Richard John Jones

Searching for a past + future that isn’t here yet in I Wanna Give You Devotion at PLATFORM Munich, Sep 6 – Oct 4

4 September 2017

The I Wanna Give You Devotion group exhibition is on at PLATFORM Munich, opening September 6 and running to October 4.

Organised by Philipp Gufler, the show focuses on the collection of forum homosexualität münchen e.V., in an archive where “feelings, personal experiences, political battles and desire emerge.”

The project will bring together historical posters and flyers from people like Cosy Piéro, as well nearly 30 contemporary contributions by Sands Murray-WassinkRichard John JonesRaphaela VogelX-Patch CollectiveEvelyn Taocheng Wang and Chris Kraus, among others. The exhibition is self-described as a desire for a past and future that “is-not-yet-here.” There will be a short film screening on September 20, as well as on the closing evening of October 4.

Visit the PLATFORM Munich website for details.**

Sands Murray-Wassink, ‘Identity Shots, 1995 or Before Robin, After Hannah Wilke’ (Reprinted 2017). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris.). Install view. Courtesy the artist + Lily Robert, Paris. View Media (13)
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Come Back @ Generation & Display, Mar 4 – Apr 10

3 March 2016

Philipp Gufler and Richard John Jones are presenting an exhibition called Come Back at London’s Generation & Display, opening March 4 and running to April 10.

There is little by way of information about the exact form the show will take, except for a piece of prose describing the delicate appearance of a couple of characters including someone with “sinuous rills of dark hair, a splendid beard, a red cap rests jauntily on his head” and another in a “a blue dress with a red shawl draped artfully around it.”

The text ends with analogies of fear, exposure and loss and a final obtuse reference to “Gravedigger mentality.”

Come Back will be the first in a series of two person exhibitions at the industrial space-come-artists studio in North Acton, which opened last year with an inaugural group show called Keep It Simple, Stupid! (K.I.S.S.).

See the Generation & Display website for details.**

Philipp Gufler, 'Becoming-Rabe' (2016). Video installation. Courtesy the artist.
Philipp Gufler, ‘Becoming-Rabe’ (2016). Video installation. Courtesy the artist.

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Trace Programme @ Aspirational Living, Feb 18 – 21

17 February 2016

Trace Programme is a weekend with a group exhibition and a publication launch hosted by Aspirational Living at a yet-to-be disclosed location, between February 18 and 21.

Aspirational Living is a new nomadic curatorial project founded in Nottingham. Fittingly, perhaps, there seems to be loads of Trace Programme event pages all over facebook.

Curator for the Trace Programme, Ruth Angel Edwards has invited artists and collectives such as Joseph Buckley, Kate Cooper, Hayden Dunham (aka QT), School of the Damned, Emily Pope, Erica Scourti, Jake KentDan Szor and Richard John Jones, who is also hosting an informal discussion on his research into lost lesbian, gay and queer spaces in an accompanying event TOTAL DESTROY on February 19.

A further accompanying event, a Rave Dinner Party, will be run by New York-based panhumanist collective, Communitas on the February 21.

A book will be launched on the opening evening including contributions from DeForrest Brown, Harry BurkeRózsa Farkas, Lynn Hanna, Erica Scourti and Jamie Sterns.

See the FB event page for more information and a string of posts and links in anticipation**

Joseph Buckley, 'Pervert’s Lament' (2015). Install view. Courtesy Meyohas, New York.
Joseph Buckley, ‘Pervert’s Lament’ (2015). Install view. Courtesy Meyohas, New York.
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Keal, Lemmey & Jones @ Almanac Projects, July 23

18 July 2014

London’s Almanac is hosting a night of staged performance installations featuring Richard John Jones, Huw Lemmey and Lily Keal at Legion TV on July 23 (7-10pm).

The event comes as a part of 484 14th Street, a solo show by Nina Wakeford that runs at the space from July 10 to August 2, to whose installations (and explorations of physical affect) the performances respond.

Through the course of the night, Keal – who has previously collaborated with Wakeford on Coup – will perform her piece, ‘I Just Want To Hug Your Work’, followed by Lemmey and Jones collaborating on ‘To Make Art, To Take Clothes Off’.

See the Legion TV event page (and scroll down) for details. **


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