Gabriele Beveridge

True Love Over Physics @ COMA, Nov 4 – 28

2 November 2016

The True Love Over Physics group exhibition is on at Sydney’s COMA Gallery, opening November 4 and running to November 28.

The show is also the launch of the new gallery space, and features work by Cornelia Baltes, Gabriele Beveridge, Ophelia Finke, Brian Kokoska, Ebecho Muslimova, Oliver Osborne, Jon PilkingtonColin SnappChris Succo and Yves Scherer.

The works brought together individually explore the idea of nature and creation, and the myriad of forms this can take and present “a uniform vision of varying patterns of creation and corresponding thought processes.”

See the COMA Gallery website for details.**

Cornelia Baltes, 'Untitled (twist)' (2016). Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy the artist + COMA Gallery, Sydney.
Cornelia Baltes, ‘Untitled (twist)’ (2016). Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy the artist + COMA Gallery, Sydney.


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FOLLY @ Emalin, Mar 26 – 28

25 March 2016

Itinerant exhibition series, Emalin, is presenting the FOLLY group show at an as yet undisclosed location in Stirling, opening March 26 and running to March 28.

Organised by Leopold Thun and Jasmine Picot-Chapman, the Emalin project most recently presented work by Stefania Batoeva and Adriano Costa, titled Tia Deth, where the two artists transferred collaborative work developed at Swiss artist Fabian Marti’s TwoHotel artist guesthouse in Piracanga ecovillage to a garage in London’s Camden.

Meanwhile, there’s little information given on the FOLLY show itself, aside from an email and phone number to contact for details on the exact location ( or +44 (0) 77 9464 5380) and a list of artists, including Batoeva, with Gabriele Beveridge, Charlie Billingham, Than Hussein-Clark, Jonas Lipps, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Cary Kwok and many more.

An essay by writer and critic James Cahill with illustrations by Issy Wood will also be published to accompany the exhibition.

See the FB event page for details.**

Than Hussein Clark @ Condo (2016). Courtesy The artist, Mathew New York.
Than Hussein Clark @ Condo (2016). Courtesy the artist + Mathew, New York.
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Gabriele Beveridge @ MOT International, Sep 11 – Oct 31

10 September 2015

Gabriele Beveridge is presenting solo exhibition Mainland at Brussels’ MOT International, opening September 11 and running to October 31.

Recent exhibitions by the London-based artist, often working with what Lindsay Starkweather called the “off-centre recontextualisation of photographs“, include Health and Strength at Lyon’s La Salle de Bains and a contribution to artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page‘s online curatorial collaboration Desktop Residency.

See MOT International website  for details.**

Gabriele Beveridge, 'Mostly that your face is like the sky behind the Holiday Inn' (2013).
Gabriele Beveridge, ‘Mostly that your face is like the sky behind the Holiday Inn’ (2013).
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Gabriele Beveridge @ Desktop Residency, Mar 4 – 23

5 March 2014

The work of Gabriele Beveridge is currently online at Desktop Residency, running March 4 to 23.

As part of a curatorial collaboration between artist John Henry Newton and curator Barnie Page (of the yet to be fully-realised David Fear and now-defunct nomadic project B.C.) the site presents an artist’s rendering of a wallpaper for desktop, iPhone and iPad, free to download from the Desktop Residency site.

Previous contributors include Harry Meadley, Brenna Murphy and Paul Kneale, as well as Cory Arcangel earlier this year.

Read a review of Gabriele Beveridge at Fresh Trauma and see the Desktop Residency to download. **

gabriele beveridge

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