Sega Bodega pays it forward from his hard-bodied ‘Nivea’ video by sharing five of his favourite tracks of now

18 July 2017

Sega Bodega (aka Salvador Navarrete) recently dropped a new video for surprise single ‘Nivea‘ via Bristol’s Crazylegs on July 23. Following the February release of his Ess B EP — which also includes the excellent track ‘CC feat. Shygirl‘ — the London-based Gaswegian producer worked with filmmaker Luke Carlisle to realise ‘Nivea”s mesmerising visual accompaniment.

Courtesy Sega Bodega

The topless body of performer Oliver Bizhan convulses through the constant quick cuts, and strong tonal contrasts of light and dark (with the occasional strobe) to the gasping malfunctions of a cut-up vocal sample hiccuping over the hard and heavy bass lines that Navarette, by now, is known for. That track, taking its name from the famous German skin and body care brand, is paired with the famous Cuban rum in B-side ‘Bacardi‘.

“We had toyed with the idea of making a sort of fake product, which was basically a hand cream that was also an alcohol but it seemed a bit much for something that was intended to be quite low-key,” says Navarette, about a track that like its dichotomous consumer-equivalents is as debauched as it is dance-floor functional.

In producing music for eight years, five of those as Sega Bodega, and no doubt listening and discovering it well beyond that, we asked Navarette to share five of his favourite tracks right now, so we could hear more of where his heads at:

Lolina, ‘Miss Understood’
“So so so refreshing.”

“Definitely one of the more exhilarating tracks ive heard in i cant think how long”

Bonaventure, ‘Mulatre’
“Always thought this is bold as fuck.”

Quay Dash, ‘Transphobic’
“Christ, this track.”

Kai Whiston, ‘Throat Behaviour’
“This guy has a special place in my heart.”

Sega Bodega’s ‘Nivea’ single was released via Bristol’s Crazylegs on July 23, 2017.

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PAF Olomouc, Dec 1 – 4

30 November 2016

The 15th edition of PAF (Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art) is taking place around the Czech city of Olomouc, running December 1 to 4.

PAF’s aim is to bring the practice of animation into the context of cinematography, media studies and visual arts. This year’s theme will be ‘Why Look at Animals’ inspired by John Berger‘s seminal book of the same name that explores “the humanizing of animals and the significance of zoological gardens.” 

The event will be host to over seventy screenings, as well as exhibitions, installations, live performances, talks and workshops, featuring Lolina (Inga Copeland) & John T. Gast & Edith Karlson, Bill Kouligas & Harm van den Dorpel, M.E.S.H. & Michael Guidetti and Music For Your Plants, among many others.

See the PAF website for the full programme and more details.**

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3hd Festival 2016 lineup announcement, Oct 11 – 15

18 August 2016

Berlin-based event-organisers Creamcake have announced the full programme for their second edition of 3hd Festival, happening across venues including HAU Hebbel am Ufer, OHM, and Vierte Welt, in Berlin and running October 11 to 15.

This year’s theme follows the title ‘There is nothing left but the Future?’, one which resists a dominant trend towards “speculating on the future, instead offering potential solutions for fixing the problems of the present.” The artists, musicians, producers, editors, writers and academics involved in the as-ever impressive 3hd lineup include the likes of Claire Tolan, Coucou Chloé, DJ Paypal, Easter, HVAD, Inga Copeland as Lolina, Rianna Jade Parker, Ruth Angel Edwards, TCF, Uniiqu3, Vika Kirchenbauer, and many more, as well as media partners AQNB with a cross-platform video, performance and discussion presentation with Video in Common titled ‘Staying Present’ on October 12.

The festival carries on its impetus as a “hybrid project” dispersed across online and offline artworks and events that include performances, presentations, installations and an exhibition offline during the five day program, as well as texts, music releases and cross-platform video and animation projects released online in the lead up. This first announcement comes accompanied by an essay called ‘Joy 2016‘ by writer and academic Adam Harper speculating and the dangers of polarised extremes, agendas and (mis)interpretations when it comes to art, taking Beethoven’s immortal ‘Ode to Joy’ composition via Wendy Carlos’ arrangement for Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 dystopian cult film A Clockwork Orange.

See the 3hd Festival website for the full programme.**

Adam Harper, 'Joy 2016', pub. by 3hd/Creamcake. Artwork by Sam Lubicz.
Adam Harper, ‘Joy 2016’, pub. by 3hd/Creamcake. Artwork by Sam Lubicz.
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Lolina (Inga Copeland) @ Echoes, Aug 17

17 August 2016

Inga Copeland‘s latest project called Lolina is performing at London’s Echoes on August 17.

Appearing as part of Soundcrash festival and supported by Acolytes, the artist best known for co-founding Hype Williams has carried on solo with several projects, producing alone and in collaboration with artists like Scratcha DVA, John T. Gast, Martyn and Actress.

The Estonian artist, also known as Alina Astrova, released an EP RELAXIN’ with Lolina in February this year, and a follow-up album Live in Paris in July. Continuing to experiment within the context of electronic music, the album builds on her previous lofi and discordant work that can be characterized by a digital and minimalist composition with repetitive voice arrangements.

See the Soundcrash website for details.**

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