Inga Copeland

Inga Copeland returns to LA with Fuck U Pay Us + Odwalla88 at Globe Theatre, Apr 11

11 April 2017

Inga Copeland, Fuck U Pay Us + Odwalla88 are performing Los Angeles’ Globe Theatre on April 11.

Hosted by independent club promotion and event company Spaceland Presents and Outside Insight, the event will feature the headlining Estonian producer and artist Inga Copeland (aka Alina Astrova), past co-founding member of Hype Williams and more recently performing under the moniker Lolina. She has also worked in collaborations with the likes of Scratcha DVA, John T. Gast, Martyn and Actress, among others. 

The evening will also feature Los Angeles-based punk band Fuck U Pay Us (Jasmine Nyende, Uhuru Moor, Ayotunde Osareme, and Tianna Nicole) and musical duo Odwalla88 (Chloe Maratta + Flannery Silva) who are currently touring around the US at the moment and who’s last album Earth Flirt (2015) was released on Ooga Booga Records

Visit the Spaceland Presents webpage for more details.**

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V-A-C launches its new Moscow headquarters with the Geometry of Now sound art project, Feb 20 – 27

20 February 2017

V-A-C is launching its future home at Moscow’s GES-2 with the Geometry of Now project, opening February 20 and running to February 27.

The V-A-C foundation is dedicated to the “international presentation, production and development of Russian contemporary art” and will be opening a new headquarters at the former power station. Built in 1907,  the building sits along the banks of the Moskva River, and will be revived and re-constructed to house new interventions by artists.

Geometry of Now will be a series of installations, workshops, lectures ad performances dedicated to sound-art to kick off the reconfiguration of the architectural space. Curated by Mark Fell, the ambitious project includes contributions by 75 artists, with installations by Florian Hecker, Theo Burt, Hannah Sawtell and Carl Michael Von Hausswolff among others. 

There will a series of performances, with Stephen O’Malley with Alexey Tegin, as well as an early and late evening program with sets by Equiknoxx, JlinInga CopelandLee Scratch Perry and Dubblestandart, among many others.

In addition to performance, there are also a number of exciting lectures, workshops and in-conversations, including the Modular synthesis workshop with Keith Fullerton Whitman and Jack Adams (aka Mumdance), the ‘Gender – Politics – Sound’ discussion with Georgina Born and Terre Thaemlitz, and moderated by Andrey Parshikov,  the ‘Novel Approaches for 3-D Sound Spatialisation’ workshop with Paul Modler and Markus Noisternig and ‘Approaches to Field Recording’ with Jana Winderen , Gleb Glonti, Katya Reshetnikova, and Christophe Charles moderated by Tony Myatt and more.

See the GES-2 website for the full programme and more details.**

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3hd Festival 2016 lineup announcement, Oct 11 – 15

18 August 2016

Berlin-based event-organisers Creamcake have announced the full programme for their second edition of 3hd Festival, happening across venues including HAU Hebbel am Ufer, OHM, and Vierte Welt, in Berlin and running October 11 to 15.

This year’s theme follows the title ‘There is nothing left but the Future?’, one which resists a dominant trend towards “speculating on the future, instead offering potential solutions for fixing the problems of the present.” The artists, musicians, producers, editors, writers and academics involved in the as-ever impressive 3hd lineup include the likes of Claire Tolan, Coucou Chloé, DJ Paypal, Easter, HVAD, Inga Copeland as Lolina, Rianna Jade Parker, Ruth Angel Edwards, TCF, Uniiqu3, Vika Kirchenbauer, and many more, as well as media partners AQNB with a cross-platform video, performance and discussion presentation with Video in Common titled ‘Staying Present’ on October 12.

The festival carries on its impetus as a “hybrid project” dispersed across online and offline artworks and events that include performances, presentations, installations and an exhibition offline during the five day program, as well as texts, music releases and cross-platform video and animation projects released online in the lead up. This first announcement comes accompanied by an essay called ‘Joy 2016‘ by writer and academic Adam Harper speculating and the dangers of polarised extremes, agendas and (mis)interpretations when it comes to art, taking Beethoven’s immortal ‘Ode to Joy’ composition via Wendy Carlos’ arrangement for Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 dystopian cult film A Clockwork Orange.

See the 3hd Festival website for the full programme.**

Adam Harper, 'Joy 2016', pub. by 3hd/Creamcake. Artwork by Sam Lubicz.
Adam Harper, ‘Joy 2016’, pub. by 3hd/Creamcake. Artwork by Sam Lubicz.
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Lolina (Inga Copeland) @ Echoes, Aug 17

17 August 2016

Inga Copeland‘s latest project called Lolina is performing at London’s Echoes on August 17.

Appearing as part of Soundcrash festival and supported by Acolytes, the artist best known for co-founding Hype Williams has carried on solo with several projects, producing alone and in collaboration with artists like Scratcha DVA, John T. Gast, Martyn and Actress.

The Estonian artist, also known as Alina Astrova, released an EP RELAXIN’ with Lolina in February this year, and a follow-up album Live in Paris in July. Continuing to experiment within the context of electronic music, the album builds on her previous lofi and discordant work that can be characterized by a digital and minimalist composition with repetitive voice arrangements.

See the Soundcrash website for details.**

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Inga Copeland @ Bucardon, Dec 2

2 December 2015

Decayed Tapes and UFOria are hosting a performance by producer Inga Copeland (aka Alina Astrova) at Mexico City’s Bucardón on December 2.

The artist and producer has released a couple of records, including a collaboration with Martyn, a mix called ‘Higher Powers‘ and a full-length album named after the cosmetic and beauty brand L’Oreal’s tag line Because I’m Worth It.

Also supporting the headline of the night are Mexico-based artist and The Curatorial Club label founder, M / M (aka Michael McGregor), and experimental producer Carlos Baz.

See the FB event page for (limited) details.**

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A new Inga Copeland mixtape

23 May 2013

Ever since branching off on their own, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland have not stopped surprising us. Blunt with his high def romanticism in last month’s The Redeemer and Copeland’s dub step deviation in Martyn collaboration Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re GoingEP, released on Hippos in Tanks in March.

This characteristically impromptu drop of six tracks on her Soundcloud, called Higher Powers, pens with smoky RnB number ‘BMW’ and a pounding ode to apocalypse ‘A World in Danger III’, featuring Scratcha DVA. As no stranger to being alienating and feeling alienated, ‘Faith’ opens with a field recording over which Copeland asks, “Hi, can I have some hope, please?” before dropping into an ear-piercing pitch that obscures and ultimately repulses her very listener. Listen below. **

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Inga Copeland EP due March 4.

Inga Copeland.
27 February 2013

After hearing Inga Copeland‘s brilliantly moody ‘BMW’ last year, suddenly the prospect of Hype Williams potentially disbanding became easier to bear. That, along with the great work on her cohort Dean Blunt‘s ‘The Narcissist’ and the unfairly short teaser of an upcoming EP produced by Holland’s Martyn (aka Martijn Deykers) and London’s DVA, means things aren’t just looking up but are potentially even better than before.

That’s why the aformentioned 12″ with Deykers and DVA, Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going is another welcome addition to the post-Hype Williams empire. Available for pre-order on Boomkat the record is out through Hippos in Tanks and Blunt/Copeland-run World Music Group, on March 4. It features Martyn and DVA sinking deeper from their combined dubstep and DnB past into a dub-infused haze, while Copeland carries on with the fractured universal hip hop of Hype Williams along a uniquely smoky vocal.**

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Dean Blunt’s ‘Narcissist II’ reviewed.

Dean Blunt. Princely Pastiche.
11 December 2012

Dean Blunt is one half ever-evolving art and music project Hype Williams. Working across media, the east-London native has been creating sounds and works informed by and in opposition to the post-modern sensibility since his debut with other half Inga Copeland in 2009. Since then, the duo have released a handful of EPs and albums, developing a substantial cult following around their own self-created and spectral non-image.

Dean Blunt. Image courtesy of Hippos in Tanks.
Dean Blunt. Image courtesy of Hippos in Tanks.

Continue reading Dean Blunt’s ‘Narcissist II’ reviewed.

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