Cornelia Baltes

True Love Over Physics @ COMA, Nov 4 – 28

2 November 2016

The True Love Over Physics group exhibition is on at Sydney’s COMA Gallery, opening November 4 and running to November 28.

The show is also the launch of the new gallery space, and features work by Cornelia Baltes, Gabriele Beveridge, Ophelia Finke, Brian Kokoska, Ebecho Muslimova, Oliver Osborne, Jon PilkingtonColin SnappChris Succo and Yves Scherer.

The works brought together individually explore the idea of nature and creation, and the myriad of forms this can take and present “a uniform vision of varying patterns of creation and corresponding thought processes.”

See the COMA Gallery website for details.**

Cornelia Baltes, 'Untitled (twist)' (2016). Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy the artist + COMA Gallery, Sydney.
Cornelia Baltes, ‘Untitled (twist)’ (2016). Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy the artist + COMA Gallery, Sydney.


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At Home Salon @ Marcelle Joseph Projects, May 14 – Jul 9

16 May 2016

Marcelle Joseph Projects will host an exhibition, At Home Salon: Double Acts at the curator’s home in Ascot, opening May 14 and running July 19.

The At Home Salon will feature the work of 14 artists, in pairs, across each of the seven rooms of Joseph’s house, which have each been organised by a different London-based curator or gallerist. It is the third edition of a larger project subtitled Double Acts —the first being Material Girls and their Muses again featuring pairs of work by Jesse Darling and Andrea Crespo, for example.

Artists featured in At Home Salon are: Rebecca Ackroyd and Alex ClarkeCornelia Baltes and Will Sheridan JrBea Bonafini and Lindsay Lawson, who aqnb interviewed last year, Emma Hart and  France-Lise McGurn, Gabriel Hartley and Ann Hirsch, Sarah Maple and Zadie Xa, Andrew Mealor and Alex Rathbone.

Some of the curators involved are Arcadia Missa director, Rózsa Farkas and Leopold Thun, co-founder of Emalin.

The show invites speculation around why practices are put together, influence, legacy and continuation, and what —other than aesthetics —can be at the core of a partnership, collaboration or presentation in general. Perhaps there also lies in the show’s questions the shadow of a network that is not horizontal but one that filters down in more specific shapes.

See the FB event page for more details and events info.**

Lindsay Lawson, ‘The Smiling Rock’ (currently in production) feature film., Ccourtesy the artist and Gillmeier Rech, Berlin.
Lindsay Lawson, still from ‘The Smiling Rock’ (2015) feature film. Courtesy the artist and Gillmeier Rech, Berlin.


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Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes &c @ Mission Gallery, Mar 19 – Apr 9

17 March 2016

Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes and Rosalie Schweiker are presenting a joint exhibition at Swansea’s Mission Gallery, opening March 19 and running to April 9.

Curated by Louise Hobson as part of the Jane Phillips Award Curatorial Residency, the show features work from the three invited artists’ distinct practices as part of a process that the press release describes in a long list of verbs: “inviting, researching, funding, mentoring, collecting, questioning, doubting, choosing, emailing, chatting, travelling, visiting, explaining, persuading, budgeting, collaborating, facilitating, printing, distributing, communicating, redrafting, coordinating, responding, compromising, adapting, transporting, curating.”

The works on display includes a new installation and “deconstructed dinosaur landscape” by Biocca called Deutscher Fürst (German for ‘German Prince’) alongside some 4-handed space drawings from her INTERGALACTIC series. Baltes will present wall-paintings of subtly shifting protagonists of an abridged visual narrative and Schweiker will show the migrant worker’s fridge magnet collection along with local drinks as part of her interest in the social functions of art.

See the Mission Gallery website for details.

Rosalie Schweiker, 'allowed not allowed'. Courtesy the artist.
Rosalie Schweiker, ‘allowed not allowed’. Courtesy the artist.
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