1 to 4.

PAF’s aim is to bring the practice of animation into the context of cinematography, media studies and visual arts. This year’s theme will be ‘Why Look at Animals’ inspired by John Berger‘s seminal book of the same name that explores “the humanizing of animals and the significance of zoological gardens.” 

The event will be host to over seventy screenings, as well as exhibitions, installations, live performances, talks and workshops, featuring Lolina (Inga Copeland) & John T. Gast & Edith Karlson, Bill Kouligas & Harm van den Dorpel, M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti and Music For Your Plants, among many others.

See the PAF website for the full programme and more details.**

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Unthinkable Nomos in Vilnius, Nov 5 – 6

3 November 2016
The Unthinkable Nomos conference, night and workshop programme is on across venues in Vilnius, running November 5 to 6.
The two-day event carries on the conversation around the critique and expansion of some accelerationist ideas that producer J.G. Biberkopf‘s has already been exploring musically through his ongoing Unthinkable radio series. Adding the Greek term for ‘laws’ to the title and an additional group of collaborators, Unthinkable Nomos presents a research platform examining “the problematics of the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and the Balkans” through a constellation of artists, curators, editors, thinkers and theorists .
This will include a look into the lives and work of two politically-inspired creative practitioners — Daniel van der Velden of design agency Metahaven and artist and feminist activist Tanja Ostojić — to be held on the Saturday at National Gallery of Art and moderated by UK philosopher Dr. Inigo Wilkins. This is followed by a night of music and performance, featuring J. G. Biberkopf, Music For Your Plants, Aïsha Devi with Emile Barret, dodomundo and Encore at Kvartalas cultural space.

On the Sunday there will be a workshop at Rupert interrogating four important research threads and including videocalls from Nick Srnicek and Peter Wolfendale.

See the Unthinkable Nomos website for details.**

Header image: Dodo Mundo. Courtesy the artist.

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3hd Festival 2016 recommendations

10 October 2016

The second edition of 3hd Festival, hosted by Berlin-based event-organisers Creamcake, is happening across the German city this week at venues including HAU Hebbel am Ufer, OHM, and Vierte Welt, running October 11 to 15.

This year’s theme follows the title ‘There is nothing left but the Future?’ and will come accompanied by a live Creamcake Boiler Room Berlin set on October 13 and a series of broadcasts on Berlin Community Radio called 3hd Presents… and moderated by music journalist and writer Steph Kretowicz throughout the week from October 11.

Some events to look out for include the following :

The Heal the World exhibition @ Vierte Welt with an opening featuring a program of talks by Rianna Jade ParkerRuth Angel Edwards  and Vika Kirchenbauer among others – Oct 11

Kara-Lis Coverdale @ Vierte Welt will present intimate solo piano concert PICL (Pieces in Caps Lock), followed by a conversation with journalist and music theorist Raphael Smarzoch – Oct 12

‘Speculative Futurism’ @ OHM Berlin featuring music by coucou chloé, Ssaliva and Music For Your Plants among others, as well as an installation by Ink Agop – Oct 12

Claire Tolan, SHUSH-to-come: SHUSH choir & performance @ Vierte Welt – Oct 13

‘Acting under Capital’ @ Hebbel am Ufer featuring media based artwork Inga Copeland / Lolina, Soda Plains & Negroma and COOL FOR YOU among others – Oct 14

‘Present Sense’ @ Hebbel am Ufer featuring Aïsha Devi & Emile Barret, Easter and HVAD among others – Oct 15

‘There is no time! Let it go’ @ OHM Berlin features an evening of DJs and producers – Oct 15

See the 3hd Festival website for details.**

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Club Konstanet, Fuchsia @ EKKM, Aug 26

26 August 2016

Non-profit Estonian gallery Konstanet is celebrating its third birthday with an exhibition and evening of performance called Fuchsia at Tallinn’s Contemporary Art Museum Estonia (EKKM) opening August 26.

The evening will be a mix of live performance, an exhibition opening and a club night and is version 3 of Fuchsia, Pre-Alpha Testing by Maria Metsalu (who is giving a performance at 22:00) and Nikola Knezevic. The line-up features Oklou (live), Music For Your Plants (live), Ausschuss, An Ni, Shift Tides, Pire Sova and Bleach & Jakob Tulve. 

Metsalu is an Estonian choreographer and performer and Knežević is a Serbian architect and artist based in The Netherlands.

Visit the FB event page for details.**

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Club Konstanet @ EKKM, Aug 28 – 29

28 August 2015

The non-profit Estonian gallery Konstanet is celebrating its second birthday with a party at the Contemporary Art Museum Estonia (EKKM) in Tallinn on August 28 that will go well into the morning of August 29.

The party will bring together DJ sets from eight different artists—including Pageant, Music For Your Plants, Dodo Mundo, NTS Radio’s ‘Unthinkable (with J.G. Biberkopf), Florian Wahl, Shift Tides, Maximilian Schmoetzer, and Pire Sovawith—with music going from 10pm until 5am the following day.

Alongside the music will be visuals by Unthinkable, Ando Naulainen, and Norman Orro

See the FB event page for details. **

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Unthinkable w J.G. Biberkopf August 10 mix

10 August 2015

Lithuanian producer J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable segment, which airs at midnight on a Friday of every month on London’s NTS Radio, represents the work of both sound and visual art with pure sonics. It’s an approach to public broadcast that goes beyond just an hour of listening pleasure to a deeper contemplation of ideas and theories that merit closer examination across platforms.

For that reason, aqnb has partnered with Biberkopf to accompany each show with a short text. This month’s show features a contribution from Music For Your Plants alongside additions from Biberkopf himself, variously sourced from works by Sentinel, ACF刀IMX, Gábor Lázár and Mark Fell, Bataille Solaire, and NON Record’s Angel-Ho.

Listen to the mix and read the text below, or for more Unthinkable mixes click here:


Unthinkable w/ Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf & Music For Your Plants – 8th August 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud


Metamorphosis, as a complete change of form, structure, or substance, is usually reached at the hand of skilful contrivance, or through the agency of complex systems — socioeconomic, biological, etc. Still, one might also conceive of simpler modes, involving a dialogue — or warfare — of the material substance of the subject with organic as well as man-made scientific and industrial processes. In such a way, the anatomy of the subject is established as a ground of both revolution and susceptibility, at the same time alienating its own physical structure and conveying the surpassing of its limits by its achievements.

As if arriving at a strange, battered world, the subject enters a forsaken vessel and discovers a monstrous — albeit akin — structure, armed and seemingly fertile. It nears an embryo, which develops into an exotic growth that annexes itself to the subject’s appearance, like a xenolith — a rock fragment foreign to the igneous rock in which it is embedded. A lot of the strange object’s power, as something felt as fearsome or abhorrent, is its shocking synergy, its similarity to recognisable structure, and its metamorphosis of the subject into something out of place. The subject has been surpassed by an alien — a progressive being that debases the subject to employ it as soil to seed its own.

One might suggest that this metamorphosis makes the subject ill-equipped for forthcoming existence. Its flawed, defenceless anatomy, plagued by moral sense, is merely feed for structures with healthier, more powerful tendencies and a more belligerent disposition. Its anatomy is open to attack. In the end, archaeologists are consumed with discovering their creator — a foreign culture that they trust is the authentic, original spirit. Yet the archaeologist’s strange fetus serves as the conclusive abhorrence — an undesirable parasite. By cause of xenogamy — pollination of the stigma of a flower by pollen from a flower on another plant — the archaeologist gives birth to an object of dislike, a monstrous foreign being. **


John Avery – Welcome To Dreamland
Sentinel – Freak
Capitol K – Cumbia Milipedes
Elysia Crampton – Axacan
Mc Kalzin e Mc Magrinho – Reprogramaçao Da Safadeza
Angel Ho – Luxurious Remix
C. Debussy – I. Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
M.E.S.H. – Methy Imbiss
Pulse Emitter – Pangaea


Music For Your Plants mix

20:34 – 38:24

Bataille Solaire – Hyper Drive
Gabor Lazar & Mark Fell – Untitled 1
Music For Your Plants – 055XB HEXAL
Sentinel – serenity.pkg
Arca – Lana Monument 116bpm
Bataille Solaire – Boul
Anti-G – King Off Speakers
YUSAKU ARAI – Perplexity
Robin S – Show Me Love (Acappella)
Justin Kelly – VGF
Micachu – Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill

Fondation – Choral
Art Of Noise – A Nation Rejects
Giampiero Boneschi – Intimate
Nidia Minaj – Limite
Kat E – Qual Chosa by Antonio Caldara (Soprano: Hana Packard)
D33j – Shoreline
Aly Us – Follow Me

J.G. Biberkopf’s Unthinkable radio show airs at midnight on a Friday each month at London’s NTS Radio. This latest one aired August 8, and featured Tallin-based producers Music For Your Plants.

See here for more ‘Unthinkable’ mixes.

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