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Femmebit 2016 @ Human Resources, Nov 18 – 20

16 November 2016

The 2016 edition of Femmebit is on at Los Angeles’ Human Resources, running November 18 to 20. 

“The appeal of video for women might come from the medium’s relative newness — there are no old masters glowering from the textbook pages.” – Diana Thater

The curated festival brings together video art and new media work in an all woman line-up, featuring Amanda SiegelAnn HirschAnne Bray, Annapurna Kumar, Camella Kim, Claire L. EvansClaire Marie Vogel, Eileen CowinEva Aguila, and Giselle Zatonyl, among a long list of other contributor.

The event is organised by Kate Parsons of FLOATSharsten Plenge of WOAH, Janna Avner
Giselle Zatonyl and Julieta Gil and will also be host to a set of panel discussions and screenings, including a performance with Pellyvision and Callie and more.

See the Femmebit website for the full programme and more details.**

Julie Weitz, 'Double Vision Self Love.' (2016). Video still1. Courtesy the artist.
Julie Weitz, ‘Double Vision Self Love.’ (2016). Video still1. Courtesy the artist.


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Seduction of a Cyborg @ Human Resources, Oct 7 – 23

7 October 2016

The Seduction of a Cyborg group exhibition is on at Los Angeles’ Human Resources, opening October 8 and running from October 7 to October 23.

Curated by David Evans Frantz, Hannah Grossman, and Simone Krug, the show takes the feminist work of artist Lynn Hershman Leeson, her 2002 feature-length film Teknolust in particular, as a starting point for exploring “intimacy, sex, and desire as related to technocratic fantasies of futurity, (re)production of bodies, and fractured selfhood in the digital age.”

The exhibition will feature the work of 16 artists and collectives, including Leeson herself, working across video, photography, installation, and web-based projects. Seduction of a Cyborg is a cross-generational project — Sadie Benning, Hannah BlackShu Lea Cheang,  Faith Holland, and Juliana Huxtable among them — representing a range of practices and approaches to deconstructing our understanding of “the networked and plugged-in subject” within technofeminism, queer theory, and disembodiment.

See the Human Resources website for details.**

Still from Juliana Huxtable, 'determinism', 2015. Courtesy the artist and Buenos Tiempos Int.
Still from Juliana Huxtable, ‘determinism’, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Buenos Tiempos Int., Brussels.

Header image: Deanna Erdmann, ‘Untitled Amateur Lesbian Video II (After Bathroom Sluts)’ (2015). Video still. Courtesy the artist.

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Noon Tran + Hannah Mjølsnes @ Human Resources LA, Sep 18 – 24

16 September 2016

Noon Tran and Hannah Mjølsnes are presenting Road River Gust at Los Angeles’ Human Resources, opening September 18 and running to September 24.

The LA-based artists introduce their five-channel sound piece and audio-visual installation showing in the space for seven-days with a text describing the site from which their field recordings were taken. It also explains the way in which they’ve been compressed, recorded, reassembled and altered through digital processes mirroring natural erosion:

“…a migration of materials occurs. Ceramic sculptures are taken to the site and field recordings are brought back. The materials break apart before coming together in a new form…”

The text —written in a similarly descriptive though poetic prose as the one from their earlier Spirit Matter exhibition at Oslo’s Podium —is then written out again backwards, perhaps in an attempt to represent the feedback system and resynthesis of the footage and sound on show.

See the Human Resources LA website for details.**

Hannah Mjølsnes + Noon Tran, Spirit Matter (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Podium, Oslo.
Hannah Mjølsnes + Noon Tran, Spirit Matter (2016). Installation view. Courtesy Podium, Oslo.
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Marisa J. Futernick @ Human Resources LA, Sep 15

14 September 2016

Marisa J. Futernick‘s artist talk and book launch is happening at Los Angeles’ Human Resources on September 15.

Futernick will discuss her new book 13 Presidents, published by Slimvolume in September 2016, with artist and writer Steve Kado, which documents her ten thousand mile journey across America in 2014. Following a specific route, the road trip visits 13 different presidential libraries, documenting them through photographs and short stories, weaving together what the press release describes as a “personal narrative with wider cultural observation, forming a vision of America that is both invented and true.”

Futernick is an artist and writer based in London. Previ0us books include How I Taught Umberto Eco to Love the Bomb (RA Editions and California Fever Press, 2015) and The Watergate Complex (Rice + Toye, 2015).

Visit the Human Resources website for more details.**

Marisa J. Futernick, 'The Watergate Cmplex, Rice + Toye' (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of artist.
Marisa J. Futernick, ‘The Watergate Cmplex, Rice + Toye’ (2015). Installation view. Courtesy of artist.


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Some Ware @ Human Resources LA, Aug 1

1 August 2016

An evening of live performance and music called Some Ware is on at Los Angeles’ Human Resources,  on August 1.

Performers include No Vacancy Inn, A$AP Bari, Some Ware DJ, and DJ Cuntry Noise. The event comes following the close of the Apeirophobia / Aporia group exhibition running in the space July 1 to 31.

The event is hosted by LA-based member of  Odwalla88, Pinky Rose (aka Flannery Silva), who also took part in the recent Wrath Pin Face Binned exhibition in San Francisco in June.

See the Human Resources LA website for details.**

Pinky Rose, ‘why should I love you’ (2016). Courtesy the artist and Sex Magazine, New York.

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‘Window to the Inside’ @ Human Resources LA, May 10

9 May 2016

Liberated Arts Collective presents event, Window to the Inside at Los Angeles’ Human Resource (HRLA) on May 10.

The event, which is coordinated and hosted by group, Youth Justice Coalition and led by discussions from Liberated Lifers, is a part of wider exhibition programme under the umbrella title, DECOLONIZE LA that runs at the same location from May 1 through May 15. Artists showing work are Isabel Avila, Catherine Scott, Avelardo Ibarra, Liberated Arts Collective and group, Raze the White Box: A think tank of change.

Liberated Arts Collective is a collaboration between formerly incarcerated people serving term-to-life sentences, teaching artists and writers. The talk, and wider programme aims to look at work created by people inside the California State Prisons and probation system, be it before they entered, during it, or since then. Notions of when work becomes art and when expression and experience becomes influential, inspiration and necessary for survival will be opened up and expanded.

Many “haven’t called (their) work ‘art’ until now”.

See the HRLA’s event page for more details.**

Isabel Avila, photograph series. Courtesy the artist.
Isabel Avila, photograph series. Courtesy the artist.

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