Nathalie Du Pasquier

Inside + outside Art Brussels, along with Girls Heart Brussels + Independent Brussels, Apr 19 – 23

20 April 2017

The 35th edition of Art Brussels is on at the Belgian capital’s Tour & Taxis landmark building opens April 21 to 23.

The 2017 art fair will be host to 145 galleries, and is divided into sections which include Discovery (young and emerging), Prime (established modern and contemporary artists), Rediscovery (art work spanning from 1917 to 1987, including both living and deceased artists) and Solo presentations, which offer an in depth approach to viewing an artist’s practice.

There are a number of other events happening outside of the art fair that we recommend, including Indpendent Brussels, running April 19 to 23, and the fifth edition of Girls Heart Brussels that focuses solely on “lesbian, queer and feminist initiatives.”

Some of our recommendations include:

–  Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide) premieres film Brussels (2016) at Les Brigittines, Apr 21
– Miaux live performance at Les Brigittines, Apr 22
Aline Bouvy gives a guided tour of Maison Grégoire, Apr 23

Indpendent Brussels

– Carlos/Ishikawa London presents work by Issy Wood & Darja Bajagić
– Levy Delval presents works by Cheryl Donegan, Alex Morrison and Mohamed Namou
– Exile presents a solo presentation of new work by Nathalie Du Pasquier

See the Art Brussels website for the full programme and more details.**

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MiArt 2016, Apr 8 – 11

7 April 2016

Milan’s MiArt is on at Fiera Milano exhibition venue of the Italian city, running April 8 to 11.

This year the stated intention of the event is to communicate “constant references with explicit echoes” linking the past with the present and defined by a thematic thread running through interdisciplinarity, networks and “the Economics of Experiences”. Artist Massimiliano Bomba produced a video for the fair that touches on these notions in image and text, through a root analogy of beekeeping and nudges to the link between production and global destruction in ‘Octagon’ (2016): “Sunday, sabbath, rest. Monday, depressed.”

Exhibiting galleries will be split into sections: ‘Established’ (along with its ‘Masters’, ‘Contemporary’ and ‘First Step’ sub-sections), ‘Decades’, ‘THENnow’ and ‘Object’, along with ’Emergent’ curated by Berlin-based independent curator Nikola Dietrich.

Galleries and artists to keep an eye out for include Brand New Gallery with Ori Gersht, Josh Reames and Kate Steciw, Steve Turner with Jonas Lund, C L E A R I N G with Eduardo Paolozzi, as well as Rirkrit Tiravanija and Korakrit Arunanondchai in collaboration with Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.
Mathew Gallery will present work by Than Hussein Clark and Exile’s 2156 – Volume 237 Acta Zoologica presentation will show Martin Kohout, Nathalie Du Pasquier and Paul Sochacki.

Other booths worth a mention include Ellis King, The Gallery Apart, China Art Objects, dépendance, Anat Ebgi, Emalin, Greene Naftali, Emanuel Layr, König Galerie, Limoncello, Nicodim, and Room East.

Events running in parallel with the fair include Che cosa sono gli oggetti? with Enrico Boccioletti, Costanza Candeloro, Parasite 2.0 and others at Centro Tian Qi, and the  #C2CMLN 2016 live music festival featuring the likes of Babyfather and GFOTY.

See Bomba’s video below and the MiArt website for details.**

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SONIDO CLASSICS festival 2016, Feb 13

10 February 2016

SONIDO CLASSICS, a sound systems festival, presented by Plusdesign gallery, with supervision by audiovisual group Invernomuto, is running across Milan on February 13.

In line with Invernomuto’s blend of urban culture with popular rituals and symbols from folklore, the festival is a tribute to the street cultures of global suburbs. It will also be the final act of a project by Plusdesign, who will present a collection of Colombian traditional sound systems (Picòs).

A statement from the organisers explains: “Picò culture runs parallel to other sound system traditions in the world: the Jamaican one above all. But its main difference is in its appearance: each Picò, as well as being meticulously designed in its shape and choice of materials, is also decorated by local painters, with phosphorescent colours and glitter. Each Picò expresses the visual identity of its DJ and owner through the artwork”.

SONIDO CLASSICS will exhibit 15 Picòs built by artisans in Colombia, alongside five that have been handed over to the creative authority of European designers: Nathalie Du Pasquier, Delta, Lucas Munoz, Dirk Vander Kooi and Kram/Weisshaar.

Also playing at the festival are Dj Rupture, Palmistry, Gqom Oh! with Nan Kolé, Lisbon’s Dj Firmeza and Dj Noronha, and Milan’s Primitive Art, STILL, and Palm Wine.

See the SONIDO CLASSICS trailer (below) for further details.**

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Ausstellung 61 @ Exile reviewed

9 October 2015

At first glance, the works on show in the Ausstellung 61 group exhibition, starting during Berlin Art Week on September 16 and running to October 10, don’t seem to have much in common. Rare photocopies of 80s feminist forebears, an old mattress from an early Exile project space in Mitte with a profile picture printed on it… The participating artists span a broad spectrum and it could be that the three week exhibition is more of an introduction to what will come, as well as what has been. It’s the first show in the gallery’s new space at Kurfürstenstrasse 19, and its press release comes with an ominous selection of images of deep sea creatures accompanied by the words: “AT THE NIGHT THE CREATURES COME UP FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR OCEANS”.  

“Normally I don’t like hallway art but this one fitted in so well”, Exile organiser Christian Siekmeier says while standing in front of Patrick Fabian Panetta’s colour blocked painting hanging between the two exhibition rooms and titled ‘00:03 min. / Gavin Brown’s Enterprise (September 2014)’. The artist records himself browsing through online museum and gallery sites that are becoming more and more interactive and complex. After investigating his own mouse movements through these sites he then chooses a detail that he then paints. In this case the result is rather minimal, equal big black and green surfaces.

Most of the other works are also wall pieces, Erik Niedling’s Pyramid Paintings series were produced when the artist chose to live like it was his last year on earth. Burning his belongings and previous works, he then used their ashes as material for new ones. In ‘Untitled #2’ (2014) he spread the soot on the canvas, folded it repeatedly until he was happy with the outcome. In materialising the sort of brutal self-criticism that can happen in an artist studio, unsatisfactory works would be burned again and would in turn become material for the future.

‘ooooo’(2012) by TM Davy is a series of five square paintings containing a sphere in varied lighting, hung up with uneven space between them and creating tension between the repeated subject. ‘Escultura de Verano (Poéticas del Objeto)(2012)’ by Spanish collective Aggtelek is the only sculpture in the first room. The fragile yellow structure with a collage of travel-related images attached to it was originally a part of a larger showcase-like installation, with each object being inspirited with ideas about the present.  

Nathalie Du Pasquier, one of the founders of the postmodern collective Memphis, is mostly known for her extravagant patterns that are still a source of inspiration in contemporary design. Since 1987, her focus has mostly been on oil painting and ‘Futures (Mazinger)’ (2007) is a colourful example of it, featuring an animated robot in a domestic situation. Meanwhile, a mixed media collage by Polish-German artist Katharina Marszewski, ‘She’, hangs with its title’s text written on a blue background beside it.

'Ausstellung 61' (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.
Ausstellung 61 (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.

In another room, New York-based minimal artist Kazuko Miyamoto poses in front of an unfinished open-cube sculpture by Sol Lewitt as part of a performance. Miyamoto lived in the city during a time of growing critical awareness and political engagement among women artists and ‘Stunt (Performance at 181 Chrystie Street, 1981)’ is a unique photocopy documentation of a performance from that period. Gwenn Thomas’s ‘Documentation of Joan Jonas Performance Delay Delay’, (1972, printed 2012) shows a group of people in the act of drawing white circles on an industrial site in Manhattan. Thomas often documented Jonas and other performance artists and is probably best known for her portraits of experimental filmmaker Jack Smith on the set of his sexually ambiguous and “controversial featurette” Flaming Creatures (1963).

Jordan Nassar works with his background as an Arab-Polish-American, developing his own style of embroidery based on the cultural heritage of these countries, resulting in the subtle and fragile works of ‘Untitled’. Tote bags lie open on the floor, disposable gloves filled with colourful biodegradable materials are lit up inside of it. Martin Kohout’s ‘Skinsmooth Hover Hand NEG’ (2015) slowly melts, resulting in colour and form of the sculpture. The Czech-born, Berlin-based artist has exhibited similar works in Grunewald forest, where they eventually became part of the earth or were eaten by wild animals. It’s a fascination with the object that drives a lot of Kohout’s artistic concerns, something he explains in a two part video interview with aqnb and Video in Common taken earlier this year.

Christophe De Rohan Chabot, 'Pansy Parker’s profile picture' (2015). Install view. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.
Christophe De Rohan Chabot, ‘Pansy Parker’s profile picture’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.

A dirty flower pattern mattress lies in the corner of the Exile space with two A4 photocopies carefully placed on top of it, two others are situated on the exhibition room’s heater. ‘Pansy Parker’s profile picture- at Ausstellung 61. Exile Gallery- 16.09.-10.10.2015 (A4 prints, window, mattress, neon lights)’ (2015) is a site- and time-specific installation. The prints show the same photo in different sizes and similar to the title display the materials in the work and floor plan. Christophe De Rohan Chabot became interested in Parker Tilghman’s identities; the drag persona as well as their self-portrayal on social media. It could have something to do with the latter artist’s involvement in the public backlash to Dries Verhoeven’s Grindr performance, ‘Wanna Play?’, where the Dutch artist projected private conversations from the networking app on an LED panel from a container outside HAU in Berlin. The motive for Chabot’s paper print remediation of the Pansy Parker profile photo is unclear but, like the rest of the images in Austellung 61, it makes a strong claim to the idea that there’s more to a pic than its pixels. **

The Ausstellung 61 group exhibition is on at Berlin’s Exile, running September 16 to October 10, 2015.

Header image: Martin Kohout, ‘Skinsmooth Hover Hand NEG’ (2015). Exhibition view. Courtesy Exile, Berlin.

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