Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Stewart Uoo brings cult event It’s Get Better to London for a night of POC, queer, feminist + radical perspectives at ICA, Sep 15

13 September 2017

Stewart Uoo is presenting the It’s Get Better V night of performance, screenings and a dance party at London’s ICA on September 15.

As the first London iteration of the cult event, the New York-based artist brings together musicians, artists, performers, and poets; “friends, collaborators and heroines,” alongside a programme of film and video works that extend across the ICA building from sunset to sunrise (8pm to 5pm).

Organised around “perspectives from persons of colour and investments in queer, feminist and radical content,” artists taking part in performances include Embaci & DasychiraJuliana Huxtable, Manara, Nkisi, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Raul De Nieves among others, as well as screenings of work by Janiva Ellis, Casey Jane Ellison, Joyce NG & KleinTrevor Shimizu, Ryan Trecartin, Evelyn Taocheng WangMorag Keil and more.

There will also be an installation by Natasha Lall.

See the ICA website for details.**

Nkisi (2015). Performance view. Photo by George Howard. Courtesy Bold Tendencies, London.
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Searching for a past + future that isn’t here yet in I Wanna Give You Devotion at PLATFORM Munich, Sep 6 – Oct 4

4 September 2017

The I Wanna Give You Devotion group exhibition is on at PLATFORM Munich, opening September 6 and running to October 4.

Organised by Philipp Gufler, the show focuses on the collection of forum homosexualität münchen e.V., in an archive where “feelings, personal experiences, political battles and desire emerge.”

The project will bring together historical posters and flyers from people like Cosy Piéro, as well nearly 30 contemporary contributions by Sands Murray-WassinkRichard John JonesRaphaela VogelX-Patch CollectiveEvelyn Taocheng Wang and Chris Kraus, among others. The exhibition is self-described as a desire for a past and future that “is-not-yet-here.” There will be a short film screening on September 20, as well as on the closing evening of October 4.

Visit the PLATFORM Munich website for details.**

Sands Murray-Wassink, ‘Identity Shots, 1995 or Before Robin, After Hannah Wilke’ (Reprinted 2017). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris.). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris. View Media (13)
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The culturally relative body in Evelyn Taocheng Wang’s For An Embarrassed Person… at Carlos/Ishikawa

1 August 2017

Evelyn Taocheng Wang presented solo exhibition For An Embarrassed Person It is Always Very Difficult To Avoid Embarrassing Things at London’s Carlos/Ishikawa, which opened May 5 and ran to June 17

Evelyn Taocheng Wang, For An Embarrassed Person It is Always Very Difficult To Avoid Embarrassing Things (2017). Installation view. Courtesy the artist + Carlos/Ishikawa, London.

The walls of the space were painted in a forest green ink, as well as the table in the centre of the room which held delicate drawings on Japanese rice paper. Other illustrations were hung around the room, made using pencil, tea, mineral colour, flower powder, acrylic color, water color, ink and other materials, and were lit by domestic lamp shades. The exhibition comes with an accompanying piece of text that takes place in a massage parlour, and a guest contribution from Sands Murray-Wassink of a painting and a white silk rose, as well as a store-bought perfume from the Amsterdam-based artist’s own collection. 

In a text by Amy Sherlock printed in Frieze this year, she describes Wang’s work as rooted in the idea that “the body is culturally relative – that what it signifies shifts according to time and place,” focusing on the politics of Orientalism and femininity through a transgender lens.**

Evelyn Taocheng Wang’s For An Embarrassed Person It is Always Very Difficult To Avoid Embarrassing Things solo exhibition was on at London’s Carlos/Ishikawa, running May 5 to June 17, 2017.

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