Palmistry’s PAGAN out on Mixpak Records, Jun 17

16 June 2016

London-based producer Palmistry (aka Benjy Keating) is releasing album PAGAN through Mixpak Records on June 17.

Launching the full-length with a video for ‘Lifted‘ directed by Keating himself and released in early June, the album-to-come follows a slicker take on a sound that has evolved from earlier releases of his gentle melancholy pop like the Free Indeed mix, published online with DIS Magazine in 2014, and the self-released Ascensión EP to follow last year.

The ‘Lifted’ video follows an earlier one for first single ‘Club Aso‘, directed by Keating and Tom Walker and released in April.

Palmistry was a regular at London’s Endless parties and JACK댄스 nights, and has also produced and collaborated with other South London artists like Triad God and Blaze Kidd.

See the Mixpak website for album details.**

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SONIDO CLASSICS festival 2016, Feb 13

10 February 2016

SONIDO CLASSICS, a sound systems festival, presented by Plusdesign gallery, with supervision by audiovisual group Invernomuto, is running across Milan on February 13.

In line with Invernomuto’s blend of urban culture with popular rituals and symbols from folklore, the festival is a tribute to the street cultures of global suburbs. It will also be the final act of a project by Plusdesign, who will present a collection of Colombian traditional sound systems (Picòs).

A statement from the organisers explains: “Picò culture runs parallel to other sound system traditions in the world: the Jamaican one above all. But its main difference is in its appearance: each Picò, as well as being meticulously designed in its shape and choice of materials, is also decorated by local painters, with phosphorescent colours and glitter. Each Picò expresses the visual identity of its DJ and owner through the artwork”.

SONIDO CLASSICS will exhibit 15 Picòs built by artisans in Colombia, alongside five that have been handed over to the creative authority of European designers: Nathalie Du Pasquier, Delta, Lucas Munoz, Dirk Vander Kooi and Kram/Weisshaar.

Also playing at the festival are Dj Rupture, Palmistry, Gqom Oh! with Nan Kolé, Lisbon’s Dj Firmeza and Dj Noronha, and Milan’s Primitive Art, STILL, and Palm Wine.

See the SONIDO CLASSICS trailer (below) for further details.**

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NTS Radio + Cottweiler’s Time Shares @ ICA, June 17

16 June 2014

NTS Radio will be celebrating menswear designer Cottweiler‘s new collection, titled Time Shares, at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) on June 17.

The London-based online community radio station – on-air (or online) since April 2011 – celebrates the Spring /Summer 15 showcase with a special soundscape from FKA Twigs, visuals from artist Daniel Swan (who has done most of the artwork for the PC Music record label), as well as performances by Palmistry and NTS DJ Endgame.

This comes as the third Parallel Visions interdisciplinary event done in a collaboration with NTS Radio aiming to use the ICA Theatre space as a new cultural platform to celebrate some of London’s visual and musical artists.

See the ICA event website for details. **

Dux Content – Lifestyle from daniel swan on Vimeo.

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Palmistry, Why Be et al @ JACK댄스, Mar 7

7 March 2014

Simon Whybray’s ongoing night ‘JACK댄스‘ is happening at London’s Hysteria on March 7.

Featuring an incredible line-up including SHEIKHA night affiliates Palmistry (who also released a brilliant mix on DIS not long ago) and Throwing Shade, plus Heartbreak High-referencing Yola Fatoush, Why Be from Copenhagen, Brassica, Megatech and others.

See playing times here.

You can also read a recent review of ‘JACK댄스’ and check the Facebook event page for details. **

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Triad God’s ‘NXB’ reviewed

8 December 2012

Here’s one that you might have missed but you really shouldn’t. Triad God (aka Vinh Ngan) is a Vietnamese-Chinese artist from South East London adding to the fast expanding intercultural exchange exploded from the cross roads of ephemeral electronica meets hip hop.

It’s appropriate then that he’s from the suburb of New Cross because Triad God comes in tow with a new breed of global rapper that includes part Native American Angel Haze, gender bending Jewish African-American Mykki Blanco and even controversial Australian Iggy Azalea. But where all these artists perform in English, Ngan’s wonky Cantonese drawl ebbs over woozy post-dubstep beats for the November 13 reissue of his mixtape-cum-album NXB, out on Hippos in Tanks.

Word is that hypnagogic conceptualist James Ferraro had something to do with his signing to the US label and you can certainly hear the similarities in producer Palmistry’s preoccupation with the transcendental possibilities of virtual worlds. What concerns Triad God is harder to define, not least in considering the language barrier for any shamefully monolingual English speaker, but to understand his words almost seems to defy the point. In typically cryptic manner the album title NXB stands for ‘New Cross Boy’, in the same way that an earlier EP Aym G 4 Life –also produced by Palmistry –is a corrupted take on ‘My Boys For Life’. It’s not far off then that Ngan gives very little away as hazy lyrics echo through the chintzy dream state of ‘PO’ and boozed flounce of ‘Remand’. It’s ‘Sun Hing J’ that draws special attention to the challenge of incorporating the meaningful intonation of Cantonese into a musical composition, as Ngan near moans his indecipherable narrative to a lumbering beat and dazed atmospherics.

As Ngan’s voice overlays what sounds like an inflected repetition of “rap star” in ‘Bland Day Tumm My Tun Joe Ter Ruler’ the album closes on said stand-out whose pitched-up samples and pumping vocal production techniques all point to an underground RnB hit. Sung in English for the first and last time, it’s a trip through the  weird world of shifting genres and fluid mind states that inform the entirely smooth realisation of the music by Triad God and those like him.

As their folklore goes, both Ngan and Palmistry share a love of Hong Kong, where they’ve never been to. It’s a joy and curiosity akin to the fascination with and Utopian ideal of a Dubai that ‘post-internet’ artists like Ferraro and Fatima Al Qadiri share. If the unreality of casino lights and infinity mirrors could be condensed to a specific sound then NXB is it. And if this is what Triad God can offer today, imagine what he’ll do tomorrow.

Triad God’s NXB was out on Hippos in Tanks November 13, 2012.

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